How Can I Start an Online Business-What Is the Cost

Are you a self motivator? If so, you have probably asked the question, “How can I start an online business?” Along with that, “What is the cost?” Let me share with you some things that I have learned in my experience of starting and building an online business. Though I have not attained the level that I wish to as an online entrepreneur I am seeing results. Day by day my business beginning to produce the things that I knew it would.

Before starting

How can I start an online business- What is the cost
Take your mark.

Before you get too excited about starting an online business, you must first do some research. Because you are reading this I assume that you are doing that. I hope it is one of the first things you are doing. So many self-motivated individuals sometime get a little too excited and leave out some important steps. If you have been guilty of this, do not be too hard on yourself. Just relax and regroup and begin again doing things the right way.

One of the first things you should do is decide what you really enjoy doing. The reason I say this is that too many people beginning an online business do not consider this aspect. Like any business, to build it you will need to put in time and effort. If you do not enjoy the area you work in, you will not put in the necessary time or effort. So, decide what type of online business you want to build.

There are several platforms that you can build on. Some prefer to deal with specific products. That may be sporting goods or household products or hobbies. It may be digital or software products. There are literally thousands of products that you can build a business around. But if you like the products you will definitely have a greater chance of attaining the level of success you desire. This type of business is usually a website that presents the products with their description and costs.

Purchase an online business

Some choose to purchase an already existing online business. This is a good avenue if you have plenty of money to spend. Existing money making businesses will cost varying amounts of cash investment. There are actually people who build online sales sites with the intent of selling them. These are developed to differing degrees and will therefore differ in initial costs to the buyer.

If you are like most people looking to start an online business, this will not be your “cup of tea”. If you go this route you will still need to learn quite a bit about running an online business. Think before you leap.

Starting from scratch

You have done some research and you believe that you are ready to begin the learning process. Where are you going to get the knowledge you need to build your online business? You can spend endless hours searching on Google and Bing and all the other search engines. Even after all the time you have invested in searching, you may not feel comfortable with any one way.

Let me say that I sympathize with you. My search went on for days and days. I even tried a couple of programs that seemed on the surface a viable product. Being somewhat naive about the whole process of building an online business, I was easily taken advantage of. I made three costly mistakes in purchasing programs that promised to make me quick money.

What I learned

How can I start an online business? What is the cost?
Always Keep Learning

The mistakes I made were not wasted. I learned to be somewhat leary of great promises about building my online business. Those lessons taught me to put no trust in those who promised quick results. Those who promise quick success are usually those that want their money upfront. It is usually a substantial amount, ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

One of the important things I learned was that I should have a good idea of what all was in the program. Is there a training program and how long is it? Does it have graduating levels? What kind of support comes with the program? Are there additional tools that will have to be purchased if I am to succeed? What guarantees are there that I will succeed, if any? Is there a continuing update to the program?

And of course, what is the cost? Is it a one time fee? Or is it a membership fee? Is there money back guarantee if I don’t like the program? Is there a free trial?

Questions answered

How can I start an online business? What is the cost?
Q and A

Once you have gotten the answers to these questions, then you are ready to make an informed choice. By the time you have gone through this process you may have narrowed your choices. That is good. The final question is the exact platform you will choose to access. If you are not the store type person you may wish to consider using the “Blog” as your platform.

The “Blog” is simply a website on which you write about the product or area that you are interested in. That is why I mentioned above that you should choose an area in which you had an interest. It is very easy to write about something that you are passionate about.

The way you are going to build your business is by writing articles related to your interest. As you build the content for your website you can then monetize it. In other words, begin to direct people to products related to your subject. They can then purchase those products from the dealer that you affiliate your site with. This is called “Affiliate Marketing”. If your reader clicks through your site to the dealer and makes a purchase, then you get a percentage of that purchase.

Affiliate marketing is one of the largest platforms of online business entrepreneurs. The amount of money generated through affiliate marketing is growing greater and greater every year. There is no end to the companies that an online business can affiliate with to monetize a website.

There has never been a better time to start an online business.

My recommendation

I have been where you are and learned some lessons the hard way. Let my experience save you some heartache.

What is the cost?
Best Online Business Building Program

The best program that I found for starting an online business is one that is called Wealthy Affiliate. It is a program that meets all the criteria of a good and sound platform on which to build an online business. From the knowledge that you will gain from this program you can build any type of online business you choose.

The knowledge base is beyond measuring because it is continually being expanded. You may not have a lot of understanding as to how to start an online business, but you will learn from the ground up. Then as you grow in knowledge you will build upon that knowledge little by little.

If you are like me, you may not see immediate success, but as you stay consistent in your learning and application, you will achieve success. It took me six months before I began to see growth in my business. But it continues to grow more and more with each passing day.

Advantages of Wealthy Affiliate

One of the main advantages of the Wealthy Affiliate platform is that it has been established for over 14 years. Thousands have utilized the program to develop successful online businesses. If you are not ready to put out any money to begin the learning process of your online business, they offer a Free membership.

With the Free membership you get a good sampling of what the program is about. You get ten free lessons complete with video and tutorial presentation. Along with that you will receive two free websites hosted by Wealthy Affiliate hosting service. All this is free. And you do not register a credit card, just your email.

In the ten free lessons you will learn how to set up and launch your business website. You may keep this Free membership as long as you wish. There is no limit. If after “test-driving” the program as long as you wish, you can decide for yourself if this is the platform and program for you. If it is not, then you have two free websites. You can move on to whatever program you may wish.

But, if you decide that Wealthy Affiliate is the program for you, you can join as a Premium member for just $49 a month. By then you will be aware of all the benefits that come with that membership. For the monthly fee you will be receiving benefits and training and support that if purchased separately would be worth thousands of dollars a month. You will have at your disposal 25 free websites hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. You may also register up to 25 extra domains for free through their hosting service.

The next move is yours

How can I start an online business? What is the cost?
Your Move!

All this information is of little use if it is not put into practice. “How can I start an online business?” This is how you start an online business. Click on the Wealthy Affiliate banner below and begin your journey of building your own online business.

Do it now!


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