How Is It Possible to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

If you have had anything to do with the internet in the past few years you have probably heard the term Affiliate Marketing. In this article we shall seek to enlighten you as to what affiliate marketing is and seek to answer the question in the back of your mind, “How is it possible to make money online with affiliate marketing?” Or maybe, “Can you make money with affiliate marketing.”

What is an affiliate?

The dictionary definition of an affiliate goes something like this: “To be associated with a person or group as a member or partner.” In the online application of this you will join a particular business or group and will promote their products or service through your online presence whether through a social media or website or blog that you maintain on the world wide web. Typically as an affiliate you must provide your contact information, your set up on the web(website or social media outlet), any information necessary for you to receive payment for your service, and any information in regard to tax such as social security number or type of company set up you work under. You do not have to be a company, you can just be an individual.

There will usually be a short period(a day or so) in which the company will review your application and then you will be welcomed as an affiliate. They will assign you a special affiliate number or ID. They will see that it is embedded in all the material that you will download from them regarding their products so that you will get credit for all products that are purchased from them through your site or social media link.

What is required of you?

You have signed up and have been accepted as an affiliate. Now what? You must search through the products that they offer and decide which products will work well with your website or blog or Facebook store. If you are into email promotions you can just pick the products you wish to promote.

If you have a website you will probably want to choose products that are compatible with the subject of your website theme or go well with your blog articles. Depending on your blogs you may be able to promote a variety of products. If that be the case you may want to affiliate with several companies and products.

Once you have decided on the products you must decide how you want to present them. You may do a review on a product and then insert a button which will take the reader directly to the site of the product. From there the seller of the product will take over and deal with the customer. But since they came through your site, you will receive any commissions generated from any sale to that customer.

Each product and seller have the details of what they offer the affiliate for his service. Depending on the seller or the product it may be a set amount per sale or a percentage of the sale amount. You will know all of this before you promote the product.

A Blog

Suppose you are a blogger. You can decide to write a blog about a problem addressing modern society. Perhaps, something like obesity or how being over weight can affect one’s well-being. So you write your blog and as you present solutions you would also like to avail certain products to those who are having this problem. You may have several products that you would like to present but do not wish to fill your blog with too many advertisements. In this case you may wish to add a page to your website in which you can place banners which promote different products which address the areas that a person may be interested in. The person can then choose the area of interest and the product of choice and click on the banner and go directly to the products website and make any purchases that they wish. All purchases made through that link will be credited to you. And you will receive any commissions that are associated with that product.

Social Media

If you are working through a social media it will work similar to a blog. You will make your presentation on your store page or whatever media you have and will through a button or linked words you will direct the reader to the products home page where they may make their purchase. As in the above your ID is embedded in the link and all purchases brought about through that link will credited to you and you will receive the agreed upon commission.

This is Tom

How to begin

There are many ways to begin affiliate marketing. You could be like me and jump in with no knowledge and spend thousands(yes thousands) of dollars and all you will have is a lot of debt and very little knowledge(except that you have been taken advantage of). But I do not recommend that route. Having been that route I am not going to bore you with my failures and embarrassments. Instead, I hope to save you some headaches and heartaches by directing you to a product that is in my estimation the best and most comprehensive program of getting into affiliate marketing.

The program I am presenting is called Wealthy Affiliates. Unlike other programs Wealthy Affiliates makes no promises of getting rich fast or making money overnight. They do present a well laid out plan for learning how to develop a working website and the lessons that enable anyone to have a good understanding of what they are doing. In following their program it will take several months to begin to see income from your efforts, but it will come. The curriculum is well-thought-out and is presented through written and video presentations. And is available to be replayed as many times as you wish.

You will never feel like you are alone because there are thousands of fellow affiliates who are available to answer questions or give encouragement. The founders are actively involved and have been for over fifteen years.

You are probably wondering just how much this will cost you. I will tell that there is some cost involved, but no where near what you might think. The first scam I fell for cost me over $5000. If I had had some direction from someone like I am giving you I could have gotten a membership in Wealthy Affiliates for over 10 years. But it is even better. Wealthy Affiliates does not want you to spend your hard-earned money and then decide this is not for you. Instead, they will give you a free membership. It is not a time limit free membership. It is a free membership for as long as you wish. It will be limited in the amount of access to the program you have. But, the access you have will give you ten free lessons on developing a business on the web. To be able to do that they will give you two free websites on which you can apply what you learn in the free 10 lessons. Let me say this, I learned more from those 10 free lessons than I had learned from four different programs that cost me almost $10,000.

Now, if you decide that this program is for you, then you can sign up for a premium membership in which you will have access to all the lessons and all the tools that Wealthy Affiliates makes available to you. You will have available to you 25 free web sites through WA and free hosting for 25 domains of your own. That premium membership will only cost you $49 a month. For that monthly fee you get all the lessons, all the support, and all the tools that you will need to be a success on line as an affiliate marketer. You will have to work. But it will be knowledgeably directed work. It will take a few months but if you follow the lessons and apply your knowledge gained you will succeed and make money.

If for some reason you decide not to continue with Wealthy Affiliate, just stop paying your monthly fee and your premium membership will stop. Notice, I said “premium membership”. You can still keep the free membership and the two free web sites.

You will no longer have to wonder how it is possible to make money online with affiliate marketing.

If you are ready to begin the adventure to building your own business online just click the BUTTON below.

May God bless you and prosper you as you go forward.


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