How Long Will It Take to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

So you are looking at Wealthy Affiliate as a tool to build an online business. “How long will it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate”, is a fair question. Having asked the same question myself I believe I can be of assistance to you.

The typical promo

how long does it take to make money with wealthy affiliate
Don’t you believe it!


The typical affiliate program promo begins by telling you that you can make money fast. How do I know? I fell for a couple of them. They made money fast. But it was my money they made. Their hype was just that. They assured me that I could make back my investment in just a few short weeks.

They gave testimonies of people who did make big money, fast. What I did not know was that they paid people to write or make videos telling of their success. I fell for it “hook, line and sinker”.

I hope that at the time you are reading this that you have not had that experience.

The difference of Wealthy Affiliate approach

WA Tools
What you get with Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate program takes a different approach. Their approach is that of teaching you how to build a business. As you may have learned, or will learn, to build a business takes time. If you have not learned that lesson, let me assure you that it is true.

So, begin your journey of building your online business with this knowledge. Expect that it will take some time to build. Expect that you will have to invest some time and yes, some money before you will begin to see return on your investment.

This is the approach that you will find when you use the Wealthy Affiliate program. There will be no promises of immediate success or getting rich in a few weeks or months. You will receive motivation to establish and build an online business using proven principles and tools. These have been used for over fourteen years by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.


How do you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

how long does it take to make money with wealthy affiliate
How it works!

Wealthy Affiliate is not the primary or only product that you build your business around. Wealthy Affiliate is the tool that you use to build your business and grow it. You can make money by inviting others to join the program. If you do, and others join the program, the founders are very generous in sharing with those who recruit others.

As I said, though, that is not the main focus of Wealthy Affiliate. The main focus of the program is to teach you how to set up your online business and grow it. Generally speaking, this is done by your building a business around a website that you develop. You learn to write articles, or blogs, related to an interest, or niche that you have.

As you develop your blog and attract viewers to your site, you will then begin to monetize your site. To monetize your site means that you add “links” within you pages and posts by which your readers can access products. These products are usually related to the niche that you are promoting.


An example might be that you blog about bicycle riding. It may be casual or racing or mountain bikes or even beginning bikes for children. You would find a bicycle manufacturer or maybe Amazon and sign up for their affiliate program. They would then give you a special “affiliate link” to add to your website. Through that link your readers would be directed to the seller’s website.

If they make a purchase the seller will credit you with the sale and pay you a percentage of the sale. That is basically how affiliate marketing works.

There are literally thousands of companies that have affiliate programs. They are happy to pay you a percentage of the sale of someone you direct to them through your site.


how long does it take to make money with wealthy affiliate
Very Important

The way that you are going to attract people to your site is by first determining whom you wish to attract. That is the “niche” that I mentioned above. Wealthy Affiliate recommends that you choose something that you really like. It is a lot easier to write about something that you like and know something about.

The content that you add to your site will be the means by which you will be ranked, or placed in order, by the search engines of the internet. You are probably familiar with Google, Bing, etc. Your goal is to get on the first page of one of the major search engines. You may be getting a little understanding that this takes time.

Suppose someone tries to sell you an affiliate site but they do not give you the tools to grow and maintain it. In doing so, they have taken your money and left you hanging. Without the tools to maintain and grow your site, it will very quickly lose ranking. When a site loses ranking it loses sales and value.

For a site to gain ranking it must have content volume. That means it has to have a large amount. A blog site with only two or three posts will not rank as high as one that has 400 posts. So, you can see that it will take time to get a site to where it will rank high with the search engines.

Better understanding

With just this little bit of understand you can begin to realize how long it will take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate or any other program. The difference is that Wealthy Affiliate tells you this in the beginning. Because they know what it takes to be a success at online business, they have built a catalog of tools. All of these tools are made available to those who join and use Wealthy Affiliate as their building program.

Along with the tools, they have a network of support that is unparalleled. In addition to tutorials and videos, they have chat sessions, and direct support. Submit a question to support and you usually have an answer within minutes. There is no subject related to online business that they cannot help you with.

How long will it take you to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

how long does it take to make money with wealthy affiliate
How long will it take?

To answer your question: It will depend on you. It will not be over night. It may not be a week or even a month. More than likely it will be at least two or three months for someone who works at it everyday. Even then, you must work a couple of hours a day. The more time you invest, the sooner will arrive the day you begin to make money.

It is a proven fact that you will make money utilizing Wealthy Affiliate. Each person is unique and each website is unique. All these factors play a part in how long it will take you to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me offer you this opportunity

Wealthy Affiliate is sure that they can help you build your online business. They are so sure that they will give you a FREE trial of Wealthy Affiliate.

how long does it take to make money with wealthy affiliate
You heard right!

It is really FREE. You do not have to register a credit card, just your email address. Try the FREE version for as long as you wish. There is no time limit.

With the FREE version you will get 10 free lessons which will teach you how to build your own website and set it up to begin a blog. To do that it provides two free websites for you. They will also host those websites for free. The free lessons will teach you how to choose a “niche” that you will focus your websites on.

There is no limit as to how long you may use the FREE version. But, it is limited in the tools that are made available. If you conclude that this is for you, then join the PREMIUM version. It is the only upgrade. Click the banner below to begin your FREE trial of Wealthy Affiliate.


The only thing delaying your success with Wealthy Affiliate is you. The sooner you click the banner, the sooner you begin your road to success.



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