How to Become My Own Boss

The trend these days is to be your own boss. There are many ways to accomplish this goal. Depending on how one plans to achieve this it will take a lot of money or it may not take a lot. If you have plenty of money you can buy an already existing company or brand and continue to build it. But if your goal is “How to become my own boss” without spending everything you have and a lot more ,then I may have something for you to consider.


I mentioned above that if you have a lot of money you can buy a company and become your own boss immediately. Most of us who have a desire to be our own boss do not have a lot of money to do it that way. If we do have some money it is for our retirement or our children’s college education or some other worthwhile goal. So we do not have a lot of money, but we do have a little which we could put to use as we might need. But the goal will be to get a return on that money sometime in the near future.

Depending on where you are in life, the other investment you will have is your time. If you are still working at a full time job your time investment may be limited. You will need to take an assessment of your time to see just how much you can invest. Any amount of time can be an investment toward becoming your own boss. Time will be the biggest investment that you will make in building your business. Even as you would do with money, invest your time wisely.

How to build

Since we are not buying our company, let us look at how we might build a company without spending our life’s savings. The most fruitful of businesses which do not cost an arm and a leg to build these days are businesses which are built on the internet. It does take a bit of financial investment. One has to purchase a domain name, which is not very expensive($15 or so), and a hosting service(which may be up to $100/yr). That is not very expensive considering that billion dollar businesses began the same way.

The convenience of an online business is ideal. The whole process can be managed from a laptop computer or from your computer at home. It saves on office space and materials as well as storage of materials. Since it is managed on a computer you can take it with you even if you have to travel. Depending on which form of business you build there will be times that you can leave it for days and it will run itself and still make money for you.

The biggest investment you make will be your time. To build a presence for an online business you will need to be promoting something that you are interested in. Along with that interest you will need to share your knowledge of that interest through your online presence. This is done by writing articles, called blogs, about what you are promoting or about things related to what you are promoting or selling.

As the volume of information you write increases more and more people will find out about your products. How is this done, you ask.


I am sure that you have heard of Google. It is the most popular search engine in the world. Over 4 billion (that is 4 followed by 9 zeros) people go to google every day, and the number is growing. (To give you some idea of how much a billion is, you will have to live 32 years before you will be 1 billion seconds old). Of course you will not get all those people to click your site, but if you were to get 1/1000 of 1% to click your site you will get over 4000 visitors. That kind of following does not happen overnight. It takes weeks and months of consistent “blogging” to build a rating with google that will put you on the first page of the area that you wish to be a part of. It is done all the time by people who put in the time.

As I said, it will take time and persistence. These are two necessary ingredients.

Let me mention one other company that began little and stayed consistent and persistent until it was successful. It began by selling books online. You may have heard of a company called Amazon. From an online book selling company it grew to be the largest corporation in the world. That may not be your goal, but it shows what can be accomplished.

The venue

There are many venues which you could develop for an online business. There are store fronts which sell specialized products and utilize drop shipping so as not to need to maintain an inventory of products. A lot of people have made a lot of money doing this. From my experience and what I have heard from others, you will need to put in a lot of time to make this type of business go.

You will not necessarily need a lot of money, because with drop shipping you merely receive the money and the pay the drop shipper for the product and they take care of getting it delivered. Depending on how reliable and trustworthy the drop shipper is you may have to put in more time at that end. It is a good business if you choose the right products and the right drop shippers.

A similar business which utilizes drop shipping is Ebay sales. If you are familiar with Ebay ,then you know that they sell all kinds of items. You can list your items and pay eBay and PayPal about a 13% fee of the total sale price. This is quite time-consuming and involves a lot of figuring to make a good profit. It can be done and is done everyday by many.

The venue that I prefer and recommend most is called Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing in its’ simplest stated form is advertising for a product with the hope that when a product sells because of your advertisement, you will receive a percentage of that sale. The way that this works is that if you advertise a product from Amazon on your blog site and someone who reads your blog clicks on that product on your site and ends up buying it on Amazon, then Amazon will pay you a percentage of that sale. Amazon pays between 5% and 10% on their sales. Other companies will pay from 10% to 70% of the sale if the person clicks through your site. This type of online business continues to produce for years once it is established. As in any business it takes time to get established. You will find that almost any business that is well-established will have an affiliate program. So, no matter what your interest you can probably find companies that you can affiliate with and promote through your site.


I would not want to leave you hanging, so I am going to tell you how to get a good foundation and how to build and get excellent direction in your affiliate business. I made the mistake of trying to build an affiliate business through a couple of promotions that charge you a lot of money up front and once they have your money the support ceases. They give you a site, but they give you no direction.

If you are serious about wanting to build your own business and become your own boss, then I recommend that you go to Wealthy Affiliates. This is a program which gives you all the tools necessary to build your own business online and along with that gives you 24 hour support. The standard program includes over 70 programmed lessons which are to be studied in order. They are well planned and laid out to build upon one another. In addition, there are a hundred or more tutorials and webinars to help answer questions or direct you in building your business.

The developers of Wealthy Affiliate are so confident that it can help you in building your own business that they will make you an offer which no other type promotion will do. They will give you a Free Membership. With that Free Membership you will receive “Ten free lessons” of their Affiliate Program. Along with those “Ten free lessons” you will receive “Two free websites” which they will host for you for free. By the time you get through the “Ten free lessons” you will have launched your first website and be on the road to building an affiliate marketing business. Of course, there is a lot more to learn. But this will give you an indication as to the type of product that you can receive. By the way, did I mention that you do not have to give a credit card to receive this “Free Membership”. If you decide this is for you, you can upgrade to a “Premium Membership” and get all the advantages that go with it. If you decide not, ,then keep the two free websites and work them as you see fit.

I am confident that you will see the value of Wealthy Affiliates. I am going to place a chart to show you what all you can get with a premium membership. Did I mention that a Premium Membership only costs $49 a month. With a Premium Membership you get 25 free domains and free hosting for 25 of your own domains. The savings are amazing.

Let’s build a business!

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