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As modern science makes more and more advances we are seeing many people who live to be older and older. There are many contributing factors to this phenomenon. Our aim in this article is to look at one area that is enabling men and women to live longer and longer.

Live longer, feel better

Living longer is not that good if you do not feel good. I have been familiar with some folks who have lived to be in their nineties and even hundreds who for the last ten or twenty years of their life were bedridden and were constantly under medication just to stay alive. I am by all means in favor of sustaining human life by all moral means necessary. But just because life is sustained does not mean that it is meaningful.

The goal of living longer should not be just to extend the years that one spends on this earth, but that the years should be productive and creative. That is what the goal of all science that seeks to extend our life on earth should be. I believe that most scientific studies in life extension do have that in their goals.

One of the areas that affects all of us is the area dealing with nutrition and what we eat.

Fast food, shorter lifeFast Food

In this era of McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and Sonic, it is hard to get nutrition that will aid in helping to live longer and feel better. The only thing that feels better is our appetite. But unfortunately, the only areas of our appetite that gets fed most is the areas of sweets and fats. Yes, we need sugars and fats in a well-balanced diet. But the fast foods of our day give us far too many of each of these.

As we learn more about the makeup of our human DNA we are seeing that bad diets will affect the very DNA that carries the information necessary for a long and healthy life. Studies are showing that the very things in our DNA that determine the life of the DNA molecules of our body are affected positively or negatively by the foods we ingest.

The code of life
DNA The code of life


Telomeres, what are they? Telomeres are the connectors of the genes in our DNA. If you have a nominal understanding of biology you know that every seven years every cell in your body is replaced. When this mitosis occurs the existing cell reproduces itself with a new cell exactly like itself. When the DNA is replicated in the new cell the telomeres, connectors, are shortened ever so slightly. So that after ten or twelve replications the telomeres have almost disappeared. When they are gone the cell dies. When the cells of the body dies, the body dies.

Is there a way to extend the life of the telomeres and in so doing extend the life and quality of the cell and the body in which they are part of? Several studies have shown that there is nothing that is medicinal that can cause telomeres to lengthen or stop them from shrinking. The same studies have shown that there are two ways, though, that can slow the process of the telomeres getting shorter.

The two ways of slowing the deterioration of telomeres

The two ways that contribute to the slowing of telomere deterioration are a good diet and exercise. These are two areas which have long been known to add to quality and length of life.Running for exercise

Studies which focused on exercise and telomere shrinkage found that people who exercised regularly and strenuously were able to slow the shrinkage of the telomere more than those who did not exercise regularly.

The studies which dealt with diet found that the groups which ate a diet which emphasized more vegetables and fruits with less meat were able to slow the process of deterioration more than those who tended to eat more meat and less vegetables. A Mediterranean diet focusing on more vegetables with more healthy fatty acids was far better than a diet of meat and fast foods and sweets.

All the studies showed that when the telomeres became short that the tendency to become ill was greatly increased.


If you are really interested in how to live longer, then you should consider these to things. You should consider finding a good exercise regimen which you can factor into your lifestyle and begin to fit into your schedule as soon as possible. If you never begin you will never reap the benefits of exercising this body which is yours. Some of you will need to consult your physician before beginning an exercise program. Your doctor can counsel you on the best approach for you and how far you can go with the program.

If you are relatively young and physically fit you might begin by starting a walking program or jogging. Begin with walking a mile a day and build it to three or four miles a day. If you really get into it you might , then add jogging or running occasionally. Give up TV or computer games for one hour a day and walk or do the treadmill or go to the gym.

Any exercise you do will be better than no exercise. It will lengthen you life span and will improve the quality of your life.

In the diet area, eat as little fast food as possible. It’s OK to occasionally eat a hamburger or some french fries. Just don’t make it a regular thing. Lay of the desserts. Sure, treat yourself once a week with a frosty or a blizzard, but not too often. There is no dessert or candy worth a heart attack or stroke. These are results brought about by shortened telomeres in your DNA.


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