How to Make Money After You Retire

It used to be that when you retired that you thought of just taking it easy. If you could afford it, you would travel and see the world. But more and more retirees are asking how to make money after you retire. It takes a little more money to maintain our lifestyles than we thought.

Is there a way to retire and make money, too?

More and more people are asking this question as they approach retirement. They are realizing that with inflation and increasing needs of average living, social security retirement benefits may not be enough. They want to know, are there ways to make money after you retire.

There are many people who find that being retired is not really for them. It is not that they want to go back to the regular grind of things. But, they do like to be productive and add something to society. Most people who have been productive for forty or fifty years find it hard not to continue being so. But they do enjoy a certain amount of freedom to do things they really enjoy. It would be nice to find a nice balance between retirement and making money too.

Making money in retirement

Making money in retirement seems like an oxymoron. But it is not. Technology has made it possible to do just that. There are thousands of people today who live in retirement but make thousands of dollars a month.

It used to be that someone had to work hours and hours of hard work to build a business. It still takes work to build any business. But with the technology made available today, much of the physically hard work has been alleviated. There are great business opportunities available to older people which do not have the physical demands there used to be.

Two of the main reasons for this are the computer and the internet. More and more businesses are going internet every day. There are businesses today that the owner never has to touch the product or service. The same end is accomplished.

A product is produced and conveyed to a buyer through a business person who promotes and sells it. The promoter exerts the least physical energy because his business is on the internet. His main tool is his computer and keyboard. Anyone who can use a typing keyboard can build a successful online business.

What is a good business for retirees

You may think that you would need a lot of expertise to determine your online business. Not necessarily so. You should choose a subject or area that you are interested in. Maybe a hobby that you really enjoy. How about something that you are passionate about.

It could be something that you have always wanted to learn about. If you are really interested in a thing you will maintain a constant drive to promote it. So, as you begin to decide on an online business, do not dismiss what you enjoy. In fact, give it a top priority.

The best way to start a home based business

You can search the internet and find all kinds of ways to start a home based business. There are pages and pages on google that lists opportunities to build an online business. In the time that you spend looking for the one you might like, you build your online business.

(Personal experience)

I spent several months searching for the right platform for my retirement business. During that time I experienced the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. That experience cost me several thousand dollars. But I really wanted to build an online business.

I finally came across what I consider to be the best program for building an online business.

The best way to start a home based business

Best program for affiliate marketing for retirees
Best platform for retirees

I finally found a program called Wealthy Affiliate. I was impressed first by the approach that they employed. It was not the typical “get rich quick” promotion that I had experienced in some previous scams. It was more of an approach of enrolling in a college program.

They were very clear in what they would provide and the possibilities that it presented to me. There were no promises made about how much money I could make or how quickly I would make it.

They did say that everything that I needed to succeed would be made available to me. Those things were: tutorials, videos, support(technical and encouragement), as well as tools and techniques necessary for the internet.

Good business for retirees

This is a good business for retirees because it allows them to progress at their own pace. The reason they can do this is that they have thousands of courses and tools available. You can access them at any time of day. You can get encouragement and help from fellow Wealthy Affiliates. Many have experienced what you may be facing and can give you a quick resolution to your problem. If not that, they can point you to someone or some lesson that can help you.

The fact that help is available 24 hours a day is great. The response time is usually minutes when you have a problem. Many times us retirees do not work the same hours as others.

Why Wealthy Affiliate is the best home based business for retirees

How to make money in retirement
I love to work.

It is not just the availability and the top line tutorials and videos that make Wealthy Affiliate the best program. For me, they are the best because of the price, too.

They are not like some programs that ask for a lot of money up front. Many programs talk a lot about what they will do for you but then do not produce. I experienced this with three other programs I tried.

Wealthy Affiliate is confident that they can help you make money in retirement. They are confident enough that they will give you a free membership. Many programs put a time limit on their free memberships. Wealthy Affiliate does not.

The Free membership

With your free membership you get access to ten free lessons from their learning base. With these free lessons you will learn how to build your own website and launch your business. Learning how to build a website would be of no use if you have no website. So, Wealthy Affiliate will give you two free websites which they will host for free, also.

You can remain as a free member as long as you wish. But to gain access to their voluminous catalog of lessons you will have to move up to Premium.

The Premium membership

With the Premium membership you will receive unlimited access to all the tools and services of Wealthy Affiliate. The Premium membership fee is $49 a month. Many choose to save 15% on that cost by buying a yearly membership. For that fee members now have access to thousands of dollars worth of knowledge and internet tools. Yes, I said “thousands of dollars”. And that is “thousands of dollars” worth per month.

If you choose Wealthy Affiliate you will realize that more and more as your knowledge grows. It will grow.

This is how to make money after you retire

Money for retirement
Making money

As I said, there are no big promises of getting rich overnight. But, if you apply the principles and knowledge you will learn in Wealthy Affiliate, you will succeed. Persistence and patience are two of the tools that you will utilize most.


I encourage you not to make the mistakes I did when I fell for the empty promises of scammers. As a retiree you have known how to work. Apply that work principal to build an online business and you will make money in your retirement.

I am going to give you a chart to be able to see what you get with a free membership and a Premium membership.

This is how to make money after you retire.


I look forward to your success in your home based online business.




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