How to Make Money in Your Spare Time

Technology has made modern life much more efficient.  So much so, that we find ourselves with time to spare.  Many, who are creative, are looking for ways how to make money in your spare time.  For some, the online internet is a convenient and creative avenue to do that. Let’s look at some of the ways that you can make money in your spare time.


What tools will you need?

Almost all people of lower middle class and above have the necessary tools to make money online.  The two main tools are a computer and access to the internet. If you have cable service or satellite service or phone service you probably have internet service.  The internet comes in varying speeds, but most are adequate for online business.

You will need a general knowledge of how to get around the internet.  Again, most people have an email address and know how to access that address.  Most people use a browser of some form to move about the internet. I recommend Google Chrome.  But any browser you are comfortable with will work just fine.


What format to use for your business


There are numerous formats that you may use to develop your online income producer.  Some people are born salespersons and would do well by promoting products in an online store.  This type of approach usually is very time-consuming. But, if you want something that can keep you busy and directed, this may be your “cup of tea”.  

In any business online, even storefront type, it is best to fine-tune the focus of the products you will present.  Walmart and Amazon can present millions of products. But, as a beginner, it is best to have a niche focus. If you will recall, Amazon began by focussing on selling books.  It worked out pretty well for them.

To decide on the best platform for you type in “platforms for online stores” in your favorite search engine.(Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, etc.)  You will find plenty to choose from. Many will have introductory offers. Check them out and decide which will fit your particular situation.



One of the favorite avenues of beginning online money makers is the auction/sales platform.  You are probably familiar with Ebay and Bonanza and Etsy. But have you considered Craig’s List, Ebid, Newegg, eCrater, and more?  You can go to “” and check them out.

If you go the auction/sales route you will need to be aware of the charges involved.  Most do not charge an upfront fee. They charge a fee when a sale is completed. Typically, you have to have a Paypal account registered.  In addition, the platform you use will charge a percentage of the product sale price as their fee. So, you will need to allow for these fees in your markup price.  

Almost all of these platforms have a paid version in which they offer many tools to help your business.  People who go this route are planning to make it a full-time business. If that is what you are considering, check them out.


How to make money in your spare time with Affiliate marketing

You may have heard the term “affiliate marketing” but never heard how it works.  To be an “affiliate marketer” you must have a website. Let me add a qualification to that statement.  There are some “affiliate marketers” who do carry on their business in a social media platform. They set it up through facebook, or mewe, or some other social media entity.  But the overwhelming majority do it through a website.

The typical setup is usually a blog.  They regularly share information on a predetermined subject matter.  The term they use is “niche”. This refers to a somewhat narrow subject field to be discussed in their blogs.  Though the subject matter may be narrow, the products promoted may be quite diverse. That depends on the creativity of the blogger.


How to become an affiliate marketer

As we stated, to be an affiliate marketer you need a website.  You will need to set up with a hosting service to purchase a domain name and hosting for your website.  There is any number of hosting services available. You can go to and check out some of the best hosting services.

You will need to purchase your domain name and your hosting service.  The domain name will probably cost around $15 a year. The hosting service will run from around $2.50 a month to $10.00 a month, depending on your service.

If you are new to how to build a website, you will probably have to purchase a pre-built website.  These are usually “one size fits all”, unless you hire someone to build it for you. Then you are talking hundreds to thousands of dollars.  Unless you have learned how to maintain your site, you will need maintenance from time to time. This will also cost.


Recap of how to make money in your spare time

As you can see, even online businesses can cost you money.  Quite often it has costs which cannot be anticipated until you get the business going.  The biggest cost may be that of the knowledge you will need to acquire or pay someone else for.

I do not say all this to discourage you but to give you knowledge of what may be ahead.

What I would like to do for you is to share some knowledge with you that can help you.  I would like to share the name of the platform that I use. With this platform you know exactly in the beginning what your costs are going to be.  You will know when you will have to invest and how much at given times.


Typical programs

The typical platform for affiliate marketer sites will begin with a lump sum initial payment.  This may range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. That sum will depend on how extravagant the promotion is.

Some programs will promote their product as being worth thousands of dollars.  Then they will make you an offer for a tenth of that cost. Be aware, that the product is probably not worth even the lesser price.  It is a way to get you committed to them and in the door. There will be more things you will need to purchase as you go. Don’t fall for it.

The Preset affiliate site

Another program is the Pre-built affiliate site.  This is quite often done with Amazon as the principle association.  Of course, everyone wants to be associated with Amazon. But, the site is all you get.  You get no tools to promote the site, unless you purchase that training. The additions to these type programs never cease.  They lessons they promote are substandard at best.

Still, other programs will “funnel” you to more and more products that you will need to truly succeed.  It is a never-ending promotion aimed at getting more of your money.

Don’t get me wrong, they are not all bad.  But, they are not all set up to help you succeed at affiliate marketing.  They are set up to help the promoters to succeed.


My goal

What I would like to do is connect you with a program that has your success as its primary goal.  Will I profit from this? Yes, I shall. But not the way the programs that I have mentioned above.  You see, I am a user and member of this program I am sharing. It is not the only product I promote as an affiliate.  But because it has helped and blessed me, I want to share it with others who wish to succeed in business.

If you are really interested in how to make money in your spare time, then read on.


My recommendation

The program I am recommending is called Wealthy Affiliate.  With that name, you think it only applies to affiliate marketing.  Though it does apply to affiliate marketing, it is viable for every type of platform that we have mentioned above.

The best way to learn online business building

Whereas some programs promise you instant success, Wealthy Affiliate does not.  They do tell you that if you follow their program and put in the time, you will succeed.  The degree to which you succeed will be up to you. Some people do begin to experience good income in 3 to 6 months.  Others may take 6 months to a year or more. But those who persist always succeed at this program.


How it works

Wealthy Affiliate works on a membership program.  Every person who has ever joined Wealthy Affiliate has begun with the FREE membership.  This is really a FREE membership. Most programs with a Free trial want your credit card registered.  Wealthy Affiliate only asks for your Email address.  

Upon joining the FREE membership you will receive access to 10 free lessons in the archives.  With these 10 lessons, you will learn how to set up your business website. Notice, I said, you will learn.  That’s right. As you grow in knowledge you will know every facet of your online business. You will not need to put out hundreds or thousands of dollars to maintain your business and site.

With the FREE membership, you get not only the 10 lesson training but also 2 Free websites.  You also get Free hosting for these websites.

Granted, you will not get enough knowledge to build your whole business.  But, you will get enough hands-on experience to know if this platform is for you.


Then What

If you see the great potential in Wealthy Affiliate, then I encourage you to join as a PREMIUM membership.  Yes, this will cost some money. Remember, I mentioned above how some programs have never-ending costs, and you never know how much.  Well, the cost for Wealthy Affiliate is $49 a month.(You save on that if you get the yearly membership). That does not go up.

With the PREMIUM membership, you have access to all that the program contains.  I have stopped trying to keep up with the number of training tutorials and videos in the archives.  It is well above a thousand. They cover any and all things pertaining to online business building.

Not only do you have access to unlimited training but you have 24-hour support.  If you have any kind of problem, your solution is only 15 or 20 minutes away. That has been my experience.  

Remember the fees for domain names and hosting I mentioned?  Well, you can forget about those. Wealthy Affiliate has its own hosting service.  They give you 25 free domains through their “siterubix” free domain hosting. They will also host for free 25 of your own purchased domains.


The choice is yours

I have introduced you to a proven way how to make money in your spare time.

If you really want to build an online business and make money, here’s your chance.  Go ahead and get your free membership and see if this program is for you. If it is not for you, it has cost you nothing but a little time. If it is for you, you will have begun a continuing adventure of learning and building your own business.


Check the banner below and let’s get started, NOW!


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