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One of the most asked questions these days by all ages of people is “How to make money online as a (fill in the blank). We hear retired people ask “How to make money online as a retiree? College students want to know “How to make money online as a college student”. It goes on and on. People from every age and every stratum of the population are asking this question.

What are the necessary tools?

First of all, one needs a computer of some type. The easiest to work with are the desktop and laptop computers. Some have been able to use a notebook or even a smartphone. But there are some limitations with that scenario.

We shall proceed with the understanding that we shall use one of the two main tools. Along with your computer you will need access to the internet. If you have a service that brings an internet connection to your home you will be almost ready to start. You must have a modem which can feed to your computer. You can do the feed by cable from the modem to your computer or you can rout it from the modem to a WiFi router. The router will be handy if you have a laptop and wish to be able to move around in your house or apartment when working online.

Once this is set up you will need to determine which internet browser you will be using. There are several to choose from: Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Choose your browser and set up an account and get your email set up.

These tools are foundational tools which every online business needs to have to carry on and be able to communicate with all parties concerned in your business.

What kind of business should you build?

When I started to build a business online I did not know that there were different platforms on which to build an online business. You may be like me. So, here are a few platforms on which to build an online business.

The first one I tried was the Ebay platform. Just for getting your “feet wet” in online business this is a good start. Basically it is a rummage sale at first. You begin by selling things that you have around your house or apartment and learn how to use the tools of setting up a Paypal account and accepting payments. Then you learn how to purchase shipping labels and ship the products you sell. Hopefully, you learn how to mark up the object for sale enough so that you make a profit. You have to factor in at least 13% above the price just to break even. That 13% is to allow for the fee that Ebay and Paypal take out for their services. It is worth every penny when you consider they do all the advertising and money handling for you.

If you stay at Ebay very long you will get into another type of business called “dropshipping”. Most of the products you see for sale on Ebay are not products that the seller keeps in his inventory. The seller has allied himself with a supplier of a product and the seller advertises on Ebay for a price that allows him to make a profit after buying the product from the dropshipper. The seller takes the money paid to him by buyer and pays the dropshipper what his price is and the dropshipper ships the product directly to the original buying customer. The seller never sees the product nor does he have it in inventory.

These platforms have made a lot of people a lot of money. But please note, it will take a lot of time. For a student this may not be an ideal platform to build a part time business. Build it small and gradual and by the time you finish school it may be ready to build into a full time online business.

Other avenues

Some entrepreneurs like to build online storefronts. Typically, these will be stores that emphasize niche products. For instance, there are stores built around supplies for cell phones. Everything they sell is related to cell phones.

These types of enterprises usually ally themselves with a given supplier. The supplier will even help them build their online store and provide software to help give it a good presentation on the web. They will monitor the inventory so that the seller always knows what is available. After investing some time and money in the setting up of this type of business it will do a good job of running itself with minimal time needed from the owner. The opportunity for making big money is somewhat limited depending on the type of product and the volume of sales. If you get this built before college, it could bring you spending money all the way through.

The most used and most popular

There are still many other types of approaches to making money online as a student or a retired person or someone who just wants to build their own business.

The most popular method is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is that platform by which a person who owns a domain and has a website affiliates himself or herself with a business or product and offers to advertise the products or business on their website. In return the product maker or business will pay the affiliate a percentage of all the sales generated through his site.

How does the affiliate get people to his site? The main way that this happens is through “blogging”. Blogging is simply writing and printing articles centered on a given subject. Typically it is called a “niche”. A niche is a finely defined area of any given subject that you might think of. For example: There are; cars, little cars, little red cars, American made little red cars, etc. Each of those descriptions defines a niche. But the one with the most description brings the finest definition of the niche.

The blogger, through already gained knowledge, or through knowledge that he continually gains will write and post blogs of interest to internet views. Search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others will seek out what is called keywords that people look for on the web and will rank that blog as it considers its weight and authority on the web. There are a lot of things involved but most of them depend on continually adding content to the website of the blog.

There is more money made through this method by high school students, college students, housewives, retired persons and “you name it” kinds of persons than any other method. If you are looking to build a good and steady online business you should consider affiliate marketing.

My recommendation

I will not “beat around the bush”. There is only one tool that is the penultimate program for building a business in the area of affiliate marketing. Though its methods can be applied to all the above platforms, it shines the most in the affiliate marketing arena.

The name of the program is Wealthy Affiliates. It is not a fast money making business. But it is a foundation building process by which you establish your business. Then when it begins to produce it will grow and grow and grow. The time that it takes for this kind of growth is usually between 6 months and a year.

The cost of the program is very reasonable when you consider the returns that will come for many many years. It is like any well run business. It is founded on sound principles and will stand the test of time.

You can begin the program for free. Really, Free. If you like what you see, then you can join the Premium program for a reasonable fee of $49 a month. When you see all the tools that are made available to you for this price, you will wonder how they can do this. But they do it. If you paid for all the tools separately it would cost you hundreds of dollars a month. But you get them for this reasonable price.

With the free program you get 10 free lessons which will teach you how to build a website and launch it. You will be given two free websites, hosted free of charge, on which you can begin to build your online business. If you never join the Premium program you get to keep the two free websites and the knowledge you have learned in the free lessons. You will not have to join the Premium program unless you request it.

I am going to place a chart below for you to compare the Free plan to the Premium plan.

I believe that if you really want to know how to make money online as a student or housewife or college grad that you have been introduced to one of the greatest opportunities to do that.

Check out the chart below.

Don’t miss this great opportunity. May God bless you!





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