How to Make Money Online in Retirement

Are you a retired person? If so, are you satisfied with the amount of money you have coming in? Would you like to make more money? If there is a way how to make money online in retirement, would you be interested? Read on and get ready to make income on the internet.



Sometimes retirement does not turn out to be all that we expect. This is the case more than it is not. Your dream of retirement may have been one of leisure and fun. Reality has put a dent in that dream. It may not be bad but it has not been what you expected.

I have noticed that most retirees, after an initial transition period, look for ways to occupy their time. There are only so many club gatherings and social meetings that you can enjoy continually. It does not take long for boredom to set in.

Many of my retired friends actually begin to long for the routine of a job. Some like the idea of continuing to make money. They would like to have extra income. If Social Security is as that they have, they really could use the added money for extra things.


For persons who have reached retirement age there are not a lot of alternatives. Though the law says that age cannot disqualify an applicant for a job, it does happen. Other excuses may be employed even though age is the main reason. So, job opportunities are limited.

For us there are jobs mostly in selling or greeting or desk situations where physical strength is not a criterion. Jobs are further limited as to qualifications related to the field of the job. One can go back to the same job one retired from, but why retire in the first place.

So, alternatives are limited.

Unlimited Alternatives


There is one area where there are unlimited alternatives for retirees. “Where could that possibly be?” you may ask. That place where you can make money in retirement in a field of your choosing is online. You can choose your field of interest and build an online business which can make you money.

You may think that you have to be a computer guru to be able to do this. But, you would be wrong. Maybe you think that only some things are good for building an online business. Again, you would be wrong. People have built internet businesses ranging from tooth pix to cup holders. They have built them around bubble gum to waste baskets. If you can think of it, someone has built an online business around it.

It only takes a little spark of creativity to begin to build an online business.

How would you make money online in retirement?

How to make money online in retirement is the question that you can answer. Take a little time and list areas of interest that you enjoy. Define that area of interest as best you can. The more defined you get, the more likely you will build a good business.

Once you define the area, then you can choose a platform by which to present it on the web.

How to determine the platform

Which one

If you are like I was, this question might stump you. But, because you are reading this you will not have to go through the obstacles I did.

There are many possible platforms available to you on the web. You can have online stores in which you sell real objects. Examples might be websites that offer cell phones and accessories for them. Some sites promote sporting goods of varying types. Any real object can be the focus of things for sale on the internet. Other types of stores sell services that are useful for business and internet programs.

You can search on the internet and get some general idea of what kind of platform you wish to pursue.

Once you decide

Once you have decided what field or subject you wish to focus on, you must decide how. This will probably be the most important decision you will make about your business.

There are many platforms and programs on the internet which promise you they can build your business. Most of them can do just that. But, it is not just the building of the business you need, but also the maintaining and growing the business. No business can grow or maintain a level of success without regular adjustments and creative input.

If you have someone build you an online business site, how will you know how to maintain it? If you do not build it how will you know how to add products to it? The result will be that you will have to pay someone to do that for you. That negates the reason for your wanting to work after retiring.

Origin: how to make money online in retirement

The main reason we began this adventure was to have a means of making some money in retirement. We know that any business worth its salt will take some money input. The other thing it will take is time input. As retirees we have the time. So, rather than pay money for somebody else’s time, we put in the time.

Still we understand that there will be times that an input of money may be needed. That, we hope, can be kept to a minimum and to an understood amount.

The outcome that we seek is a regular and steady additional income to our retirement income.

We are not looking to hire someone to work for us. But we are looking for an opportunity to work at home and build our own online business.

Things to avoid when looking how to make money online in retirement

Stay away from

The platform or program you seek should not be one that promises fast results. How many apple trees have you seen grow apples overnight? I can tell you. None! The same is true in any good business. It takes time to lay the foundation and build the structure for its success. Any program that promises you that you can make fast money should be avoided. They are either lying or illegal.

Any program that asks for lots of money up front or wants you to get a new credit card, avoid. These types of programs are usually scams. Once they have your money their urgency to help you will disappear. You may have lots of interaction, but very little exchange of knowledge. This will go on until your money back guarantee has expired. Do not spend a large amount on any program.

In conjunction to the previous statement, avoid those that want any money up front. The reason for this is that you cannot know for certain what you are getting. Any reputable program should have a catalog of all the tools that will be available to you and the price. It is best to avoid all such programs.

More things to avoid in choosing online business program

Some programs will offer you a great price to get started with them. The problem is that that price will only get you in the door. Once they have you committed you find that there are other products to add if you are to succeed. Before all is said and done, you will be spending thousands of dollars to build your business. With these programs, the add-ons never cease. Avoid them.

What to look for in a program of how to make money online in retirement

Look Closely

So, what should you look for? In any reputable online business platform they will tell you what your costs will be. They will tell you the products and services that will be made available to you and their price.

Any program of how to build an online business will offer you a trial membership. These may vary from a 30-day money back guarantee to an actual free trial of their product. Most of these require your registering a credit card. They will charge the fee for 30 or 60 day trial. If you decide not to use the service they credit the return to your credit card. But you must request the reimbursement.

You should choose a program that gives a clear understanding of what the costs for the program is. If there will be any additional costs involved for certain services, it should be stated. Are there any other services that will have to be obtained? Will you need to have your own website and hosting service? What kind of support and knowledge base will be provided. Is there a catalog of teaching tutorials and videos? Ask as many questions as you can.

The program you choose can be an asset in building your online business. You will either come to know how to make money online in retirement or lose it.

Let me recommend

Rather than going on and on as to what might be best for you, let me make a recommendation. I spent about four months, over a year ago, looking for a platform to build an online business. Why I know what to look for in a bad program and a good program is because I tried them. I lost several thousand dollars because I did not know what program was best.

But I persisted and found what I know to be a great platform for building my business. It has all the good attributes that I have listed in my blog above.

Wealth Affiliates

Best Online Business Building Program

The program is called Wealthy Affiliates. It contains all the good aspects that a reputable program would have. One of the most appealing attributes is that it has a free trial that is really FREE.

I mentioned above that some programs offer a free trial, but it’s not really free. The charge your credit card, which you register with them. Then if you do not cancel you have bought a membership, even if you do not wish to. In that case you have to dispute the charge to get it back.

In Wealthy Affiliate you do not have to register a credit card. You do have to register your email address. By registering your email you gain access to a beginning level of the program. In this you have access to 10 online lessons and tutorials. In these you learn how to build your own business website and launch it on the web. To do that, of course, you must have a website. No problem. They give you two free websites and host them on their service for free.

In the ten free lessons you will learn how to choose your niche. This niche is what you will build your online business around. There is no time limit on the FREE membership. Contrast that to the other programs that limit your time. But as you grow in knowledge of the program you will be made offers by which you can upgrade to a Premium membership.

Premium Membership

You may wish to ask, “How many levels of membership are there?” There are only two. You are either FREE or Premium. That’s it.

The cost of the Premium membership is a set $49 a month. You can save 15% on that membership by buying it by the year. That is up to you, though. I consider that the financial input that I put into my business. The returns are far greater that $49 a month, though. Considering all you get for that $49, it would cost you thousands to buy them separately.

You might wonder, “What if I decide to quit later on?” I do not think you will, because it is so creative. But , if you do, just cancel your next payment and stop your membership. Another good thing, if you decide to come back later, you can. Just start your payments. Your membership is still registered.

My Challenge to you

Let me challenge you to try the Free membership to Wealthy Affiliates. If you are serious about how to make money online in retirement, this is for you.

It is a rare program where it is a win-win situation for you.

Check out the chart below comparing the Free membership with the Premium. If you have any other questions email me:

I hope that you make lots of money online in your retirement.

God bless you!


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