How To Start Affiliate Marketing for Free – Is It Possible?

One of the most popular ways of making money online is through the avenue of affiliate marketing. Not everyone is familiar with what affiliate marketing is, so they are hesitant to launch into something without having a little knowledge of what is involved. So, most people who might be interested in affiliate marketing but have a limited budget are asking how to start affiliate marketing for free.

Beginning affiliate marketing

Most people when beginning to research affiliate marketing go to a search engine and type in “affiliate marketing”. That is a good beginning. But there are a few things to be wary of. One of the first things to be wary of is the promise of making big money fast. Along with that flag one should stay away from those who promise to make your money back in just a short time, whether it be days or weeks or months.

Another promotion that promises a website all set and working and all you have to do is sit back and wait for the money to come in. These are usually billed as “passive income” promotions. There is no such thing as passive income. Wisdom dictates that you get out in proportion as to what you put in. So, any decent affiliate marketing program will require an investment of time.

From what I have thus far stated you can probably rule out 99% of the affiliate marketing promotions you might find on a search engine.

Further, let me inform you that any promotion that asks for more than $100 up front needs to be crossed off your list immediately. Many promotions will ask for $500 to $1500 to even $4500 up front. They will rob you blind. How do I know? I was a victim and I could not get my money back. Do not deal with these folks.

How to start affiliate marketing business

OK! Then, how do we start an affiliate marketing business? The first thing you must have is knowledge. The more knowledge, the better. I began with very little knowledge and made a lot of mistakes before getting on the right track. I hope that since you are reading this that you will not make the mistakes that I made. We all stumble as we advance in any field, but our response to our failures will determine whether we succeed or not. If you do not give up and quit, you will succeed. That is a proven fact. (A side note: I have a friend who failed at eight businesses but never quit and on the ninth business he succeeded wonderfully and became a multi-millionaire. He never quit.) You will succeed if you do not quit.

Knowledge will be a key component. Where will you get it? The internet and search engines are good resources. But even there you will need direction as to which knowledge to utilize.

A couple of questions to consider might be:

1. How much time will it take? Do you still have a full time job? How many hours a week or day can you spare?

2. How much will it cost? Can I pay it monthly or is it in a lump sum? What is the total sum?

3. Will there be added costs? Will I have to purchase other products to utilize the previous or make them perform better?

4. Is there good support and is it accessible?

5. What if I find out that this program is not for me? Can I get my money back?

6. What kind of results can I expect and when?

If you consider all of these factors you will be on your way to finding the best program for you.

If I can show you how to start affiliate marketing today, would you be interested?

I would like to present to you an opportunity to begin your own business in affiliate marketing. It will cost you nothing, but a little time, to begin. If you want it to reach its’ full potential it will take a small investment. Yes, anything that is truly valuable will cost some money, but you will be amazed at what you get for your money. But, to begin, you will spend no money, but you will spend a little time. You will get to “test drive” the program for free. Yes, I said free, totally free!

For your free membership, (no credit card information) you will get ten free lessons on building a website for affiliate marketing. You will be given two free website domains on which to build your websites. The ten free lessons will teach you all you need to get them up and running and to maintain them. All this will cost you nothing. You might think that this will only last a few weeks or a month. But you would be incorrect in your analysis. You keep them for as long as you wish. It is as if you get to test drive a new car for as long as you wish, but only to and from work. If you decide that this is the program for you then you can upgrade to a Premium membership for a set fee of $49 a month. With that upgrade your possibilities become almost infinite. You now will receive to hundreds of training modules, which are being added to regularly. You have access to 24 hour support and encouragement from thousands of fellow members. You will also receive 25 free websites through the program and 25 free domains supports for your own websites.

You will learn how to use all the facets of the internet to get the best ranking for your website. You will learn how to blog and to get traffic to your website. The tools that are made available to you would cost hundreds of dollars a month if provided separately. But they are included in the monthly fee.

Suppose, after trying the free program you decide this is not for you. No problem. Do nothing. You may keep the free membership and the two free websites. Work them and develop them, they are yours. Then, if at any time you decide you wish to take advantage of the full program, join the Premium program and get all the products. If down the line you decide to opt out, just stop your monthly payments and go back to your free membership and keep your two free sites.

I think I have addressed how to start affiliate marketing for free and have showed you that it is possible.

If you are really serious about starting and affiliate marketing business, then click the BUTTON below.

May God bless you!



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2 thoughts on “How To Start Affiliate Marketing for Free – Is It Possible?

  1. Wendi Reply

    Wow. This sounds very interesting. It sounds exactly how the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate marketing works. I’m not sure if you named the source of what you are describing.
    If it is Wealthy Affiliate, then I can vouch for the honesty of what you are writing about. I’m a Wealthy Affiliate member. I tried the free trial, saw that this is real, and became a member as soon as I could. I’ve never regretted that decision. I’ve been sucked into scams before that promised me easy money. But, of course, they did nothing but take my money. Wealthy Affiliate proved themselves to me before I became a member.
    I wish you success in your journey.

    • Thomas Harvey Post authorReply

      Thank you Wendi for your encouragement. Of course I am a member of WA. I am very much enjoying my adventure.
      God bless you as you continue to grow in WA.

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