How to Start an Online Business and Make Money

As the economy is beginning to look up and people are more optimistic about their future, more and more people are considering online business opportunities. More and more I hear the question of how to start an online business and make money. The first part of the question has myriad answers. The second part is a little more defined in its answers. In other words, there are many avenues by which one can start an online business but number of those avenues that make the money are not as numerous. Let us look at some of the steps to set up an online business.

First steps to starting an online business

To begin an online business you will need some type of computer. Typically, a desktop or a laptop is the most convenient. If you are quite mobile in lifestyle the laptop will probably be your choice. Along with the computer you will need access to the internet. That you can purchase on a subscription basis from a local provider. Or you can “hang out” in businesses which provide free wifi.(Be cautious about free wifi’s. They may not be protected. Best to have your own private provider).

Once the connection to the internet is set you need to set up or have an email address and a Paypal account set up if you do not already have one.

Next step

With the first steps completed you can now begin the search for the type of online business that you would like to embark on. You can go to one of your favorite search engines: Bing, Google, Yahoo, Duckgo, etc.: and type in “how to start an online business”. What you will then be faced with is deciding which of thousands of opportunities you must choose from. Hopefully, because you are here you have clicked on this site.

There are literally thousands of opportunities for starting a business online. The reason I am writing this blog is to alert you to those sites which only make money for those who sell you their product. There are many legitimate programs which will help you make money in an online business. However, there are many more that will take your money and in the end will leave you with nothing to show for your investment. How do I know? I was a victim of several of these so-called opportunities.

Some things to avoid

There are some red flags that you should be aware of when deciding on a platform for an online business. If you are going to learn how to start an online business and make money you must ally yourself with a program that will give you the knowledge and training that will enable you to accomplish that goal. Most beginners, as I was, have very little understanding of how the internet works. We probably know less of how an online business is grown to a point of making money. So, what ever program you choose, make sure you have an under girding of knowledge and support.

Another red flag is being required to put up a large sum of money. Yes, it will take some investment to build any type of business, even an online business. But, the good thing about an online business is that it does not take a large amount of money to set your business up and get it running. Any program that wants thousands of dollars to set your business up should be questioned.

In contrast to the above mentioned thousands of dollars is the one that begins with a bargain deal to get you set up. Once they have you in the “loop” they begin to add products which “you will need” if your business is really going to succeed. If you continue with them you will end up spending thousands of dollars and have very little to show in the end. So, when they begin to push the “upsell”, you should begin to consider the “exit”. You will spend much of your hard-earned money and time and in the end have nothing to show for it.

One other flag. If the program you choose has one name but your payments are to a different named company, beware. That is a good sign that you will be taken advantage of. Beware!

In contrast to what to avoid in an online business program, one thing you should look for is how long has the program been in service and what are its reviews. If you cannot verify that the program has been around for a reasonable amount of time, then consider other alternatives.

How to start an online business and make money

Now, to the point. The main reason you start a business is to make money. So, can anybody guarantee you that you will make money online? The truth is nobody can guarantee you that you can make a certain amount of money or when you will make a certain amount. You are the one that will determine the answers to those questions. If someone guarantees you a timeline or amount, go somewhere else.

The best way to start an online business and make money is to ally yourself with a program that gives you the tools that you need as well as the support that is necessary as your business grows. There are several such programs out there and you may wish to do further research as to which one you think will work best for you.

My recommendation

I could give you a list of viable online business programs but let me rather give you my recommendation as to what I think the best program is for how to get started in online business and make money. The program that I recommend is called Wealthy Affiliates. It is a program that has been around going on 18 years. The original two founders are still active in the continued refining and adding courses and supporting tools to the program. They have been around for almost 18 years and from all indications will be around for years to come.

As for guarantees, there are no for sure promises. But they do provide a library of tools that no other program can provide. The tools are continually being added too. There is a 24-hour support system, so no matter where you are in the world you can find help with any problem you might have with your business.

Considering the tools made available to you, the cost is minimal. For only $49 a month you have access to tools and programs that if purchased separately would cost into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month. But, if you are still not sure, take a test drive of Wealthy Affiliates for free. I mean FREE. Most free offers come with the tag of registering a credit card or a 30 or 90 day free trial with a money back guarantee. But, with Wealthy Affiliates it is FREE. No credit card. No need to cancel. No time limit. With FREE you get 10 free lessons on how to set up your online business. To do that you will receive 2 free websites on which to build your business site. Wealthy Affiliates will host those sites for Free. If after trying the FREE version you decide that Wealthy Affiliate is not for you, then do nothing. There is no charge and you get to keep the two free websites and continue to build them or do nothing. The choice is yours.

Let me leave you with a chart that shows what Wealthy Affiliates can do for you. Check it out below.


I hope this article has helped you in deciding how to start an online business and make money.

May God bless you and prosper you in your endeavors.





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