How to Succeed at Affiliate Marketing

You are reading this because you are truly interested in making money on the internet. You may have spent enough time searching by now to know that affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of making money online.

How to do business online

You must first have a website to establish your presence on the internet. The website may take one of several forms. It may be a simple store front type situation where you present products and sell them for a given price. Another might be a drop shipping business in which you have an account with a producer of certain products in which you advertise and sell their products without actually maintaining an inventory of their products. You simply advertise and sell their product for a marked up price and then from payment received you buy it from the company and they ship the product to your customer. The difference between what you are paid and what you pay for the product is your profit.

Sometimes you are merely selling a service which you provide.

The most utilized and without a doubt the most successful is online affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing

To be an affiliate marketer you must “affiliate” yourself with a product or company that you would like to promote. To “affiliate” with a company means that you agree to certain terms about how to advertise and promote their products and in return they will compensate you for the buying customers that you send their way. The way they compensate you is by giving you an agreed upon percentage of the sale price. Depending on the product that percentage may range from 3% to 70%.

How will you promote the product

Most affiliate marketers will set up a website that is called a blog. The best I can determine about the derivation of this term is that it stands for “weblog”. This website will usually focus on a subject that is very defined. For instance: it may be about cars; but better yet, red cars; still more defined, small red cars; still more, small red cars for sale. I think you get the idea.

But, just as important, and maybe more so, it should be something that the blogger is passionate about. If you own a 1954 red Volkswagen Beetle and want to know if there are other people interested in the same, you can blog about that. As you develop your blog you might ally yourself with a parts’ dealer who can supply parts’ for cars. By affiliating yourself with the parts’ dealer you can direct customers to him by placing advertisements, which he provides, on your website. When people read your blog and click on the advertisement they will be taken to the parts’ dealers site. If they make a purchase, the parts’ dealer will pay you a percentage of that sale as a commission.

This same approach can be used in an almost infinite number of cases. If you can find a product, you can probably affiliate with that company and become an affiliate marketer for them.

So far, so good

So far it does not sound that complicated. As you continue to search about affiliate marketing you will find that there are numerous opportunities out there to start building an affiliate marketing site. This is the point where you must begin to use wisdom.

There are probably hundreds of promotions that will promise to set you up an affiliate site that will begin to bring in a passive income. That term, “passive income”, means you do not have to do anything to bring it in. Let me be straight forward, that is a lie. What they will do is to set you up a website and install links to products, usually to Amazon. It is a real site and is connected to real products at Amazon. But, what they won’t tell you is how you are going to get people to your site so that they can click through to Amazon and buy the products.

They will not tell you, either, how to add products or take out products from your site. They do not tell you how to operate the dashboard for your website to add plugins or links to other sites of interest. You are usually tied to Amazon and no other business opportunities. So you are very limited and your hands or figuratively tied as far as developing your website any further.

Most, and by that I mean 95%, of these promotions and programs are what I have just described. They will take your money and communicate with you for a couple of months and then the phone or email will go silent. It is best that if you buy into any program like this that you pay with a credit card or PayPal. If after a couple of months you see some of the above symptoms develop you can dispute the payment and get your money back. One note of caution: Do not sign any legal type documents online. If the company or product is not confident enough that they can trust that you will like their product, then you probably will not. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING THAT APPEARS TO BE A LEGAL DOCUMENT.

What to look for in an affiliate marketing program

As you search for the right program for yourself, there are a few things which you should expect in the program if you are to succeed.

  • They should not want a lot of money upfront.
  • They should not promise that you will make big money fast.
  • They should not constantly promote additional products for a price to guarantee your success.
  • They should offer a free trial. Usually 30 or 60 day trial. Usually this is with registration of a credit card. At the end of the trial period the card will be automatically charged unless you rescind the card.
  • They should have a comprehensive library of training tools to cover every area of affiliate marketing
  • They should have programs that teach you how to build your website and how to maintain it and grow your followers.
  • They should have a support system that can be prompt and knowledgeable and available 24 hours a day.
  • The price should be reasonable and you should know what it is going to cost upfront.

There could be other things that could be included in the list, but if you can check these off you will more than likely be standing on safe ground.

My Recommendation

My recommendation comes from a background of having experienced some of the unscrupulous affiliate marketing scams that are out there. Because of those experiences, I do now want anybody else to go through them. It would cost you money and heartaches that you should not have to go through.

Because I wanted to succeed I continued searching until I found a program that meets all the needs of someone who is willing to work at building an online affiliate marketing site. It provides all the tools and lessons and support that even the novice will need to begin and build an online marketing business. Though I am emphasizing affiliate marketing, it will work for any approach for building an online business or service or ministry.

It is upfront with its costs ($49 a month, $499 a year). If you are like I was, you might think that that is a lot of money. But consider this. Some programs want $4000 to $5000 up front and the more as you progress through the program. With this program you know from the beginning what you will be paying and can adjust your budget accordingly. For that price you will get all the tools necessary for building your website and the knowledge and training to maintain it and grow it to whatever size you choose.

One of the best things about this program is that you can try it for FREE! Totally FREE! No credit card to register. With the FREE membership you will have access to 10 of the hundreds of training courses that are in the program and available to all the PREMIUM members. With the FREE membership you will receive 2 free websites hosted by their hosting service.

With this program as a PREMIUM member you will have access to all the tools and knowledge contained in the program. There is not a higher level.

The name of this program is Wealthy Affiliates. It has been established for going on 14 years and is still growing in membership. Let me encourage you to try the FREE membership. That is how I started and I have not looked back since. You will grow in knowledge and by patience and persistence you will succeed as an affiliate marketer.

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