I Believe in Miracles-They Happen Everyday

Do you believe in miracles? I do. And I am not talking about a general statement that groups everything into a miracle. I am talking about genuine miracles. Things that occur apart from natural processes.

What is the definition of a miracle?

A miracle is some process or event that happens and its explanation does not fall within the realm of being a natural phenomenon. The term of miracle is mostly found within the context of religion and especially within the Judeo-Christian religion.

The Holy book of Christianity, The Bible, is filled with numerous accounts of things that would have to be described as miracles. A list of these would be:

  • The universe created from supposedly nothing
  • Life created from nonliving matter
  • Human life created from material of the earth
  • Woman created from man’s rib
  • Red sea parts and millions pass through on dry ground, but when followed by pursuers, it drowns thousands.
  • The sun stays in place until a battle is won by the Israelites
  • Eight foot thick walls collapse at the sound of a trumpet at Jericho
  • 180,000 trained soldiers killed in one night by one angel
  • A virgin conceives and bears a son
  • Blind people receive sight from the touch of a man
  • People born lame get up from their beds and run and leap
  • Deaf people receive hearing
  • Dumb people receive speech.
  • A man who has been dead for four days is raised to life.
  • Storms are stopped immediately at the command of a man
  • Jesus is raised from the dead never to die again and guarantees this for all who will believe on Him

There are many more of these things that are called miracles which you can choose to believe or not to believe. After all, if they could be explained by natural processes so that all would believe, they would not be classified as miracles.

No expectation no miracle
How to get a miracle

Do you believe in miracles?


There are many people today who do not believe in miracles. There are many who do. Those who say they do not believe in miracles usually do not believe in a higher being, or Creator. They believe that everything came about by natural processes and therefore there is no need for a creator.

But, those who believe in miracles usually believe in a higher being, which exists beyond the realm of human existence. Many of these are merely creations of their own imagination and the miracles assumed are rarely, if ever, verifiable. So, quite often these people are vilified by the intellectually elite who believe in only natural events. This may be true in many events but not necessarily true in all events. Each “miracle” should be considered within its own context.


These people say they do not believe in miracles. They claim to be intellectualists who believe that if something is not naturally produced then it is not scientific. Needless to say, they look down on anyone who is not of their persuasion.

But if you study the naturalist more closely you will find that they do believe in miracles. All naturalists believe in the Big Bang (or some related form) as the beginning of the universe. This “Big Bang” says that the universe and all that is in it came from nothing. Can they explain that? No! It must be a miracle, then. They say that all the fine-tuned balances of the universe happened by accident. (The Law of Probability says that is impossible). Does that mean it was a miracle? They say that life sprung from non-life. (Another statistical impossibility). Then, it is a miracle.

So, you see, even non-believers in miracles believe in miracles. They are blind to their own ologic.

Examples of miracles

When I use the term “believe”, I do not mean that I think it might be true: I mean that it is true. I know that miracles happen because they are regular occurrences in my life. You may think that I may be a little odd or different from normal people. In that you would be correct. But the miracles that I have experienced in my life are real and verifiable by not only me but other people as well.

Let me share some miracles that have happened in my life.

I am on the brink
Are you ready?

While in college our choir was traveling to a nearby high school to present a concert. We were traveling in several cars. In the car that I was traveling in, I was seated in the front seat passenger side. We were traveling on a two lane highway at around 70 miles per hour.(that was the speed limit) One of the rear tires blew out and the car swerved sideways and crossed over into the oncoming lane sideways. We were headed into a car coming from the other direction which was traveling at the same rate of speed. I looked out the window as the car approached and said a prayer. Immediately we found ourselves in the ditch on the right side of the road and everyone was safe. The last recollection I had before that was that the approaching car was within about three feet of hitting the door next to which I was sitting. The only explanation was that it was a miracle. An angel intervened and literally picked our car up and moved it to the opposite side of the road. No one was hurt and the only outcome was a flat tire and a few shaken people. It was a miracle.

Sixteen years ago I checked into the VA hospital because I was experiencing a few problems with my health which I thought needed to be checked out. I went to the emergency room and registered and after a little while a nurse called my name and did a general questionnaire and took a little sample of blood. About fifteen minutes later the same nurse asked me if I would follow her back to the emergency room. She wanted to know if I was able to walk. I assured her that I could. In Emergency they took a full sample of blood and sent it to the lab. Fifteen minutes later the lab requested another sample. The doctor asked why they needed another sample. He was told to just get another. Fifteen minutes later the doctor in the lab came down to Emergency. His remark was astounding. He said that he wanted to come and see the “dead man” who gave the sample. His statement was that “he had never seen a living person with the blood platelet reading that he has”(speaking of me). To put it plainly, I should not have been alive. I did not have enough blood platelets to carry oxygen and nutrients to my body. It was a miracle.

These are two of many instances that I have experienced miracles in my own life. These were major miracles. But there are miracles that happen which do not seem to be major miracles, but they are miracles nonetheless. Several months ago my wife lost here wedding ring. It was a nice ring with engagement ring combined. We looked and looked but could not find it. We decided to exercise what the Bible says about angels, that they are servants that do what we say when we line it up with the word of God. We commanded them to bring the rings back because the word of God says that we could ask anything in Jesus Name, and He would do it. So, this ring, being a symbol of our covenant together, should be returned. A day or so later my wife was looking through her closet to pick out some clothes to send to Goodwill. She chose a jacket that she had not worn for a couple of years and was getting ready to put it in the clothes for Goodwill, but decided to check the pockets, just in case there might be debris. To her surprise, she found her ring. She had not worn that coat for years. But the angels knew where to put it for her to find it. It was a miracle.

Why I believe in miracles

You may think that I believe in miracles because miracles have happened to me. But, you would be wrong. The reason I believe in miracles is because I believe the Word of God, The Bible. If you wait to see a miracle before you believe in them, you will probably never believe in miracles. But, if you begin by believing what God has said in His Word, The Bible, then you will begin to have miracles happen in your life on a regular basis.

Jesus said, “To him that believes, nothing is impossible.” If you do not believe it, it will not happen. If you find it in the Word of God, you can believe it and it will become evident in your life. I have seen many miracles, simply because I took God at His Word. I have “Christian” friends who do not believe some promises of God’s Word, and guess what, they never see the miracles happen in their life. They are getting just what they believe.

A grateful heart
Always be grateful

I believe God’s Word and I get what God’s Word says.

God’s word is true

God gave us His Word because He wants us to exercise His Word. In Isaiah 55 He says that “His word shall not return to Him void, but will accomplish that which He says.” Either God is true or He is a liar. I know that He is true. He has revealed this to me through His word and He will do the same for you if you fill up on His word and then allow the Holy Spirit to exercise faith in His Word.

Miracles will become the norm for you instead of the experience of others. May God bless you as you continue to seek and grow in HIm.

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