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If you have a creative personality and have decided that you want to put it to use by starting your own internet business, then you have come to the right place. In the beginning we all need a little help, if not a lot of help, when we start to look at building and internet business. If you are like I was you may have just enough knowledge to make a lot of mistakes because you believe everything out there about building your own internet business.

Let me help

Let me help you.
Do you need some help?

The first thing I can help you with is this: Don’t believe everything you read about building an internet business. No promoter is going to tell you up front that they are going to take advantage of you. Now, when I began I did not know that. So, needless to say, I fell for several scams that took my money but gave me little in return. The main thing they gave me was debt which I must pay. so, do not believe everything they tell you about their product.

If you are interested in a particular product, ask them how much they will allow you to test their product before you must commit to purchasing it. If they insist on upfront payment, that is a good sign that you probably should look elsewhere.

If the promoter reduces the original price drastically in an effort to get you into the program, that is another red flag that you should not ignore. Once in the program you will find out that you will have to spend more and more money if you wish to get all the benefits of their product. In the end this will amount to thousands of dollars and you will be none the better for it nor will you have a money making enterprise.

If the promoter promises you a ready built website with all the products ready to sell, stop and think. What good is a beautiful website if you can not attract traffic to it? What good is a website if you do not know how to update and maintain it and add products as you see fit? What good is a website if you do not have suppliers of products and know how to connect with them to get new products? What good is a beautiful site if you do not know how to accept payments and make payments or returns? Just having a website is not enough.

How much do you know?
Learning what you need to know

What you need to know

So, what do you need to know. One thing that you will need to know is what goes into building your own business website. Not that you have to know machine language or javascript or all the other languages that are used in computer lingo. But it will help to have a little background knowledge of what is going on as far as the structure of your website.

Most, but not all, business websites use what is called WordPress as the platform for their business website. Just about every business website that you may interact with is built on a WordPress theme. Being familiar with how the WordPress platform is set up will help you in understanding how your website is developed.

There are many trained people who are more than happy to aid you in building a WordPress business website. If you have the money to afford them they will probably do a fine job in building you a business website. However, you will still have a pretty steep learning curve before you will be able to run your business website efficiently. You may find yourself spending more money to learn more things. But if you have the money, that is fine.

What if you don’t have lots of money?

Some people have lots of money.
Do you have money to throw away?

If you are like I was, you may have a little money but not thousands of dollars to spend on building a website and then spending more to get traffic and even more to be able to maintain and build the online business, you might consider one of the programs that teach you how to build your own internet business and website. The types of these businesses vary from price range to product range and even more.

Some prefer the storefront approach. They emphasize products of varying types. Typically it is a niche product. These products sites may vary from toothpicks to ATV’s to musical instruments and more. Others may sell intellectual products in the form of information to help in almost any area of knowledge growth.

Still, others are focused on what is called Affiliate Marketing. This is the type of online business that is usually built on the structure of a website that is a blog. Blogs are articles written on given subjects and through people reading the blog they may be directed to certain products that relate to the blog. Contained on the blog site are links to the related products. If the reader clicks on the link they are directed to the products website.

If the reader makes a purchase of a product, the product business will give a commission to the blogger for directing the buyer to their site. This is one of the favorite of online business entrepreneurs. Once the link is incorporated in the blog it will be viable for as long as the business exists. Some affiliate marketers are still making money off of links which are years old.

My recommendation

If you are just beginning, do not have a lot of money, and need to gain some knowledge about internet business, then affiliate marketing is probably the entry point for you. However, in the affiliate marketing arena there are many scams that are ready to take your money.

There are many that will take your money and promise you the sky. They will tell you that you will make fast money, in just days or weeks. DO NOT BELIEVE IT! There is no affiliate marketing program that can make you BIG money in just a few weeks. Any business that is worth its salt must be built on a solid foundation of knowledge and work. That will take time. Some will take a little less and some a little more. It will be determined what level of knowledge you have to start and how much time you have to invest as you grow your business. It will grow in proportion to the time and effort you invest. But it will grow.

Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliates Logo
Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliates is the program and platform that I gladly recommend to anyone who is serious about building and internet business. The only knowledge that really have to have is a general knowledge of how to work with a computer and how to get online. If you can do that, you can build an online business with Wealthy Affiliates.

One of the warnings I always give beginning entrepreneurs is that any program that will do what it says should be glad to give you a free trial run of the program. Well, Wealthy Affiliate will do just that. In fact, they almost insist that you do that. They offer what is called a FREE Membership. It is actually “free”. They do not want a credit card number. They want you to try the product and see if it is right for you.

With a FREE Membership you will get a glimpse of all the tools and programs and platforms that will be made available to you if you decide to move up to the PREMIUM Membership. With the FREE Membership you will get 10 free lessons from the library of thousands of lessons, and you will learn how to set up your business site and begin to build your own online business. You will get two free websites which will be hosted for free by Wealthy Affiliate hosting. You can continue as a FREE Member as long as you wish. But, to get access to the many lessons and videos and twenty-four hour support you will probably want to join the PREMIUM Membership

The PREMIUM Membership is priced for the working class people like you and me and is only $49 a month. For $49 a month you will have access to knowledge, tools and support that purchased separately would cost you more than a $1000 a month. You do not have to be concerned about being pressured to join the PREMIUM Membership. You will be offered opportunities to join and even incentives, but never pressured. You may remain a FREE Member for as long as you like. But I am convinced that once you see the advantages you will more than eager to join as a PREMIUM Member.

Let me give you a chart to show how the PREMIUM Membership compares to the FREE Membership.

The advantages of a Premium Membership
Wealthy Affiliate memberships- what you get


Still need help?

Help is just a click away.
We are here to help.

I believe that if you check out Wealthy Affiliates you will find that you will have all the help that you will ever need to start your own internet business. Thousands have already used the program to build their business and the online business commerce is growing bigger every day.

By joining Wealthy Affiliates you will have everything you need to build your internet business. The sooner you start, the sooner your business will begin to grow. The Wealthy Affiliate family is waiting to help you. Come on and join the family!





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