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I was watching a documentary on TV just lately and was a little taken back when I heard one of the “scientists” use a phrase which I had never heard equated with the study of science. He was a professor of anthropology and paleontology and was involved in the unveiling of a “new” lineage in the evolution of human being, that is homo sapiens. The statement with like this: “There is nothing wrong with not knowing in science.”


The very definition of science is “knowledge”. How can a person who is supposedly a PhD in any field of science turn the definition on its head. My question to him, or her, would be, that if the definition of science is knowledge, how can you say that lack of knowledge is not a shortcoming? Yes, I can agree that the search for knowledge implies that there is more knowledge to be gained, but that does not justify that lack of knowledge is good. Is not knowing something a scientific concept?

The search for knowledge is always good. However, we must be aware that everyone who is seeking knowledge must make some “a priori” assumptions. Those assumed foundations, or axioms, will determine to a great degree how one will interpret the facts that we find.

Why not knowing was alright with the paleontologist

The reason for this “scientist’s” statement was that the fossil and bones that they found had upset 150 years of what paleontologists and anthropologists had believed about the evolution of homo sapiens. Rather than admitting that they had been wrong for 150 years and had presented as truth in many thousands of school and college text books, they glossed their big lie over by saying that there is nothing wrong with not knowing.

Would it not have been truthful and more scientific in the first place to admit that they really did not know and then present several possibilities that might fit the findings? That would have been the scientific thing to do and then allow studious and knowledgeable people to pursue avenues of further study.

But, no, they plunged headlong into making up stories about fossils that they said were 2 million years old. They literally made up stories of what they imagined happened and presented it as if it were true. The fact was that the same scenario could have come about by any number of ways. But, when it is your story, you can make up anything you wish. A real scientist would present as many feasible possibilities and then apply Ocham’s Razor.(The least complicated explanation is usually the correct one).


How long are they right

The content of the documentary was collected several years ago. In the time since the discoveries were made and documented, the findings and conclusions that were drawn have been shown to be incorrect or false. So, once again we are having to adjust what the text books are saying. This is becoming a common occurrence in every field of science that relates to evolution.

Scientifically it is understood that DNA cannot last more than a few thousand years. This has been proven by many observable scientific empirical experiments. However, when DNA was discovered in supposedly 70 to 100 million year old pliable flesh, the evolutionists changed the fact that it could not last except for a few thousand years to more than a hundred million years. Did they do it through experimental and logical science? No, they did not. If they were to admit that DNA could not remain intact but for a few thousand years, they would necessarily have to abandon the whole theory of evolution.

Rather than letting the facts dictate the conclusion, they chose to let their prior assumption redefine the science.

Not knowing

So the story continues. What do they not know. They say they know that chimpanzees and homo sapiens came from a common ancestor. But they do not know who or what the common ancestor was but that that ancestor came from apes.

Now, I ask, how can you know for sure that an unknown species came from and ape and that that unknown species somehow evolved several more times until there were two more identifiable species of homo sapiens and chimpanzees? How can you know anything about them if you do not know who they are along the process? That, then becomes a “fairy tale” to rival Peter Pan and The Lion King. These scientists could be writers for Walt Disney.

What are we being taught?

It is a sad thing to admit, but this is so common in so many sciences today. There are more and more so-called sciences such as sociology and psychology which are being shown to be nothing akin to true science. Many of these sciences are merely inventions to prop up a political agenda which by itself would have been seen as the foolish thing it is. But by adding an air of scientific viability to it it takes on respectability.

It is important today that when you read about science and scientific findings that you be aware of the source of its promotion. A prime example is the so-called “climate change” being pushed by politicians the world over. What is their goal. It surely is not for the good of those they say they are serving. Some leaders and promoters of climate change advocate the annihilation of up to 90% of human population. You will not hear them say it out loud, but that is a part of their agenda.

Now, evolution’s goal is a little different. Its goal is to separate human beings from their Creator. Evolutionists want you to think that you are nothing more that “goo”. They are in league with the great deceiver who was the first to rebel against the Creator. He has blinded the eyes of those who do not wish to acknowledge the Creator so that he can lead them to rebel against Him so that they will spend eternity in hell apart from their Creator.

Final analysis

You can choose to believe “scientists” who when confronted with their lies choose to glory in what they do not know and thereby continue to present their lies and lead people astray from the truths of science and from the truths of life.

Or you can choose to seek the truth with an open and curious logical mind. Then when it is revealed, you can believe it and build upon the truth. The beginning of truth for all creation is found in the Bible. If you begin with the truth of the Bible and build upon that foundation you will discover truths that will not have to be adjusted or changed with every new discovery that is made.

May you use your God given logic and understanding as you seek the truth.

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