I’d Rather Have Jesus

Choices, choices, choices! There are so many choices to make every day. On a work day you may not get to choose when you get up. When you have to be at work will help you make that decision. But, then you must choose what you are going to wear and what you must eat. These types of choices are fairly simple and straight forward. Other choices will determine the direction your life will go.


In your education you may not have a lot of choice at a young age since that choice has been made for you by the nation you live in. Most modern nations require school attendance up to a certain age and education level. Once you reach the level mandated you can choose whether you wish to continue with your education or begin your contribution to society by entering the work force or in some cases the military establishment of your country. The choices have begun. From now on you will be making choices. Even if you choose to give that role over to some other entity such as the military, you have still made the choice and will have to make that choice every three or four years.

If you choose to go the education route, you have entered a maze of choice making that will never end until you come to the end of your existence on this earth.

You will need to choose a field of study to pursue or to pursue a general field of study. Having decided and chosen a field of study you will need to choose a school or institution from which you can gain the knowledge to succeed in that field. Then as you progress in your studies you will need to decide whether to continue in your learning by pursuing advanced degrees in the area of your choosing, or you can launch into the work force and seek a job, hopefully in your field of expertise. But, if not in the special field of your study, you will need to choose a job which you can make a living in.

If further study is in your plan, you must once again make application to schools which you think will help you in gaining the knowledge that you once again wish to attain. If you are so blessed that you have more than one to choose from, you must choose which school to attend. After years of study and attaining an advanced degree you will then be presented with the matter of choosing which job or position that you would like to assume. Hopefully, you will have a choice at this point. If you do not have an offer in your chosen field, you will then need to choose the direction that you will go.

Working class people

If you chose not to get a college education but felt that normal working class type jobs were better suited to your abilities, then you must choose what kind of work you will pursue. If you are not interested in any further study of the book type but wish to get into the workforce immediately, you still must choose an area to begin to learn a trade. There are many jobs in construction out there that need good hard-working people to come and learn a trade while working in the trade. The pay may not begin with great amounts, but you can be learning a trade and be getting paid while you are doing it. Many people who have little formal education have done quite well in the trades and have become very successful just by beginning as an apprentice and growing until they had their own business. So, education is not the determining factor in succeeding in business. Determination and perseverance play a large role.

But, here again, choices are involved. You must choose an area that you can enjoy working in and that you would like to grow in the knowledge of. Along the way, you will have to decide when or if you should launch out on your own. With that decision will come even more decisions to be made.

If you choose not to build a business of your own, you will decrease the number of choices, but there will still be choices that must be made.

Whether to marry or not marry

Human beings in a moral society will face the choice of whether to marry or not to marry. It is more than likely that the average person will marry, but there are some who choose not to marry. Assuming that you decide to choose to marry, you must then begin the search for just that right person of the opposite sex that you will choose to spend the rest of your life with.

You will probably set standards and make lists of qualities you would like in a mate. These will change from time to time. But, it would be wise to have at least two or three items that would be the priority. You can decide that for yourself. This choice will be one of the most important you will make. It, along with one other, will carry the gravest of consequences in your life here on earth. Choose wisely!

If you choose to marry, then will come the choice of whether to have children and if so, how many and when. Having children will add a whole new level of decisions to make. We shall not address that at this time.

Other decisions in marriage are where to live(city, suburban, country, etc.), structure(apartment, duplex, single house, subdivision, acreage, etc.). The choices keep coming.


At some point, later on, you will need to decide when or whether to retire. Some people enjoy their work so much that they choose not to retire. You will find that there are many people who have their own business who enjoy it so much that they just keep on working. Their business has become their lives. Still, there are others who have looked forward to retiring and doing something different from what they have done during their working years. This is usually found among people who have worked for other people most of the productive lives.

In western countries these people have either through their government or plans of their own, have saved and invested enough money to be able to live and carry on a certain level of comfort even in retirement. These are choices that you must make all along your life’s journey. You will then have to choose as you come to retirement age.

You may have to choose to lower your standard of living. You may have to choose a different place of living. Depending on your health, someone else may have to choose for you.

The ultimate choice

Of all the choices that you will ever make the one that will carry the most importance is the one in which you choose who will run your life. You may say that you are the one who runs your life. To be realistic, that is not true at first. At the start, it is your mother and father, the people through whom you were conceived, or in some cases, those who adopted you. As you grow through your younger years they will continue to make most of the choices in your life, where you live, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, etc. As you mature there will be a gradual shift in the decision-making in your life. There will come a time that you will make the decisions in your life. It is then that all responsibilities will be on your shoulders.

At that time, if not before, you will make a decision as to who will run your life. You think, “That will be simple, I will run my life.” If that is what you decide, then that is fine. You are a free moral being. You have the right to choose. Your Creator made you that way and gave you that right. If you choose to be the one who makes all the decisions then you are exercising your God-given right as a human being. No other creature in all creation has that ability or that right.

However, let us point out a very important fact. If you choose to run your own life you have fallen into a trap which millions and even billions of people have falsely believed. The fallacy comes in that there are really only two possible choices that a person can have. They will choose to follow their own path, which is really a false delusion of freedom, or they will choose to follow the path of the God Who created them, which is really the path of true freedom.

You may ask how this can be. It all began in the Garden of Eden when the Creator gave His highest creation, human beings, the choice of obeying Him or making their decisions on their own. Well, human beings, through their first human, Adam, chose to make their own decisions as to what they would do in life. They ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree. Since then, human beings have always leaned to running their own lives. They chose to believe themselves rather than their Creator.

Because you are a human being, you have those same inclinations. If left to yourself you will choose to run your own life. In so doing you have fallen for the lie of the enemy, satan. True freedom will only come when you surrender your life to the One Who paid the price for my and your sins when He died on a cross. His name is Jesus. He satisfied the Creator completely because He was perfect in all His ways and then He paid the price of death on a cross for you and me and all who would accept His payment by faith.

What you choose to do with Jesus is the most important decision you will ever make. Choose wisely.

As for me, I’d rather have Jesus and let Him make the decisions in my life.

May God bless you.

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