Investment Opportunities for Retirees

investment opportunities for retirees

 As a retiree you must now decide how to invest your time and money to get the best return.  Consider some of the investment opportunities for retirees and which is best for you.

What is the best investment strategy for retirement?

You may have considered some of the opportunities available to retirees in relation to investments.  Then again, you may not have. Take a little time to consider some options.

The stock market

Most people think when you speak of investments you mean the stock market.  For many this is a good and viable option. If you decide to invest in the stock market you probably have several thousands of dollars available to you.  You may have accrued this through a 401k or some other savings method.

In most of these cases you are already invested in the stock market.  You may decide to let the broker who controls your 401k account to continue running it.

In this type of situation you have very little control and trust that the broker will look out for your interest.  For the average retiree this may be the best option. All you have to do is enjoy retirement and hope your broker knows his business.

One shortcoming in this method is that it is tied directly to the stock market and its operation.  If the market goes up, you make money. If the market goes down, you lose money. As of lately, investors have made good money.  But, be a little shrewd, and do not forget 2008. A lot of people lost a lot of money when Wall Street had its biggest loss since the Great Depression.

For some, the stock market may not be the best investment strategy for retirement.

Real Estate

investment opportunities for retirees
Real Estate investments

If you have lots of money, then real estate may be your game.  But, be ready to wait a while. Promoters always like to say that “They aren’t making any more land”.  Therefore, real estate is always a good investment.

That may be true.  But sometimes it takes a while to see a return on your investment.  Often it takes years. Rarely does one see a quick return on a real estate investment.

Non conventional stock investments

investment opportunities for retirees
Starting small in the stock market

Of course there are always non conventional approaches.  Some people have made money in what are called “penny stocks”.  These are usually stocks that are beginning small companies. They need cash to build their business so they offer cheap stock prices.  On rare occasions people make good money in this market. But, I emphasise “rare”.

There are ample other opportunities of investment stock in startup companies.  If you happen to invest in one that makes it big, you could become very rich. But be aware that it is a long shot.  They would not be offering inexpensive stocks if it were a sure thing.

What is the best investment strategy for you?

This is the real question that you must answer.  There a lots of people who have invested in the stock market.  That is fine for the average retiree. These investors have no idea how their money is being used.  Most of the time they do not know if they are making money or losing money.

For them retirement is just another phase in life.  That is fine and good if that is what you desire out of retirement.  After all, the TV commercials promote that as success.

But, maybe your life is more creative than just getting up everyday and going through the same routine.  Just maybe you enjoy an occasional challenge that stretches your intellect. Maybe you like to achieve higher goals.  Just perhaps, average is not good enough for you.

If that is true of you, let me offer you what I think is your best investment for your retirement.

YOU are your best investment.

best investment opportunities for retirees
You are your best investment

That’s right!  The best investment you will ever make in life is the investment you make in yourself.  You may ask, “How do I invest in myself?”

The best investment you make in yourself is the time you spend developing the person that is you.  I do not mean that you become self-centered. By developing yourself I mean that you grow in knowledge and ability and in service to others.  There are many returns that benefit us that are not financial. It was once stated, “What does it profit one if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?”  Service is a great asset and brings great returns.

A great way to develop service

By investing time in yourself you develop a better you.  If investing time in yourself will help others, what about investing your money in yourself?  “How do I do that?” you ask. There are many ways.

From the physical standpoint, you may do a regular workout routine.  This helps keep you in shape and maintain a high energy level. You can either join a health club or purchase workout equipment. That costs money, but it is money well invested.  In retirement, your health plays an important part in your ability to enjoy it.

Invest in yourself by building a business

investment opportunities for retirees
You can do it!

One of the best ways to invest in yourself is to begin your own business.  This is not for everyone. If you are used to having someone to tell you what to do, you may not want this responsibility.  But, if you enjoy a challenge and thrive on learning new things, this may be just for you.

If you are just a little familiar with business, you understand that you must have input to get output.  The largest investment in any business is time. From my standpoint I know that I have plenty of residual time.  But along with time there must be some financial investment.

Do you have an extra $100 a month or $50 a month that you could invest in yourself?  With that $50 a month and some regular time investment you can grow a business that can make you money.  Just as in any business it will take some time. The length of time will depend on the amount of time you invest.  But, your investment of time and money will bring a return.

Building a business is not for everyone.  You must be creative as well as patient. One must be persistent and consistent.  It is a proven practice, if you plant seeds, you get a crop. No seeds, no crop.

If you are looking for an investment strategy for retirement, I have one for your consideration.

My Recommendation for investment opportunities for retirees

I have found a program that I believe is an excellent strategy for my retirement income.  It comes in the form of a program and platform called Wealthy Affiliate. This is a program that has been established for over fourteen years.  It has helped thousand of entrepreneurs and retirees realize income like they never imagined.

Best program for retirees
Best Online Business Building Program

Wealthy Affiliates is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a well conceived plan of building an online business.  It has provided an opportunity for thousands of people from every age group to succeed in their own business.


Wealthy Affiliates – Best investment opportunity for retirees

Wealthy Affiliates is an investment opportunity for retirees that wish to contribute to society even in retirement.  In making that contribution they will reap a return on their investment. That return is not only monetary but socially and intellectually beneficial to the giver and the receiver.

Wealthy Affiliates program provides every tool and format necessary to build and grow an online business.  Once established the business will grow and be maintained with minimal time investment. It can be passed on or sold to others.

Support for Wealthy Affiliates is one of the highlights of the program.  The support team is available 24 hours a day. The response time is in minutes or hours, not in days.  Just the other day I had a question on a problem for one of my business sites. I entered a question and within thirty minutes I had the solution to my problem.  This is just one example of the kind of service you will receive with Wealthy Affiliates.

Try Wealthy Affiliates for FREE

Wealthy Affiliates is such a good program that they will allow you a FREE membership.  Unlike many other so-called free memberships, this one really is free. In that FREE membership you will receive 10 FREE lessons that will help you set up your business site.  These lessons are videos and tutorials which you can take at your own pace.

To help you in setting up your sites, they will give you two FREE websites.  In addition they will host them for FREE. Once you have your website up and running you are ready to build your business.  There are hundreds of tutorials and videos that will teach you and guide you in building your business. You will have access to all of these when you move up to the Premium membership

Premium Membership

When you purchase the Premium Membership you have access to all the tools and support offered by Wealthy Affiliates.  The cost for the Premium Membership is $49 a month. There are no other fees. For that $49 dollars a month you get access to knowledge and tools valued in the thousands of dollars.  You will have the support of some of the most knowledgeable affiliate entrepreneurs and developers in the industry.

For me, Wealthy Affiliates is one of the best investment opportunities for retirees that I have found.  Why don’t you try the FREE version and tell me what you think. I shall post a chart showing what you can get with a Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership.  You can compare it to the FREE version.

Let me know what your opinion is by leaving a comment below.

Invest in yourself and prosper.


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