Is Dark Matter Science? or Is It Alchemy?

In almost any area of science dealing with physics or astronomy there is almost always a subject that has to be interjected into the narrative. That subject is “the existence of dark matter”. We shall address momentarily why it is called “dark matter”. But among many scientists today there arises a question which some refuse to address. And that question is, “Is dark matter science?”

Dark matter; what is it?

We all know what matter is. It is something that can be comprehended with our senses. In other words it can be seen or heard or touched and handled or tasted or smelled. There is some matter that is so small that we can not ascertain them without giving our senses a little help. Germs usually can not be seen without the aid of a microscope. Atoms can not be seen even with a microscope. But experiments can be performed that yield information which our senses can comprehend. These experiments can be performed time and time again and will yield the same results each time, therefore confirming the hypothesis.

A little background on dark matter. It is “believed” by some that our universe came into existence through a process which they call “The Big Bang”. At the beginning of the “Big Bang” all matter supposedly came into existence. One conundrum of that scenario is that equal amount of matter and anti-matter should have come into existence. It did not. We shall address this in another blog. However, because of certain characteristics of the universe there is not enough “real” matter to account for them. If “The Big Band” is going to be able to stand as a scientific fact there must be more matter than can be accounted for.

So, to make up for this deficiency some scientists have “suggested” that there is matter which we can not detect. Of course, in order keep it “scientific” they recommend that we should carry on experiments that hopefully will yield revelation of the unknown and undetectable matter. So as to have a name by which it can be identified, they call it “Dark Matter”.

Lack of Gray Matter

Experts of what!

Dark matter has been studied and searched for over a half century. Some very knowledgeable and well-trained people have developed more and more stringent experiments in hopes of detecting this illusive thine called dark matter. With each failure to detect the invisible substance comes the assurance that by funding a more defined experiment the substance will be found or detected.

A Comparison

Let me draw a little comparison here to a point in our past history. In the time of western history between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance there was a practice which was called alchemy. Alchemy was a kind of mixture of science and witchcraft. One of the beliefs held by alchemists was that the element lead could by certain processes be changed into gold. This belief was carried on by many believing alchemists for several hundred years. The alchemist would always assure his or her benefactor that the formula was just around the corner. That kept many an alchemist busy for hundreds of years.

But guess what? After hundreds of years and thousands of experiments and promises and lots of funds expended, there was not one ounce of gold derived from lead.

With the Renaissance came the scientific formula and the periodic table of elements and the establishment of certain scientific laws.

The New Alchemist

True science which became established in the Renaissance was based on, of all things, the Bible. All the great scientists of that time were firm believers in the Biblical account of creation. However, there have always been some, who call themselves scientists, that have been against the Biblical narrative that describes how the universe and Earth and living things came to be. In the past two hundred years they have established themselves in many fields. The two most prominent fields are politics and science. Under the area of science would naturally fall education. By establishing themselves in the areas they have set about to change the narrative of those fields. In the field of science education it is rare to find a professor who does not teach evolution as fact. If one proposes to teach anything other than evolution they more than likely will be dismissed from the faculty of any public university in the United States or Great Brittain.

Having thus secured these positions it is no wonder that we have a generation that does not question evolution.



With a populace that has been fed “fairy tales” instead of science and “suggestions” instead of empirical evidence and “beliefs” instead of scientific laws, it is no wonder that an alchemist can come along and tell them that 85% of the universe is invisible. It is made up of “dark matter” . If a person had an inquisitive mind, one might ask, “What is it like?” The only answer the alchemist could give is, “We don’t know.” WHAT! You don’t know! You are a “scientist” and you do not know what it is that you are describing? If the “scientist” were an honest person he would admit that it has never been seen, it has never been touched, and we can not observe it bringing about any repeatable results. We can not even detect it.

Does that sound like science to you? This is not science, it is religion. To believe something exists, even when there is not one shred of evidence to back it is religion in its’ worst form. It is lunacy. Yet we have thousands of these alchemists teaching our children and teaching future teachers. They advise our political leaders. Their religion does not have a scientific leg to stand on.

Are you willing to trust your children and your country to agenda driven people who are not interested in your well-being but only in their ability to control you.

Is dark matter science?

Emphatically, NO! The next time someone mentions or you hear the words “dark matter”, ask them to show you some. Then get ready to hear the alchemistic rhetoric flow. There is no dark matter. To say there is, is illogical. Science is logical. When someone, who calls himself a scientist, tries to impress you with fancy words, just ask for empirical proof. There is none. And much like the alchemists of the dark and middle ages, they will never produce even one ounce. Considering that they say that 85% of the universe is made up of this invisible non detectable substance.

Please, do not throw your God given logic out the window.

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