Is Evolution Science-Is Evolution Logical

One of my favorite subjects to write about is that of evolution. It seems that no one in the secular realm even stops to question whether evolution is a scientific concept or if evolution is even logical. In this blog I shall seek to add to the voluminous information that has already shown that evolution is not scientific but that it is not even logical.

Evolution background

darwinian evolution
The Lie

The idea of evolution has been around for centuries prior to the mid 1800s. But it was not considered a real scientific field of study. But, in the mid 1800s a man named Charles Darwin published a book called “On the Origin of Species”. It was around this time that secular humanism was beginning to make inroads into intellectual societies. Secular humanism was trying to establish a foundation whereby they could delete God from their concept of how humans came to be. By doing this they could become their own “god” and establish their own morality and standards of living.

In the work of Charles Darwin they found a scientific grounds by which to disprove the creation narrative set forth in the Bible. By promoting evolution as the engine by which the world that we see came to be, they removed a moral creative God from the equation. Though it seemed to be a scientific philosophy they were promoting, the motivation was not that of seeking truth.

For the past 150 plus years evolution has been promoted as a science. But, as science has progressed, more and more reasons to question evolution as a science have arisen.

Is evolution logical?

Should we question evolution? Considering that for the past 100 years, evolution has been taught as truth and it has been embedded into the presentation of every thing that relates to living things, should we even have to question it? It seems that consensus has become the criteria of what is true in science these days. It used to be the sign of a good scientist when he or she would question a theory or hypothesis and then go about to prove or disprove it. But, today, you are not allowed to question evolution.

Scientific knowledge surrounding the origins and the mechanisms involved in even the simplest of forms of life has grown to such an extent that is growing more and more impossible to think that life(even the simplest forms) could come about from inanimate substances. The law of probability states that there has not been enough time or enough atoms in the universe to bring about the forming of even the simplest form of a living cell.

Can something that has no probability be considered to be logical?

Is evolution false?

Evolution is a lie
What are evolutionists?

There are several things that point to evolution as being false. The first thing is that it goes against the first and second laws of thermodynamics. The first law states that matter and energy are the same things but it is manifested in two forms. Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. They may change from one form to the other but the amount of matter/energy remains the same. Evolution relies on the theory that the universe is eternal(which it is not), or that the beginning was approximately 14 billion years ago with the “Big Bang “. Since we know that the universe is winding down(second law of thermodynamics) then it must have had a beginning when it got “wound up”.

Since matter/energy cannot be added to or subtracted from, “The Big Bang” is not scientific. There goes the foundation of evolution.

Evolution goes against the second law of thermodynamics which says that ” any system increases in entropy”. Simply stated it means that the usable energy in any system decreases until it reaches a point when there is no more usable energy in the system. This is a law, not a theory. In other words, a system never increases in complexity but continually becomes less complex. This is the opposite of what Charles Darwin predicted in this theory of evolution.

Just these laws alone should be enough to show that evolution is a false concept and should be thrown on the trash heap of alchemy and fairy tales.

What about DNA?

Information of Life

When DNA was discovered in 1953, evolutionists were certain that they would now be vindicated and evolution would be established as a scientific fact.

So little was known about DNA in the 1950s but they knew that it controlled how living processes were carried on in living things. At first, they only found about 2% to 5% of DNA seemed to be used in the living cell. Evolutionists were ecstatic. They hypothesized that the rest of the DNA was junk left over from the process of evolution. It only took a few years before this hypothesis was proven wrong.

The other approach was that mutations in the genome would cause an increase in the complexity of the living thing. Once again, as knowledge increased it was found that mutations only subtract information from the DNA, it did not add information or complexity to the genome. There has never been found any mutation that added information to the genome.

Is evolution science or is it a religion?

How many scientific laws does a theory need to contradict before it is considered not to be scientific? Evolution is in contradiction to the laws of logic as well as to the laws of probability. Then to see that it fails in the face of the long established laws of thermodynamics drives another nail in the coffin.

A dead theory
Final nail in the coffin

The discovery of DNA, thought to be the savior of evolution, once again became proof that evolution is an impossibility.

With these scientific proofs against such a belief should render evolution for what it is, a religion. For a couple of hundred years evolutionists have railed against Christians for their belief in the Biblical account of creation and for approaching scientific findings with a Biblical perspective. But it seems today that the Biblical approach is the more founded on scientific principles.

The law of cause and effect is found in the Biblical approach. That law states that the cause of an effect is always greater than the effect. An omnipotent Creator fits the law.

The Biblical account tells of the creation of matter/energy, space, and time. “In the beginning(time) God created the heavens(space) and the Earth(matter/energy)”.

The second law of thermodynamics is in effect. “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Word shall not.”

It was Biblical creationist scientists who have founded the true sciences that have brought about the great progress that is evident in our world. Not one great scientific finding can be traced to evolution.


Isn’t it about time that we put the labels where they belong? Evolution might better be described by the bard when he wrote, “It is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

To this day, that is just what evolution and its promoters have been.

Are you willing to begin to reason and think for yourself and use the God-given logic that is given to every human being? Take time to read from several points of view, then by reason and logic make your own decision. Consensus is not science. Factual knowledge is science.

You do not have to have an advanced degree or any degree to be logical. Begin today to apply wisdom and you will find that you have access to knowledge more than you know.

Evolution is a fairy tale, not science.

Fairy tale
It is a fairy tale

That says it all. We have been fed a lie and many have fallen for it. Hitler preached that “If you tell a lie long enough, the masses will think it is the truth.” We have been told a lie for too long. The fairy tale of evolution is not science, it is a lie.

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