Is Neurogym a Scam – A Review

One of the latest motivational attraction is one that is called Neurogym. As you might surmise from the name, it has to do with the brain. But not just the brain, but the thoughts and attitudes that go along with the brain and all that is contained within the neuropaths of the brain. The founder and principal promoter of Neurogym is a man named John Assaraf. The question is often asked, “Is neurogym a scam?”  Let’s take a look at the founder and the program.

John Assaraf

John Assaraf is an attractive and very intelligent person. From his biography, we learn that he did not have an idyllic childhood but was very often the brunt of bullies. Because of this and other bad circumstances in his life he was more of a troublemaker as a teenager than an inspiration. According to him, at the age of nineteen, he made a decision to turn his life around and so became a success. He built several multi-million dollar companies and was a very successful businessman.

In part of his autobiography, he tells how he made a motivational picture board and on that board one of the pictures of the ideal house that he wanted to live in. It was only a matter of four years before he had achieved that dream. This and other achievements brought him to the idea of sharing how he was able to do this with other people. Out of this came Neurogym.

Neurogym is not just a method to make money but it is used to lose weight, improve relationships, improve physical and mental health and gain confidence and raise self-esteem. All in all, it sounds like a fairly good thing.

What is the cost of Neurogym?

Typically, such programs as Neurogym will not give a price of the whole program. I will admit that it took me quite a while to find what the price of the program, or programs, were. It did not come from the Neurogym web pages, though. I got it from an article written by one of the users of the program. Apparently, he had had good success and was promoting the program on his own website.

There are seven phases to the program. They are as follows with their cost:

  1. Money- The Art and Science of Financial Success ($2500)
  2. The Success Manifestors Genius Program ($497)
  3. In-Depth Personality, Strengths and Success Profile Assessment ($500)
  4. Having It All ($197)
  5. Values-Based Living ($197)
  6. How to Get More Done in Less Time ($197)
  7. The Four Pillars of Financial and Wealth Success ($1497)

If you go to the site you will see offers, which they claim are worth over $16,000 which they will sell to you for only $995. If you can not shell out $995 right now, you can make four easy payments of $395.

On their page, you will also find testimonies of several people who have used the program and achieved success. All this sounds good and it may be. But allow me a little skepticism.

What the employees of Neurogym have to say

If you were to go to and read some testimonies of people who have worked for Neurogym, you may get another picture than the one presented by the company. Here are just a few of the comments left by people who said they liked the motivation of the company, but there were many things lacking.

  • The company is not transparent with a prospective new hire about the company’s condition leading them to believe the opportunity is much better than it really is.
    By the time you figure out what’s really going on any other opportunities, you might be considering will be gone.
    The public perception is that everything is perfect and the company exists to change the world. Everything is far from perfect.
  • Boss is a micro-manager from hell. Turnover understandably high. Feast or famine – lots of feel-good kumbaya moments (are we having fun?) and many more “oh crap” moments due to poor organization and wacky direction. Run away.
  • The public perception is that everything is perfect and the company exists to change the world. Everything is far from perfect. …

More problems

  • Products are predatory
    The top leader is all about the money
  • High-stress environment marked by a high degree of incompetence
    Company doesn’t pay their vendors or partners and contrary to what they want the public to think they are on the verge of failure
    Most employees have been owed bonuses for months that the company can’t afford to pay
  • NeuroGym is a company that makes money by selling very expensive, false-hope to desperate or naive people around the world. Blatantly unethical business practices are conveniently ignored by most of the team, including the leadership.
    Working here will take a toll on your conscience. I don’t expect this company to still be operating in 2020.
  • The owner is a fraud and preys on weak and vulnerable clientele by selling false hopes and lies. You feel grimy for taking their money.

Of the reviews at GlassDoor, 3 were positive(but one of those pointed out some weaknesses) and 7 were negative.

My conclusion about Neurogym

I was very impressed by the first things I read about Neurogym and its goal of helping people improve their own esteem and succeed in this world. But as I dug more and more into the mechanics of the program it became more and more evident that there were some areas that would need to be addressed. I am sure that there are some who have actually followed the program and have succeeded. But I would wager that those people could take almost any type of program that is halfway feasible and succeed.

Neurogym is like so many other programs of this type that present the rosy picture of the success of those who have used the program and have done well with it. But, how many more have done the program and the only result was that they ended up thousands of dollars in debt. The $5000 to $6000 price tag we noted above is probably not the final cost to someone who buys into the program. They “Wow” you with the offer that saves you over $16,000.

The truth about Neurogym

The answer to the question, “Is neurogym a scam?” is quite evident.

The truth is, the product is not worth the $995 dollars they are baiting you with. Once in the door, you will find that it is going to take  more money to achieve the success they envision for you.


As I said, I am sure that there are some who have used this program and succeeded. Because the program is basically a way for the owners and promoters to make lots of money at the unknowing man’s expense, it is a scam.

I could not in good conscience recommend it to anybody.

What do I recommend?

If you do wish to work and build a business online that can make you money, let me help you. I would like to recommend a program that I have found. Remember the $6000 I noted above that it would cost you to join the Neurogym program, well the program I recommend will charge you a monthly fee of only $49. Of course, you could reduce that cost by buying the service yearly(under $500). You will be buying 12 years of building success with the $6000. You would spend that amount in a short period with Neurogym.

Try it for free!

You can, if you so desire, and many do, begin with the FREE membership. Yes, it is totally free. What you will receive in this FREE membership is 10 lessons on how to build a website. To learn this, you will be given 2 free websites and their hosting by this program. You will learn how to build your website and begin promoting your business. If after exercising the FREE membership program feel that you could continue to learn and grow in the online business world, then you can move up to the Premium membership for $49 a month.

Wealthy Affiliates

The program I recommend is Wealthy Affiliates. It is a program that has gone on for almost 14 years and is still helping people succeed in building online businesses. There are no promises that you will get-rich-quick. But if you are consistent and persistent and patient, you will succeed in building an online business. The level to which it will grow will depend totally on you. The tools, lessons and support are too numerous to list. The knowledge base is beyond imagination. You will be part of a community of growing entrepreneurs who will encourage you and help you at every turn.


I could go on and on about Wealthy Affiliates, but don’t take my word for it. Click the banner below and get your own Free membership and check it out for yourself.

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