Is Prayer Effective – How to Pray Effective Prayers

Every time we hear of a tragedy that happens somewhere in our world, the phrase “Our thoughts and prayers” is almost always injected into the conversation. Have you ever stopped to consider what that means? The full phrase usually goes like this: Our thoughts and prayers are with so-and-so.


I do not wish to dwell on the “thoughts” part of that phrase because it is almost nonsensical to think that my thought can be somewhere where I am not. It is illogical. My thinking about someone or something does them no good.


Now, prayer is a different matter. Prayer has been shown to bring results to some degree or another. Unfortunately, most people who use the phrase, “our thoughts and prayers” have no idea what they mean. They are trying to show some sympathy or empathy with the persons undergoing a tragic situation. The question to ask in this then, “Is prayer effective in this situation?” Now when I use the term “effective”, I mean, does it bring about the desired result that is mentioned in the prayer?

Generally speaking, when most people pray they are very unspecific so that it is hard to tell if the prayer has been effective. If the results you are getting is not what you prayed, then the prayer is really not effective. My question to you then is, “would you like to know how to pray effective prayers?” If your answer is “Yes!”, then read on.

Effective prayer

Most people have no idea what real prayer is. Did you know that “prayer” is a legal term which is typically applied in a court situation. The plaintiff, or the one petitioning the court, will begin his petition with “Your honor, we pray the court,” and then go on to state what their petition is. When the petition is made the attorney or person making it will usually site the law, or provision, which deals with their situation and how they deserve to have the results as they are presented in the law that relates to their situation.

In other words, it would do no good to come to the court with a petition if you have no idea what the law says about the facts as they relate to your situation. A good attorney will know everything about the law in relation to his petition so that he will know just how to present it to the judge to get the desired results.

Are you beginning to see that effective prayer has very little to do with emotion but a lot to do with knowledge.

Prayer is petition
Petition the Judge

To Whom do you pray

If you wish to be effective in your petition you must go to the correct authority. To appeal a parking ticket one does not go to the barber. He or she must go to the city court. There is One ultimate Authority and if you wish to be effective in your praying you must go to that Authority. In the United States we have different levels of courts. But there is one court that when it gives a verdict, there are no others courts to appeal to. It is the Supreme Court.

So in prayer, if you want to get to the final rendering of the verdict you need to go to the Supreme Court of creation. The Judge of that court is the Creator of the universe. What He says is what shall be. There is no other court or appeal.

How do you pray

Just as you would in a worldly court, you must know what the law has to say. You cannot come before the Judge and just say some flowery words, but you must present what the “Law”, in this case, what His Word has said about your situation. You must bring His Word(Law) before Him and present His Word to Him and ask Him to grant your petition in accordance with what He has written.

So, where do you find what He as written so that you may petition in accordance with that law? It is written in the document known as The Holy Bible. This document is divided into two sections, and Old and a New. According to the Judge, none will ever be able to measure up to be able to petition for redress under the Old law, so He, the Judge, provided a Way, by which any who choose to do so, may approach under a New Way.

The Old vs New

As stated above, under the Old there are non who can attain to getting all that they might petition the Judge for. But there was one man, the God-Man, Christ Jesus, Who fulfilled all the demands of the Old Law and brought His petition before the Judge by which He established a New and Better Law, the Law of Faith.

This new Law of Faith did away with all the intricacies of the Old Law because the Man Christ Jesus lived in perfect accordance with all that the Supreme Judge required. Because the establisher of the Law of Faith was God and Man, He could fulfill the commands of the law for every person who had ever lived or ever will live.

Now, this Law of Faith will not be forced upon anyone, but it can be accepted by anyone. To receive the blessings of this Law of Faith one has to believe that Jesus fulfilled all the demands of the Old Law so that the promises in the Old Law as well as the promises of the New Law of Faith could be available to all who by faith would believe it.

So now, the law has been fulfilled and to get all the provisions one merely has to petition the Judge to receive them. It was simply stated this way in 2 Corinthians chapter one: All the promises to you in Christ Jesus are “Yes” and “Amen”. That term “Amen” means ‘to be so’.

How to pray effective prayers

The way to pray an effective prayer is to first find out what the Judge has said about your situation. Then when you have found what He has said, take His Word to Him, through your attorney, Jesus, and petition Him. It is OK to remind Him what He said in 2 Corinthians 1:20 that I cited above: all the promises are “Yes”. Then, because your attorney, Jesus, is the one Who ever makes intercession for you, you know that you will win your case. That means you will get the results that you desire.

How do you know that? In Isaiah chapter 55 we read this: As the rain comes down from heaven, to give seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so shall my Word be that goes forth out of My mouth, It shall not return to Me void(empty), but it shall accomplish that which I please. And what does He please? What He says is what He pleases to do.

To pray effective(this word means to bring about the effects stated) prayers, you must pray “the Word of God”, not what you feel or what you want. If you are a child of God your wants will line up with the Word of God. And be assured that God only wants good for you.

If you need healing, find what the Word of God says about healing and take it to Him.

If you need provision, find out what the Word of God says about provision and take it to Him.

If you need emotional healing, find out what the Word of God says about emotional healing and take it to Him.

If you need family healing, find what the Word of God says about the family and take it to Him.

Your first step

Your first step is to take your Creator at His word when He said, “He, or she, who comes to me, I will in no wise cast out.”

Jesus came that you might have life, and have it abundantly. That is one of those promises that are “yes and amen”. Get a Bible and begin to read it. Begin at the beginning and read it all the way through. Most books you might read will only appease your minds desire for learning for a little while. But the Bible will feed your mind and your spirit for eternity.

As you learn what God has promised in His word, then you can begin to pray effective prayers, prayers that you can know for certain that they will be granted.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much!


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