Is There a Supernatural-Is It Logical

There are two prevailing world views today, both of which believe in the supernatural. The question we shall address today is, “Is there a supernatural?”, and if so, “Is it logical”.


Let us address logic first. When looking for a definition of logic I have found that most dictionaries side step a clear definition in favor of being ambiguous. So, let us set down a definition which will set true parameters so as to be consistent no matter the situation. We shall liken logic as to the laws of science. I say as to science because logic, though it may be used in deducing physical matters it goes further than just the physical into reasoning of the mind and mathematical reasoning as well. Science deals with the empirical where experiments are done in the physical world and the results can be empirically assessed. In empirical science a hypothesis is set forth and then experiments are done to see if the results fit the hypothesis. If the hypothesis proves correct, then other experiments of the same type can be conducted and if the same results is produced, then the hypothesis becomes a law. But, if the same result is not forthcoming then the hypothesis is falsified. The hypothesis is not considered a law.

So, if someone proposes a particular situation and then makes a hypothesis, if the outcome fits the hypothesis then the statement or situation presents a logical sequence. An example would be the law of cause and effect. It has been proven without failure that the cause of an effect is always greater than the effect. Therefore, logic will conclude that the cause is greater than the effect.


It has been proposed by those who have a materialistic humanistic world view that the universe and time and everything in existence happened when a singularity, for lack of a better term, “exploded” and began to expand at the speed of light. Now, to address this logically one would have to say that whatever caused this “explosion” had immense power. It had to have more power than the amount of energy and matter contained in the universe. The law of cause and effect necessitates that the cause is greater than the effect. Can the materialist give a plausible explanation for the cause. They have proposed some fantastical scenarios but no logical ones. They have proposed a kind of universe that expands and then contracts and expands and contracts endlessly. The second law of thermodynamics nullifies that explanation. Others propose multiverses. Infinite numbers of universes. Do they have an explanation for the cause of all those universes? Not as of yet. According to logic they do not have one leg to stand on.

Now take for example, the scientist who believes in an all powerful, all knowing, ever present Creator. Being an infinite Being He can do and make what He chooses. He has more power than anything He creates. He knows everything intricately that He made. He has set laws by which everything works and obeys. Though He has established physical laws for His creation He is greater than the laws. One does not have to receive the hypothesis of a created universe by an infinite Being, but one will have to admit that it is a far more logical world view than the humanist.


Biblical world view

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Right here we can see the establishment of time. Time begins and matter and space are introduced. All of these effects were effected by a greater cause. The laws that we see at work in the universe are clearly laid out. All of true science agrees with what is presented. Logic is satisfied.

Humanists try to detract from this by saying that this is a religious view and requires miracles to establish its’ logic. But, it is not illogical if there is an omnipotent Being who can perform miracles or acts that are beyond the creation’s comprehension. It would be totally logical for such a thing to be. The only way that anyone could definitively state that there is no infinite Being is for that person to have infinite knowledge. Hence, for a human being to say that is illogical. We know that humanists do not want to admit to miracles because they do not wish to allow “a divine foot in the door”.


Humanists not only believe in an illogical beginning but they believe in an illogical system by which life came into being and spread throughout the world. That belief is the belief of evolution. It is a belief because there is not one scientific evidence that Darwinian evolution has ever occurred. Darwinian evolution states that life began somehow and after that got more and more complex from one generation to the next until we human beings arrived. Not one tittle of empirical science can substantiate such a stance. Logic demands that evolution be dismissed as a viable approach to the life sciences.

Have you ever considered the possibility of life coming from non life. If the law of cause and effect is considered then non life would have to have more information than living things. That is clearly not the case. The laws of probability say that for the simplest living entity known to evolve from non life the chances are 1 in 10 followed by 4000 zeros. There are only 10 to 80th power(10 followed by 80 zeros) atoms in the whole universe. Logic declares evolution of life from non life null and void.

Would you consider any person who would believe such things as being in his or her right mind? But yet you hear so called scientist pontificating about life evolving on TV, in the news, in our public schools and universities and our government agencies. They have been brainwashed and are continuing to brainwash as many as will listen to them believing that they know more than the average person.

To believe in evolution you have to believe in the impossible. To believe in evolution you must take it by faith because there is no viable empirical facts on which to justify calling anything evolved. (Watch out when they try to use the word “change” in their definition. Their “change” subtracts information from their gene pool. It does not add information which is necessary to bring about more complexity.) To believe in evolution is illogical.


To believe that space, time and matter which make up our universe was created by a supernatural Being fits well with all the scientific evidences and laws. You might ask, “What about the original Cause?” Did He have a cause? Good question. The Cause is outside His creation. The laws of cause and effect, of thermodynamics, of probabilities and so forth are relevant to the creation. The Cause of all is outside the creation. He is supernatural, meaning He is outside of the creation overseeing it all.

His handbook on how and why He created this creation tells how He did it and why He did it. It sets forth the reason for certain laws and factors that are built into it. He encourages us to study His creation and learn of it. He presents evidence to show that it is logical in all its’ ways. Some have tried to point out flaws but without fail these endeavors always come up empty and must bow to the great logic found in the creation.

Logic will always side with the Biblical world view.

Is there a supernatural?

To answer the question bluntly, “Yes, there is.” To deny that fact is to throw logic and science out. To believe the opposite takes a blind faith in something that has no scientific evidence to support it.

Is believing in a supernatural logical? Without a doubt. When the supernatural view lines up with all the facts and all the natural laws support it, why would one not believe in it? The humanists have tried to paint those who believe the Biblical world view as ignorant or science deniers. But the truth is the humanists are the science deniers. For them to believe their world view they must have faith in something that they have no facts to back up.

You are special

Your Creator made you special. There is not another like you in all creation. He made you with a mind and a brain and a body to live on this earth. I encourage you to use that brain and mind and body and think logically as you learn about this world. I am confident if you will learn of both views that you will come to the most logical one.

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