Legit Online Money Maker – Are There Any?

There are so many online sites today that promise to make you rich almost overnight. If all of them were true this whole nation would be made up of millionaires. But it is not. Therefore, the question is asked. Is there a legit online money maker that does what it says and produce an income that can grow?

That is what we shall address in this blog.

What are the types of money making schemes?

If you have googled anything related to money making schemes on the internet, you have probably been overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. How can there be so many? Well, the truth is that there are many but they are clones of only a few prototypes. Each may be dressed a little differently but still much the same.

There are some which on the surface seem legitimate but they are polished over with glossy promises of making big money quick. These usually begin with just a minimal investment and then as you further entangled you have to invest more if you really are going to make the big money. Unfortunately, the only ones making the big money in that scheme is the one who is charging you the “upsale”. Some upsales are alright and do produce a higher volume of income. But not all are so.

Let’s list some types.

  • ebay
  • email
  • online store
  • surveys
  • blogger
  • affiliate

On their on, all of these can be legitimate. But unfortunately, too many have sought to manipulate these and the people they can sign up to do these. In the end it turns out to be no more than the old pyramid businesses of the 1960s to the end of the twentieth century. A few do make big money but the vast majority end up wasting their money.


What about ebay?

Ebay is a wonderful platform to buy and sell online. But be aware that if you decide to go that rout you need to have plenty of time to list your products and keep up with what you have listed, and for how much and from where it is coming. You must have reliable drop shippers that can deliver to where you need it to be delivered and at a price that will be competitive. You will need several drop shipping companies at your disposal. Some of these will want money up front for you to utilize their services.

Yes, there will be problems along the way whether with shippers or shipping time or customers who just want to find a problem. All this will take up your time. Depending on the items you sale you can make a lot of money on ebay. But, a word of caution. It will be time-consuming. You will probably not make the kind of money that you dream of making. The fees involved and time involved will be quite a bit.

I do not say these things to discourage, but rather to inform. Work is good. Even hard work is good. I worked hard as a builder for thirty years and enjoyed it immensely. But I never got really rich. If you want something to fill your time and you are a problem solver, ebay will fit you well.



This one seems to be the one that would be the easiest. And it really is. Most email schemes are set up so that all you do is click on a list and click on an email and click to send the email to the list. This seems easy enough. However, you must purchase the email list. If you really want to make money fast you can buy a bunch of lists right from the start. There are also “upsales” along the way that will supposedly bring you in more money faster.

Now, the money that you are supposedly making is shown to be growing every day. The catch is that you cannot get any of it until you get to a sum that will take you three to six months to reach. And then, to our surprise the payee has decided that you must reach a higher level before you can be compensated. By then the promoter has already made plenty of money off of you buying the upsales and from responses to the emails which you sent out.

I recommend being very wary of such schemes.


Online Store

The online store is very legitimate. It is akin to Ebay, but you are the sole benefactor. In other words, all the profit is yours. You pay for the advertising or promotion. You pay for the domain and site. No commissions have to be paid. This is similar to Ebay in that you deal with drop shippers. You do not store all the products yourself, but you ally yourself with drop shippers or wholesalers that will receive your orders and process and ship your product to the purchaser. Not a lot of difference from Ebay. But you are the boss. You make all the profit. You advertise where and how you want.

You still have some of the headaches that you would have with Ebay, but you don’t have to worry about Ebay looking over shoulder if you don’t do things just the way they want. Plus, you must learn how to receive payments and how to restock your site. By that I mean you have to know what your supplier has and if he has enough. If you like being your on boss and like problem solving you should do quite well. What you put in will determine how much you will take out.



I shall not waste much time on this subject. Unless you are totally bored and just like to sit around accomplishing nothing, Surveys are not for you. Of course, there are some who make a good income taking surveys. But I would not quit my day job to begin taking surveys. If you are of lower middle income or on welfare, you will not qualify for the better paying surveys. Even the better paying surveys do not pay very well for the time involved.

Like I said, unless you are bedridden, surveys are not for you.


Bloggers and Affiliates

I am are going to tie the last two together. If there is, or are, two online opportunities to make money that are legitimate, these are they. I do recommend that you work them together. How does it work? Well, you first buy you a domain through a hosting company. Then you set up your site. These will cost you about $25 to $40 initially. You will have to pay for your hosting either monthly of yearly. This is very reasonably priced.

Now, unless you are well versed in building a website with wordpress, you may need to take a class. But, be of good cheer, I have a great solution for you. But first let me tell you about blogging and affiliates.

To blog, you simply write an article about something that you are interested in or you know something about it that would interest other people. You may do this to inform or entertain, but the goal is that you provide some information that someone else may be looking for. You do not have to write a novel each time, just some information, like I am doing in this blog. When you have written it you put it on the internet through your website.

The way you are able to make money doing this is after writing about a subject you can offer opportunities for your reader to learn more about the subject or purchase material or goods related to the subject. You do this by routing them to the right merchant who can supply that particular product.

How do you do that? First of all you have already allied yourself with a merchant that sells products related to your blog. Through a link which that merchant provides to you and you have placed within your blog, the visitor can click on the link and go directly to the merchant’s site and view the product. The link which the merchant provided for you contains a code that lets him know that it was you who forwarded the customer to him. If the customer buys the product, the merchant will pay you an agreed upon percentage or specific amount for the sale of that item. That is all that you have to do. You do not have to contact the merchant or take care of any payments for the product. The merchant handles it all.

To me this sounds like the way to go.

You may say, “I don’t have a lot of money, in fact I have very little.” That’s OK.

Let me tell you about something that you may be interested in. It is a program that allows you to try it out for free for as long as you want. It will even let you take the first ten lessons of their affiliate training course. In addition, you will have the opportunity to use their templates and software to build your own website. In fact, you can build two free websites for free. You can access their templates so you don’t have to know any computer “gobbledygook”. I don’t know any either. But I have built four websites already.

They will not hype you by telling how fast you will make so much money. No! They are straight forward and will tell you that it will take from three to six months before you will see substantial results from your work. But if you follow the plan, and it is a good one and well laid out, you will succeed. One of the founders has stated that since this program was begun some thirteen years ago that “no person, who followed the course and did not quit has failed to make a good income from it.” Some have made more and some less, but all made a good income.

The founders of the program are still actively engaged in its ongoing. So they are genuinely interested in seeing all who join the course succeed.

The name of the program is Wealthy Affiliates. I hope that if this opportunity has awakened a hope or a desire in you that you will take the time to click on the banner below and at your leisure sign up for the free program and see if it would be something for you. I had tried about ten different schemes before I found Wealthy Affiliates and spent thousands of dollars. But when I found Wealth Affiliates, I found what I was looking for.

Is there a legit online money maker? I believe the answer is “Yes!”

And Wealthy Affiliate is it.

Sign up for your free trial.

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