Modern Day Gideon

A Modern Day Gideon

In Judges, chapters 6 though 8 we read about one of the judges of Israel named Gideon.

Gideon was the most unlikely fellow to lead Israel to freedom from the oppressing Midianites. First of all, his family was the least of their clan. Just to compound things, Gideon was the least in his family. It there was going to be freedom from oppression it would have to be a miracle.

Let’s Reason

God had to first convince Gideon. He did through a process of unlikely processes. But, Gideon was finally convinced.

He gathered a great army of 32,000 men of Israel. For some reason, God told him that was too many. What! The Midianites were so many that they could not numbered. And God said that 32,000 were too many? OK!

God gave Gideon a method to determine just who would be qualified to defeat the Midianites. Gideon was to have them all get a drink of water out of a lake. Those who drank their water a certain way would qualify to be in the army of Gideon.

Only 300 qualified. Surely, God did not know what He was doing. Nevertheless, Gideon did as he was commanded.(Now, you can begin to see Who the real Commander in Chief is.)

The Result

The end result was that the army of Gideon routed the Midianite army that was so big it could not be numbered. How did they do that?

They defeated them by exposing them to “light”and the word of God, the trumpet.


Today the United States of America is under siege by satanic forces. It seems that the righteous citizens are greatly outnumbered and face a hopeless battle. The disciples of satan control much of the influence tools and are using it effectively to suppress the truth.

Seven years ago most people were totally unaware of this situation. It was just as true then as it is now. But, there began to be an awakening to the situation. God called out a Gideon for the 21rst century. He was not a dazzling personality who had great charisma. People were not attracted to him because of his intellect or his stature among the wealthy and intellectual. Rather, he was a man who had known struggle and had to overcome “demons” of his own. He was not an overpowering personality that could sway anyone’s opinion. He was not unlike the common working man.

To this man God began to give wisdom and understanding to what was going on in the spiritual realm. As his understanding grew he began to get together the people that God has chosen to reveal the evil works of the enemy of this age. Little by little God’s army is being fitted and prepared to expose the deeds of the enemy.

Light Exposes Truth

When the “Light” exposes the deeds of the enemy, they will turn upon themselves and be routed by their own evil works. The event is certain.

“Light”(God’s Word) will expose the enemy and his deeds. All those who follow him(satan) will suffer defeat and humiliation, and in the end, hell.

Who Is This Gideon?

Mike Lindell

God’s Gideon for this day is Mike Lindell. He may not seem to be the makings of a great general, but neither was Gideon. But, don’t tell that to the Midianites.

May God continue to bless Mike Lindell and fill him with wisdom and knowledge. May He prosper him in all that he does.

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