Morality and the United States Constitution

John Adams once said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”. In light of what our nation is facing today this statement looms as a judgment against the direction that our government and elected officials are taking us.

Because our nation is a constitutional republic it is not necessarily our leaders that are misdirecting us, but it is “we the people” who have allowed ourselves to be “dooped” into believing certain things that are not true. I shall endeavor to address some of this misdirection in this blog.

Founding Father

The statement quoted at the head of this article was one made by one of the “founding fathers” of this great nation. He was a man of integrity and a God-fearing leader. It would behoove us all to read more about him and learn from his example. He believed in the Bible and the God of the Bible. He was convinced, and so stated, that without the application of Biblical principles in the establishment and building of this nation that it could not and would not be done.

If John Adams were the only founding father to believe such then that would be of little consequence. But, the truth be known, he was one among many who believed so. Even the few that were not as firm in that belief gave acknowledgment of the fact.


Morality Law
God’s Moral Law

When addressing morality one must consider the foundation from which and on which the moral standards are built. Since the middle of the 19th century and the introduction of Darwinian evolution, the foundations of western civilization morality have been very fluid. Humanistic materialism has sought to do away with the God of the Bible and the moral standards that are set forth in the Bible, and replace them with a fluid ever changing set of morals which change with the situation and the person and his or her views regarding what they believe.

Though this did not begin with Darwin, it was promoted and escalated by him and those who believed his teachings. Those who follow the humanistic doctrine have elevated the individual to the status of being a “god” to one’s self. Therefore, whatever is best for one’s self in any given situation is what is “right” or moral. Ethics are then become situational. What is right for you in this situation may not be right for me.

With the advent of situational ethics came the demise of set moral standards by which all would be measured. John Adams must have had a foresight of such a situation when made the statement about our country and “a moral and religious people”. Furthermore, it should be understood that he was not referring to just “any religion”, but was referring to the Christian religion which had its foundation in the teachings of the Holy Bible. We understand this because of the volumes of his writings in which he constantly referred to the principles taught in the Bible. To infer any other thing one must twist the facts.

The Constitution

The document known as The Constitution of the United States of America is itself based on the teachings of the Bible. We shall at some point write another blog showing all the structures of the Constitution which directly relate to the laws established in the laws of the Bible. In the meantime I invite you to check out WallBuilders at

Situational ethics

True morality
What God Says

Since the middle of the 19th century and the promotion of situational ethics there has been a concerted effort to undermine any connection of our Constitution and Biblical Christianity. Rather than a straight forward reading and understanding of the Constitution we see judges who insert their personal “interpretation” of what the Constitution says. This was done in an effort to divorce the Constitution from its moorings to Biblical principles.

A prime example of this is by the use of phrases which are not in the Constitution. For instance, the phrase, “separation of church and state”. Most people are not aware that such a phrase is not in the Constitution. But when those who oppose the Biblical foundations of our Constitutions use the phrase they imply, without clearly defining it, that this is stated in the Constitution. They do not wish for you to know the truth of the matter.

When using the phrase they are usually referring to instances where one religious group may have with public encouragement and almost unanimous consent have carried on a tradition which may have been founded in the practice of their religion or worship. More often than not,(about 99% of the time) this is a Christian tradition such as Christmas or Easter or the Cross or a manger scene at Christmas. The accusers, such as the ACLU, often claim that religious groups cannot use public situations to further their religion, therefore they are breaking the law “because of the separation of church and state clause” of the Constitution. As stated above, they are putting up a smoke screen. The very law that they cite does not forbid such an action on the religions part, but what it does is to forbid the government from interfering with the practice of their religion.

(A note: Because we have seen an influx of so many religions into the United States, and that some of these religions advocate violence and even overthrow of the government, that this is why the founding principles of the Christian religion are those that were used in the founding of this country. Christian principles teach to be subject to those in authority. It teaches to address the wrongs done in society with patience and understanding. When all else is exhausted, doing what is right according to the Bible, must be done.)

Because the Biblical principles promote brotherhood and peace, it was the guiding work of the foundation of this nation.


As you consider the atmosphere being propagated by some leaders of our nation, it is imperative that you know the foundation on which they stand. There are many who promote “resistance and confrontation”. You will find that those who promote such are not interested in the Biblical foundation of our nation.

For instance, most of those who promote rebellion believe in abortion. People in congress who believe in abortion wish to aid in that under the guise of “women’s health rights”. If you mention abortion to them, they smear you as if you do not wish for women to have good health care. But, have they considered the health of the unborn baby girl that will be killed in the process of aborting it and ripping it from the womb in which it is housed?

You ask, “How could they not see these facts?” The reason is that they do not claim the Bible as the foundation of their morality. Their morality is based on their own situation or their own convenience. It does not matter what it means to anyone else. Without a Biblical foundation of morality, it becomes very easy to morally justify almost anything. Ask Hitler. Ask Stalin. Ask Mao.


God's Word
Holy Bible

What is the answer? If we are to be the United States that the founding fathers had in mind, then we must re-establish the foundation on which they said it must be founded. Even if one is not a practicing Christian, one can logically see and understand that only Biblical principles, because they do not change, can be the principles on which a country can be founded and thrive.

Do we as a nation wish to be a glorious example of what great things can be done for mankind by establishing and practicing Biblical principles or will we choose to follow the humanistic doctrine of self-centered declining morality.

God has given us this great opportunity. May we embrace it and give Him all the glory.





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