Nationalism vs Globalism-Good vs Evil

There is a struggle going on today for the souls of people. The forces that are at work are spiritual forces but the names that they go by are nationalism and globalism. You may wonder why there is a struggle going on between these two forces. Is it because one is good and the other is bad? Or, are both equally bad or equally good.

Since we all will be affected by whichever worldview prevails, I thought I would share a little information about the two different approaches.

The history of civilization

Some scientists would have you believe that civilization as we know it evolved along with the evolution of human beings. Now, if you have been taught that this is how we came to be, then I encourage you to go back and begin your study of human beings from a scientific and historical approach to civilization.

Scientists who promote the myth of evolution and how civilization “evolved” as humans evolved, do not have one scientific fact or even historical fact to back up that view. The other view, which is the foundation for nationalism, is founded in the historical foundation found in the Holy Bible. You may balk at the fact that a “Holy Book” might be used as a foundation for history and science. But that does not matter. When all that was recorded in the book that can be empirically verified has been proven true, then the minuscule amount that has not been verified can probably be considered true, as well.



The fairy tale of evolution says that over millions of years some ancestor of humans and chimpanzees evolved into the two different species. Now, when asked to define that lineage more clearly they default to “an unknown” and never found specie. When asked to define the mutations that brought it about they default to, “it will take more studies.” It is unfortunate for the evolutionists that almost all the “more study and research” ends up falsifying what they had previously stated.

You may wonder why I mention evolution with regard to nationalism vs globalism. The reason is that globalism is based in the idea of evolution. Globalism always favors the ruling few as contrasted to the manipulated masses. Consider three globalists of the twentieth century. Adolf Hitler. Josef Stalin. Mao Tse Tong. The goal of each of these men were to rule the world and bring it under one governing body, their own.

Globalism treats all peoples as if they were the same, having no individual worth except for what they can benefit the ruling class. The next time you hear a globalist speak, notice that he or she is always proposing things that allow them to use what is not theirs, but yours or someone else s.


How is nationalism different from globalism? Those who promote nationalism realize that people and groups of people are different. This in itself is not a bad thing. However, when the differences are extreme it becomes necessary to put separation between the groups that are so different or there will be dire consequences to pay.

For instances, suppose one group of people think that it is alright to sacrifice babies to a local deity while another group believes that every life, even babies lives, are infinitely valuable. The two groups would not be able to live together. It would be better for both groups if they stayed greatly separated so that constant conflict was not carried on. In effect there would be two nations created. Now, this is extreme, but that gives a good example of why there is nationalism.

Rare is the distinction of nations that extreme. But, if you study world history(which very few people have or do these days) you will find that that is exactly why there are so many nations. There are practices, called traditions, which help to define nations. These traditions, most of which are good, help to mold a nation and draw its people together.

Nationalism in its essence prevents wars because it draws people of like minds together to stand against those who would rob them of their uniqueness. Globalism is never sponsored by a nation but always by the elite of any sphere of influence. They are not interested in building nations but in tearing down nations. They are for exalting an elite few, while subjugating the groveling masses. Forget about the individual.

Why is globalization bad and nationalism is not

What was the first attempt at globalization? Look at that history book which the elite historians and scientists discount. The Holy Bible has been shown to be factually true in the archaeological finds and historical writings discovered. This document of history records a place somewhere in the middle east which was named Babel. There was a time, soon after the global flood of Noah’s time, that all living persons lived in one locality. They became like so many of the elite leaders of our time in that they thought they had the answer for everything and did not need a God to tell them what to do. They decided to build a monument to their great abilities and “spit in the eye” of God. They were quickly proven wrong in their assumption.

Their Creator confounded their language so that one group was not able to converse with another. In one day thousands of languages came into being. One family group could not communicate with another family, and so throughout the whole civilization. The natural outcome was that they separated and went in different directions and so began the different nations of the world. It is very evident, even today, that language helps to define a nation.

The nature of man

If you are a secularist you probably believe in globalization. You believe the humanist manifesto that says that there is some good in every person. You will find out that they believe that about every person that believes the way they do. But, according to the Biblical view, the tendencies of all human beings, no matter how good they may seem to be, is to be rebellious against their Creator.

Globalists know that if you put different peoples of different backgrounds and different beliefs together that you will have derision and fighting because they will not be of a common mind or goal. There are many political leaders today who are aware of that and will not only allow it but will promote it.

Let me give an example. The United States is undergoing an invasion by people who have different goals and ambitions and speak a language, though common to the nations they come from, is not the common language of the United States. They come from nations whose laws are not the same as the US. Their traditions are sometimes at odds with the foundational traditions of America. Their laws are quite often contrary to the laws of the United States. It has been clearly stated that the United States is not against immigrants coming here, but they must come through the right process. That process says that they must learn of our laws and our government and the principles on which our nation is built. They must learn to speak a common language, English, and abide by the laws that govern our society. They must pledge allegiance to the United States as “one nation under God”. They do not have to worship that God, but they must honor Him.

The politicians that are not for legal immigration are globalists who wish to gain power over other people and just like the people of Babel they want to “spit in God’s face”.


Only nationalism will allow a nation to honor the God of Creation. Globalism is of satan and his goal is to destroy the world and as many people as he can. Nationalism surely does separate, but it is a separation which is necessary for godliness to carry on in this world.

Globalists, also known as progressives, liberals, are not interested in honoring any God or nation that is godly. They are interested in ruling as an elite class. Their goal is to promote rebellion and insurrection.  If you are one of these I ask you to consider your eternal situation. You have sold out to a devil who will spend eternity in a lake of fire that is never quenched and if you do not repent, you will spend eternity with him in that lake of fire called hell.

Repent and receive forgiveness from your Creator. He loves you and has paid the price for your, and everyone’s rebellion when He sent His Son Jesus to die on a rugged cross. Humbly receive His grace, right now.


Final conclusion

There is coming a time when there will be one world government. But it will be ruled by a perfect Creator Who does all things well. His rulership will bring great peace and prosperity to all who enter His Kingdom.

May God bless you and may you enter His kingdom. AMEN!


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