Online Home Business Idea

You have heard how so many people are making money by using the internet.  There are many ways to make money on the internet, but which is the best for you.  Which online home business idea is the best for you?


Several questions to consider

Online Home Business Idea
How much time?

First of all, “How much time will you have to put into your online home business?”  If you have forty hours a week available, then your choices are almost limitless. If you can only spare five or ten hours a week your choices will diminish in number.  Maybe you do not have time but you have plenty of money to invest. Again, you open the door for numerous avenues.


Another question to consider is, “How much money do you have or do not have to invest?”  As I mentioned above, there are almost infinite possibilities if you have money. In my experience, most people desiring to build an online business are doing it because they need more money.  Some have plenty of money and some have little or no money.


Do you have access to a computer at home?  Is there internet access at your home? These are two necessities if you are going to build an online home business.  It can be a desktop, a laptop, or even a smartphone. But the best is a desktop or laptop computer.


Do you have an email account?  Almost all entities that you will deal with in an online business require that you have an email address.  It does not matter with whom you have your email, just so it is a viable email address.


Can you access sites on the internet?  Do you know how to use Google to find things?  If you can do this, then you are almost ready to start your online home business.


Where to begin to pursue our online home business idea?

Online Home Business Idea

There are many platforms out there that can afford you a means to build an online home business.  If you wish to take several weeks, then you can begin with a search for “online businesses” on Google. You will find so many that you will not know where to begin.


What I would like to do is connect you with a platform that can take you any direction you choose.  Many online business building programs are set up for one type of business only. If you sign up or purchase one of these you lose money and get discouraged.


The platform I recommend will allow you to choose your direction and build your business accordingly.  With this platform, you can even build more than one business, if you wish. This program has been around for over fourteen years.  It has helped more than a million people achieve their dream of an online business.


OK! But what is the cost?Home business idea

Whether you have plenty of money or whether you have little, you can use this program.  Almost all platforms and programs offer a free trial. Not all free trials are the same.  Some are for thirty days and some for more. But almost all of them want you to register a credit card.  If you do not notify them to cancel they will continue your membership and charge your card.


Some give a free trial which is just a money back guarantee.  If you are not pleased with the product after 30 or 60 days, you request a refund.

So, you see, not all free trials are free trials.

But, for the program I recommend, a free trial is actually free.  You do not need to register a credit card. You will need an active email address.


What do you get?

To build an online home business you will first need some knowledge.  Most of us have no idea how to build an online home business. So, the first thing you get with your Free membership is knowledge.  You will receive access to the first ten lessons in their online business archives.

In these lessons, you will learn how to build and launch your online business site.  You will have written as well as video tutorials that walk you through the process.

These lessons would be of little value to you if you do not have a website.  So, with your Free membership, you will receive two Free websites. You will learn in the lessons how to set them up and begin to build them out.  Websites have to be hosted on the internet. This platform hosts them on their server for Free.

Suppose you decide not to build your business.  No problem. Just do not sign up for the Premium membership.  You can keep the Free membership and the two Free websites. Now, that is really FREE!


Suppose you want to pursue your online home business idea.

Online Business

If you decide that this is the program and platform for you, then join the Premium membership plan.  The cost of the Premium membership is probably the best value of a product in the internet business. For $49 dollars a month you get value worth hundreds or thousands of dollars a month, if bought separately. (You can save on that if you buy it yearly.  But that is up to you.)

With the Premium membership, you have full access to the lesson archives.  There is no situation in building an online business that is not addressed in the lessons.  New lessons are added weekly.

The Premium membership makes support available to you 24 hours a day.  You can receive answers to your problem in minutes instead of hours or days.

With this Premium membership, you will receive 25 free websites and free hosting for those websites.  If you do purchase other websites, they will host up to 25 more for free.

There is much more that I could go on talking about.  But, let me introduce you to this program.


Wealthy Affiliate

Best business platform
Best Online Home business idea

This program is Wealthy Affiliate.  It has been around for over fourteen years. Over a million people have used and built successful online home businesses using this platform.  Everyone who joins must start with the Free membership. They want you to be sure that this program is for you before you invest your money.


Wealthy Affiliate is not a “get rich quick” scenario.  No one will promise you how much you can make. But it will be evident that anyone who applies these business principals will succeed.  If for some reason you might decide it is not for you, just cease your monthly payments. You can even come back later if you so decide.


Should you pursue your online home business idea?

This is the question that only you can answer.  I believe that you will find it a creative adventure.  Not everyone is meant to be their own business owner, but if you are, here is your great opportunity.

I am going to leave a chart below that compares the Free membership to the Premium membership.  In it you can see all the tools available to you with Wealthy Affiliate.


Are you ready to start your online home business?



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