Our Words Are Seeds

Have you ever stopped to consider the power of a seed? It may be a thing that is as small as a flax seed or as large as a coconut. An oak tree begins as an acorn which is no bigger than an average size marble. But it can grow to be large enough to cover a quarter of an acre with its shade. Seeds, given the right situation, can produce results that are exponential in relation to their size. Did you know that our words are seeds?

My experience

Having been on this earth for over seventy years, I have had opportunity to see the results of many words. Today, we live in a society that drowns in words from the time we get up to the time we lie down. It seems that people must be made abreast of all that is going on in the world.

When I was young, most of the news of any given day was presented in about fifteen minutes each evening. Most of it was somewhat uneventful and was neither good nor bad but informative. Today though, there is non-stop news reporting going on 24 hours a day. Claiming to be informative it is always seemingly eventful and more than not it is bad. Good news is a thing of rarity. It seems that our society is obsessed with evil and wickedness. If something bad happens it will be the thing presented most and commented on the most. It is as if evil is being promoted. Sure we accompany the presentation with our pontifications of how bad it is, but we dwell on it far too much.

Good things are not given the eminence that goodness should have. Evil and wickedness are promoted as exciting and the popular thing to do. The reporters are constantly seeking catchy words to describe the evil they present. Goodness is treated as a step child by news casters.

Words are seeds

If words are seeds, then what kind of crops should we expect to come from the crops that we are planting? Several years ago, about forty years, I pointed out that there was a lot of news coming out and being reported about cancer. Since that time the types and numbers of cancer cases have sky-rocketed. What used to be a rare or occasional disease is now common and almost expected in any population. A lot of reasons are offered but I have never heard anyone say that it might be because of the words that we speak.

If words are seeds, then consider the terrible crops that our world has been planting over the past fifty to one hundred years and how many more we are planting every day. Do your own study and check how much bad seed is planted every day as you listen to your news. How much is good news, and how much is bad news. Depending on which news you may listen to, you will probably hear about 95% bad news. Check for yourself and see.

Is there a remedy

There is always a remedy. But most of us are addicted to always having background noise, that is a TV, going at all times. You can change the background sound or do away with it all together. If you change it, do not change bad for bad or for that matter, worse. If you have been listening to “news”, change it to music, and not “so-called” music that is trash or cry in your beer music. Put on some classical music that has been proven to raise your IQ and promote a more positive approach to life.

One remedy which is too often forgotten is “peace and quietness”. Far too little do we take time to get aside and cut off all the trappings of our society and just have a little quiet time to reflect on ourselves and who we are and where we are going. Our friends to the south, in Mexico, used to exercise this principle, they called it an afternoon siesta. We might be wise to consider such a thing.

Positive remedy

The best approach would be to have a positive remedy to the situation. Instead of having bad news blaring all the time, why not have good news being presented on a regular basis. Why not emphasize the positive instead of the negative? But, you say, there is so much negative going on. We can not just ignore it, can we? Let me reply to that. If we, by all our words, have built the level of bad things happening to where it is today, will continuing to use our words to promote them make them diminish? That promotes insanity. Insanity is defined as, “doing the same thing as you have always done, and expect a different result.”


Maybe we have come to the point of insanity and there is no hope of turning our society around. But as for me, I can change my own direction, and the way that I can do that is by changing my words. By treating my words as seeds, I can begin to plant whole new crops for the things pertaining to my life and those people and things associated with me.

I can choose words of encouragement instead of words of discouragement. I can choose words of healing instead of words of sickness and death. I can speak positively instead of negatively. I can look for the best in my fellowman and not for the worst. I can speak blessing instead of cursing. I can speak peace instead of turmoil. I can speak joy instead of sadness. I can speak love instead of hate.

You may say that all that sounds good, but how do we do that. The truth is, that a human being can not do that by himself. It is totally against human nature. That is why we are in the situation we are in. The Bible best described it in the book of Ephesians when Paul wrote, “that at that time you were without Christ,..having no hope and without God.” The God of the Bible is a God of hope. The book of Psalms is filled with verses of hope. One of my favorite is found in Psalm 130. It says, “hope in the Lord, for with the Lord there is mercy, and with Him is abundant redemption.”

The only way to change the direction of our society is to begin to plant seeds that will produce a crop of change. We can not continue to use the same words and verbiage and think that things will change for the better. We can use our words as seeds and plant the crop of goodness and righteousness.

Our words are seeds and we shall reap the crops of those seeds. Let us choose our words wisely.





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