How to Lose Weight Fast and Effectively – It Can Be Done

Causes of weight gain

In our fast paced society it is easy to stray from a nutritional diet with the result being overweight or even obesity. Either one of these tend to lead to health conditions which range from making one uncomfortable  to being life threatening with a plethora of maladies too numerous to list here.

Effects on society

Every day the effects of an over weight or obese society is chronicled in the news and medical journals. The most pronounced effect of obesity is in the area of heart disease. Though heart disease is the headliner, it is not the only one. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many more conditions are brought about by being overweight.

It even affects manufacturing production. Depending on the job, over weight people do not produce and perform as well as fit and healthy people. Because of such conditions as these and many others, many are searching for ways how to lose weight fast and effectively.

Best way to lose weight

Of course there are ways to lose weight fast. But one must consider and ask if it is a healthy way as well.

Before beginning any weight loss regimen one should consult his physician. Your physician will give you direction as to what kinds of approach would be best for you.

Fasting is a great way to lose weight fast. But the best way to do that is under the supervision of a medical expert. By fasting, I mean that you do not eat any food for a given period of time but have a goodly intake of water or a defined liquid. The time set aside should not be too short or too long. If you have never fasted, begin by trying to fast for five days. I have noticed that five days is the hardest to make it to. If you can make it to five days you can probably do more. If you can not make five days, that’s OK. Do what you can and build it up the next time. When you end your fast do not gorge yourself. Begin with small portions and gradually build to regular portions.

Of course, not everyone will choose to fast, and some should not. But if you do not choose to fast follow a few simple instructions.

    • Do not skip meals
    • Eat breakfast – high protein preferred
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Avoid sugary drinks
    • Eat foods high in fiber
    • Eat more unprocessed foods
    • Drink coffee or tea
    • Eat slowly, chew your food

Other options

Now, you may consider some of the options which are available that are marketed on TV and the internet and many other avenues. Some promise a certain amount of weight loss in a certain amount of time. Others guarantee a particular weight loss for a certain amount of money. Just about all of these work to some degree or another. Before embarking on one of these diets it would be wise to check our testimonials and feedback from other sources.

There are more and more coming our every day which have been tested and proven to bring about good weight loss while maintaining healthy equilibrium. These methods range from special foods to special drinks and combinations of both. Many are backed by good research. Do your research as well.

Include exercise

To go along with your diet, a good regimen of exercise will greatly enhance the process of loosing weight. The truth found in all weight gain is that we tend to reduce our physical activity as we grow older. We sit far too much. We ride escalators and elevators. We remote control almost everything. We eat fast food instead of cooking our own.

Exercise is great for losing weight. Most people who are overweight a little could probably lose that weight fast by just adding a twenty-minute walk three times a week to their regular routine.

This is not an exhaustive list of how to lose weight fast and effectively but it will give you some idea of how to begin the process. It will be worth your effort to lose the weight. You will have much more energy. You will sleep better. You will be more creative. You will more productive. You will find yourself enjoying life and living it to the fullest.

Be encouraged. YOU CAN DO IT!



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Exercise Weight Loss Plans. What Is the Best?

This is a look at a few of the exercise weight loss plans that are out there to help you decide which is best for you.

Is Exercise Enough to Lose Weight?

To answer this question one must determine the stage that one is at in his or her weight increase. Are you gaining weight? If so, how fast are you gaining weight? Has the weight gain been gradual or over a short period?

Have your eating habits changed during the time you were gaining weight? Are you eating more or less or the same amount? What kinds of food have you been eating.

Have you had a change in life style? Is your job more sedentary now? Do you sit around watching more TV? Do you sit at your job now where you used to stand or walk?

If nothing in your daily routine has changed it would be wise to get a checkup at your doctor before beginning any kind of regimen of weight loss. If everything checks out fine then there are several exercise weight loss plans that are available to you.

Weight gain is gradual

If the weight gain is gradual we need to take a look at our daily activities. Are you still doing the same things at work? Do you come home and do some physical activity that you normally do? Do you eat about the same amount of food? If all these are relatively the same then you might consider adding a light to moderate exercise to your routine. Sometimes as we age our metabolism slows down. In other words we do not burn as many calories as we used to when we do the same things.

A light exercise such as walking may be all that is needed to correct the gradual weight gain. Consider eating slightly smaller portions at each meal. Walking a mile or two three times a week should get you into good shape and even put you in a more positive frame of mind.

Sudden weight gain

Having ruled out any malady we can assume that your caloric intake has increased or your physical activity has decreased. Calorie intake can be increased either through greater consumption or through the types of food that one eats. Food high in fats and carbohydrates is very high in calories. By addressing the foods that we eat and adjusting the type and amount we intake we should be able to begin to slow down or stop the weight gain.

But we should not stop there. Some type of exercise routine should be set up. At the least one should walk regularly, three to five times a week, and maybe do some type of calisthenics or weight work out, or do both. If you wish to get back to your normal weight sooner, then definitely do both.

Are there other ways?

There are many diets that one can do. Many are seen on TV and the internet and most have some merit. If you choose to partake of one of the advertised weight loss and control systems do a little check up of it on the internet. If you know a friend who has dealt with a weight problem and has lost the weight and done it in a healthy way, then get their opinion.

There are many devices (exercise machines) which can help you burn calories and lose weight. In a later blog we shall critique some of those. To some degree your budget and your living space will determine the use of one of these machines. They will burn calories, though.

There are some supplements and herbs which may help in loosing weight and curbing appetite, and many do help in that area. We shall address this in a later blog.



Without a doubt, to lose weight one should decrease the caloric intake. But just as important, one should exercise. All exercise is good if not taken to extremes. The exercise that I recommend is walking. The reason for this is that it is low impact and easy on the joints. Persons of all ages can do it and persons of different ages can do it together.

It has been shown that walking briskly for twenty minutes can raise one’s metabolism for up to eight hours. That means that though you are no longer exercising, your body is still burning calories at a higher rate than if you had not walked.

To achieve a faster weight loss one could jog. This increases the metabolism more but it is harder on the joints. An older person should stick with the walking. Leave the jogging to the younger folks.

Walking does not need a lot of expensive paraphernalia. It does not take up room in your home. You will need to get, at least, a decent pair of walking shoes. Other than that, little else is needed. This, I believe, is the best of all the exercise weight loss plans out there.

Drink plenty of water and take deep breaths. Get out and enjoy this beautiful creation and get healthier as you do it.





Wisdom vs Knowledge vs Understanding – Is There a Difference?

In this article we shall look into the differences found among wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Very few among us know that there are differences among these three. So, let’s begin.

The Question

In the debate of Wisdom vs Knowledge vs Understanding the question is often asked, “Is there a difference?”

For most people the response would be, “I did not know there was a difference. I thought they were basically the same.” This is common because in today’s society we are seldom asked to critically analys anything. By “critically analys” I do not mean to belittle or berate, but approach it from several points of view instead of the point of view it is initially presented. In other words look at it from another perspective.

An example might be the way our news is broadcast these days.

There are several networks and several angles from which each of the networks approach their understanding and presentation of the news. If one listens to only one news outlet one might tend to think that the news coming from that source contains the whole truth. This may or may not be the fact.

One way to check it out is to listen to another source. If there is a contradiction, then the listener must become engaged and use his or her own intelligence to critically weigh the evidence(not the opinions) and come to a logical and meaningful conclusion.



Let us begin with knowledge. Knowledge is the accumulation of facts that one assimilates. These facts may be true or not true. For instance. For years, we have heard the mantra that “evolution is a fact”. (Let’s define “evolution” as Darwinian evolution). It is a fact that many scientists make this statement. But just because they make the statement does not make the content of the statement factual.

If one addresses the statement with a critical mind, one will weigh the scientific evidences which prove evolution against those scientific evidences which contradict evolution. Each side has knowledge, but will the knowledge be of benefit to its’ holder.

So, knowledge is good.  But it, in and of itself, cannot produce a meaningful and productive end.

Balance and Logic


So we now have knowledge. We have seen how knowledge can be used or manipulated or misused to accomplish whatever end we may wish. But, to begin to utilize knowledge we must add understanding.

We might define understanding as the process or organizing knowledge so as to achieve the highest level of logic for the knowledge involved. One may amass a great deal of knowledge but organize or disorganize it in such a way that no meaningful outcome may be achieved.

It has been shown in several studies that human beings are born with the ability to appreciate logic. One should never fill awkward in questioning a thought or outcome that does not seem logical. If a presentation is not balanced in its’ outcome or conclusion, then one should conclude that it is not logical and therefore lacks understanding.

Knowledge without understanding can be dangerous.

Here is Wisdom


Wisdom is the crowning ingredient. Knowledge, in and of itself, is not the end product that brings about great good. Understanding can enhance the ability to utilize knowledge. But understanding can be misdirected depending on what one’s motivation is.

Therefore, wisdom must play a part. In the Bible we learn where wisdom is obtained. “The fear of the Lord(God) is the beginning of wisdom.” You may disagree, but you are in opposition to a book that has never been proven wrong.

Wisdom gives one the inner fortitude to look at the knowledge with critical eyes and then to weigh it in the balance of logic and understanding. Wisdom gives the confidence to use that knowledge and understanding to bring about good for all, not for just a selected few. (Example: During the 1920s up through the second World War, Germany had some of the greatest thinkers and scientific minds of the day. They accumulated great knowledge and had great understanding of the facts involved.  But instead of using wisdom in the application of the knowledge and understanding they chose to manipulate it to try to conquer their fellow human beings. They chose to use their own understanding instead of wisdom. Their lack of wisdom brought about destruction and carnage)


In the arena of wisdom vs knowledge vs understanding it is a matter of setting priorities. Of the three, none of itself is necessarily good or bad, but the application of it will determine its’ outcome. As we have presented, knowledge is a commodity that can easily be manipulated. It may be true or it may be false. It must be continually updated and weighed against itself. Knowledge can only be trusted when the source of said knowledge can be trusted.

Understanding is an innate sense with which human beings are born. However, there are people today who seek to manipulate and warp the logical balance that each of us is born with. So even knowledge with understanding must still be attenuated by some other quality.

That quality is wisdom. It is the wisdom that comes from our creator. Why trust Him? When you purchase a product and want to know how best to use the product, you will get the manufacture’s handbook. After all, the creator of the product knows best how to utilize the product. The Creator of the universe and all that is in it has said that “Wisdom in the principal thing. Therefore, get wisdom.”

The Creator said this too, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, Who gives to all men liberally, and upbraideth not, and it shall be given him.”

So, whatever you do, begin with wisdom. Then you will correctly apply the knowledge and understanding to bring about an expected end.





The Pincipal Thing

Here at WiseHealthWealth we shall present how to find health and wealth no matter what your situation or financial status may be. It will take work and consistency, but it will pay off.

The Priority

In the greatest book ever put in print we find this: Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding. Being the principal thing makes it the most important of the things that we need.

OK! Where, then, do we find wisdom? That same book says this: The fear of the Lord(God) is the beginning of wisdom. So I encourage all who seek to be wealthy to first of all begin by being wise. Wisdom brings so many wonderful things with it, but I shall not go into great depth at this time.

Therefore, in searching how to find health and wealth begin first with the most important thing, WISDOM.


Having established our priority, we can begin our quest for the next goal. Health. Health takes on even greater importance once we have set our priorities. With wisdom we now know how to apply knowledge.

There is a lot of knowledge available to us in this day of the internet. We are constantly inundated with information about a multitude of topics. And it is growing everyday by leaps and bounds. We must exercise great judgment in how we absorb information. So with learning about health and how to pursue or maintain it, it behooves one to use wisdom.

There are many avenues through which one can pursue a healthy life. Some do it through diet. Some do it through supplements and vitamins. Some do it through strenuous workouts or exercises. Some pursue it through medical intervention. Some even do it by the job they choose to do.

An example is myself. For thirty years I worked as a home builder. I was an on the job type of builder. I was told by one of my clients, who was a cardio-vascular doctor that I was working in an occupation that was one of the healthiest that one could do for good heart health.

So, there is not a one fits all method of maintaining good health. Wisdom will direct you to the one best for you.



I hope that you have not skipped the previous topics to skip to this one. Wealth is a good thing if you rule it. It can be a bad thing if it rules you. You may ask, “How can wealth rule me?”

Let me give you an example. About forty years ago I knew a man who was very successful in his business. He worked at it continually and was diligent in being a good business man. His work consumed every area of his life. His business was always on his mind even when he was relaxing. He finally came to a point in his life where his health was affected. He came down with a disease that affected his liver. The doctors told him that if he would take some time to rest and let his body recover he could probably live out a normal life span. He was forty-eight and was financially well off. He could have sold his business and lived a long and comfortable life. But, sad to say, he was consumed with making more money and decided not to follow the doctors recommendation. He died within two years.

Wealth is good. Money is a great tool. It is a tool that can bring about much good in a troubled world. The more you have, the more good you can do.

Let us close this subject with another thought from that great book. “How much better is it to get wisdom than gold, and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver.”



In approaching our acquisition of health and wealth, let us be balanced in the tools that we use to attain our goals in these areas. By using wisdom we can and will reach our goals in both arenas and not have losses in the important aspects of our life. If you have a family, make sure to spend time with them. Find time to relax and do something that is totally different from your normal routine. Make sure to spend time with people. If you cannot get along with people you probably will not succeed at anything.

Live life. Work is only one part of living. Life does not find its’ meaning in our health or our wealth. It finds its’ meaning in our relationships.


In the search of how to find health and wealth no greater information can be found than is found in this statement:

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting, get understanding.





Welcome to Wise Health Wealth

Welcome to Wise Health Wealth. Here we share with you principles and qualities which we hope will help you to attain and grow in wisdom, health and prosperity.


I am a retired home builder who training and love is music. Classical music is my primary area of study and have degrees in classical vocal music. Though trained and educated in music I worked in the residential building business for thirty years. Through all this I still continued to exercise my musical talents through performance, teaching and study. I love to teach and through this site I hope to continue to do that.



I grew up in at best a lower middle class family. But the important things were there and were instilled in me at a young age. As children, we were taught to work and that work was a good thing, not a bad thing. Through this we were taught to be God-fearing and to honor our elders. Through this we were taught to do the best we could at any given task even if no one was looking. Through this we were learning wisdom through this experience.

Growing up we learned how to grow and eat healthy foods and to eat what we needed and not to overeat. We got plenty of exercise and activity through our work and play. Through this we were taught and exercised cleanliness.

Hearkening to the work ethic, I was always able to work, even in lean times because I was a worker. There were many types of work which I did and learned over the years. That is a good thing. However, I never had someone to show me a way to integrate wisdom into producing the best return in the production of health and wealth.

In this site I hope to give you the insight and opportunity for you to accomplish that.



In this site I hope to give you the insight and opportunity to accomplish that. We shall do it through blogs, interviews, studies and videos. Hopefully, through interaction among our readers we shall have fresh input to a wide range of information relating to our subjects.
As we increase in knowledge and understanding I hope that you will also increase in wisdom, health, and wealth.

I look forward to hearing testimonies which will bear this out.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

All the best,

Thomas Harvey