Prayer for 8/02/2021

Prayer 8/2/2021

Thanks and Praise

Father, I am full of thanks and praise for your amazing creation. I am ever in awe of its’ beauty and intricacies and things which could never come about by chance.

My Family

Though I may not mention them in every prayer, I am thankful and blessed beyond measure by my wife and family. I thank you that because of my covering they receive all the blessings that you promised to me. Pour them out without measure.

My Country

I continue to pray for my country. I ask You to reveal Yourself to our “leaders”. Though those in control may be illegitimate, they would not be there without Your allowing it. Because they do not honor you, I ask you to reveal your authority to them that they may repent and receive your forgiveness. If they refuse, may they reap the fruit of their actions. Your word says that whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. They have sowed the seeds of destruction. If they do not repent, may their destruction come quickly.

Prosper the righteous

Father, for those who by faith have sought to follow you and honor Your word, I ask that you prosper them in their endeavors. Bring truth to light in the elections of the past presidential race. Honor those who seek truth. Bring down those who would seek to hide the truth and exalt a lie.

Prayer for Mike Lindell and Donald Trump

Mike Lindell

Father, I continue to pray for Mike Lindell and Donald Trump. I ask you to honor them and exalt them not because of any “self righteousness”, but because You have declared them “righteous” because they have trusted in the blood of Jesus which was shed for them and for all who would receive it.

Your Kingdom Come

You taught us to pray that Your kingdom come. So, I ask that Your kingdom will come beginning in me and in all who declare that you are Lord, both of heaven and earth. So, I ask You to set right those things that the enemy has sought to subvert. Show the workers of darkness to be who they are, children of the devil, whose children they are.

Do it in such a way that there can be no doubt that it is You Who has done it. So all the glory will be Yours. And we shall be careful to give you all the glory.

All the glory is Yours

You are worthy to receive all the honor and all the glory. Without reserve we give it all to You.

This I proclaim in the precious name of JESUS!

Thank You! Lord Jesus!

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