Prayer for 8/04/2021


Heavenly Father, I love You. Thank you that You first loved me and gave Your son Jesus to save me from my sin. He will be the theme of my life throughout eternity.

Lord Jesus

My Life Theme

May the theme of my life be to share this good news of Jesus with everyone that I meet. I share Your desire that none should perish and that all should come to repentance. I am committed to that goal.

For all brethren

I pray for all who claim the lordship of Jesus. Cause Your Holy Spirit to rise up in all of us the we will with boldness proclaim the gospel of Jesus every where we go. Grant us knowledge and wisdom which the enemy cannot withstand. May Jesus be exalted in everything we do.

Victory by and for You, Lord Jesus

I ask You to deliver our nation from the enemies who have come against us. Defeat them so that they never rise again. Do it by Your Spirit so that there is no question that You have done it. Receive all the glory as we receive Your victory by faith.

Our Leaders


Bless our leaders. I pray for President Trump. You have called him and established him as President of the United States. False leaders are being deposed and destroyed, even now. Your righteous indignation has demanded their destruction.

Bless Mike Lindell with Your boldness as he wrestles with principalities in high places. Grant him Your confidence of the victory.



Be exalted, O Lord! We give you praise and honor and glory, now and forever.


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