Proof That Evolution Is False

For a century the scientific establishment has accepted evolution as a scientific fact.  But as more and more scientists look into the facts of evolution one thing stands out. Proof that evolution is false becomes more evident every day.


Real Science

Real science is founded on empirical evidence.  That means that a thing can be observed and experiments can be repeated and yield consistent results every time.  If a phenomenon can not be observed and repeated it does not meet the standard of being scientific.

Such beliefs as “the flat earth” seemed correct when applied in a restricted confined area.  But, as observations improved and instruments were developed it became evident that the earth was round.  Rare is the person who really believes that the earth is flat. Real science provided the evidence needed to prove that the earth was round.

Real science has disproved many once held beliefs of the natural world.  It was once believed that living things came from nonliving substances. Louis Pasteur disproved this in 1858 with his swan-neck flask experiment.  “Omne vivum ex vivo” was how he articulated the results. “Life only comes from life.” This is a scientific law.


The beginning of evolution

One might think that with the scientific proof that Pasteur provided, that the question of evolution would be answered.  But, one would be wrong.  

Evolutionists seek to sidestep the spontaneous generation aspect of the first life form.  They divorce themselves from how life began, or so they say. That is their answer when asked about spontaneous generation.  However, it should be noted that almost all textbooks about evolution do address the beginning of life. But, they merely make the statement and move on as if it is proved beyond doubt.  The truth is, there is no proof offered at all.

So, we see that the beginnings of the evolutionary myth has no foundation in science at all.


More proof of evolution being false

When Charles Darwin first published his On the Origin of Species, life was thought to be simple.  The simplest forms were merely gelatinous globs inside a membrane. Since that time, science has shown what a truly complex thing a cell is.

The simplest living cell consists of over 400 proteins and accompanying machines and processes.  The membrane that contains this life is made up of proteins. Without the membrane there is no living cell.  But the instructions for building the membrane is contained inside the cell in the DNA. 

DNA is made up of proteins which are coded by the DNA.  In other words, you have to have the DNA to make the proteins.  But you must have the proteins to make the DNA. Which comes first?  Ask an evolutionist and he has no idea.

All of a sudden, life is not so simple.


Evolution answers

The answer that evolutionists promote is always the same.  Given enough money and time, we will find out how it all began and how it evolved.  This is always the answer to impossible questions.  

The evolutionist can not allow anything that steps outside the natural realm.  Evolutionists have not given one scientific answer for the beginning of life or its evolution.


Creation vs evolution facts – Proof that evolution is false

Cause and effect

Creation agrees with the laws of cause and effects.  The law of cause and effect says that the cause is always greater than the effect.

Creation states the cause of creation as an omnipotent, omniscient Being Who is outside of nature.  Thus He rules over nature and is greater than the creation.

Evolution says that everything began with a singularity that exploded.  Where is the cause of the singularity or the power that caused the explosion.  The evolutionist will say that it expanded, not exploded. Next time you meet a person who deals with explosives, ask him what happens in an explosion.


Laws of thermodynamics

Entropy always increases


First Law

Neither energy nor matter can be created or destroyed, but it may interchange.  If science is supposed to be logical, can you see the universe coming from a speck smaller than a period?


Second Law

In a system, entropy always increases.  Plainly stated, systems always move to equilibrium.  Another way of saying that usable energy is always decreasing.  Still another way of saying that the whole creation is winding down.

A question.  Where did all the energy come from?  They have no answer.


Laws of probabilities

The laws of probabilities are not a friend of evolution.  They are mathematically sound and are scientific in their grounding.  What do they say about evolution and its probability.

To address the whole picture of evolution the probabilities of it never happening would be astronomical.  So, let’s just address the simple thing of evolving one protein. Understand that the “simplest” life form has over 400 proteins that must be present for it to live.

The probability of this one protein forming by chance is 1 in 10>108(that is the number 10 followed by 108 zeros).  You and I cannot comprehend such a number. That is the probability of forming one protein. There are still over 400 more that must be formed. (The probability of that happening is 1 in 10>4000(10 followed by 4000 zeros).

We shall not pursue this any further.  I think you can understand the point we are making.


What empirical science says


At one point evolutionists hoped with discovery of DNA that evolution would be proved.  They staked their hope in mutations. The mutations would be the mechanism by which change could be passed from one generation to the next.

DNA is actually and information carrying device.  It is through DNA that information for life is passed from one generation of a species to the next.  It was presumed by evolutionists that this information would gradually increase from generation to generation.

Much to their chagrin, mutations did not accomplish what they hoped.  Science proved that mutations subtract information from the DNA pool. Plainly stated, it causes the species to devolve, not evolve.


Evolution true or false

That scientific fact alone should be enough to falsify the theory of evolution.  But, has it? It has falsified it but the evolutionists have not accepted that fact.

Why?  Because evolution is not science, it is religion.  When someone continues to believe something as true when the facts prove otherwise, it becomes a religion.

Evolution is a religion that is being promoted as a science.


We have given proof that evolution is false

You are now responsible for how you approach evolution and its teachings.  There is ample proof that it is false. So you must make a choice. You can stand against it or you can believe a false religion.  The consequences of your choice will have eternal ramifications.

The choice is yours.  Choose wisely.



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