Real Sincerity About Corona-virus

Is there a real sincerity about corona-virus? The date is May 5, 2020. The world is supposedly in the throws of a pandemic called “corona-virus”. Whether it is real or manufactured, only history will tell. Yes, many have died, but until all the numbers are in we shall not know if it was a real pandemic. The fact is, we cannot really know if “corona-virus” is the real death cause. There are many questions to be addressed, but there is one that no one has even broached in the public media. For that reason, I question whether there is real sincerity about corona-virus among those who lead in the effort to defeat the “coron-avirus” pandemic.

We hear phrases like, “Even one death is too many.” These are the people who depend on people dying to make their living. They are called doctors. Don’t get me wrong, many have a good heart and really want to help, but there are more who are glad to get rich through the process. Quite often, the money and fame overshadow the desire to help. So, when politicians talk of “one death is too many”, are they really sincere, or is it just a ploy to make you think they really care about you, the individual.

One death is too many!

How can you know?

May I give you a way of knowing whether they really care for you?

Let’s start at the beginning. Your life began when you were conceived in your mother’s womb. That happened when a sperm from your father joined with an egg from your mother. That happened because a Creator designed it that way to bring about living human beings. The first two (man and woman) were created. Adam from the “dust” of the earth, and Eve from Adam’s rib. (You may wish to debate that, but the science backs it up. Evolution is a myth concocted by ignorant and deceptive people who wish to destroy you.)

The original plan

Garden of Eden

The original plan was that human beings would never die, but would live forever. They were given the earth to enjoy and have dominion over and to enjoy fellowship with their Creator. The Creator loved them so much, because He is Love, that He gave them the choice whether they wished to love Him or not. (You see, without a choice, there cannot be love. Love is not a feeling[though there are feelings involved], but it is a choice.) That choice, to love or not love, came in the form of one tree of which they could not eat. It was “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” If they ate of that tree, they would die. It was a simple choice.

You may, or may not be familiar with the story. The man and the woman had free will to exercise their decision making. One day, the woman was enticed by the “serpent”. This was really satan, a fallen angel, Through subterfuge, he convinced the woman to not only eat of the tree but to entice her husband to do the same. In this situation, we first understand who God holds responsible for the family. It is the man. Adam could have kicked the serpent out of the garden, but he did not. He listened to her and then chose to believe what the serpent had said. The serpent said that “they would not surely die if they ate of the tree.” This was the opposite of what the Creator had said. Adam had the choice. Believe God, because he loved Him supremely, or believe satan, a liar. You know the outcome. Adam chose satan’s lie over God’s truth. In so choosing he declared that he, Adam, would be his own “god”. He chose to love himself more than he loved his Creator.

Well, it appeared that the serpent was right. Or, was he? The scripture defines it this way. “In dying, you will die.” There began a process that in the end would cause the body to begin to decay and in the end, return to the “dust” from whence it came.

How we die


With the discovery of DNA, we know that approximately every seven years a person’s DNA replaces itself. However, the replacement DNA has connectors called telomeres. With each succeeding replication, the telomeres grow shorter. When they finally get to a point of nonexistent, the living cell or body ceases biological life. In great mercy, the Creator delayed the physical dying for a period of time. The Biblical definition of mercy is “justice delayed”. Justice will be served, but the Creator had a greater plan in mind. His plan was not only justice but “Grace”. The amazing thing is that there can be no grace without justice.

This is where the serpent failed in his plan. He thought he had defeated the Creator, but he had only brought about a greater revelation of His love for His creation. Grace would win the Day.

The delay of the physical death was an opportunity of expressing God’s amazing grace. Human beings still had a choice. God set in place a sacrificial system that portrayed a once for all sacrifice that would be made to satisfy the fulfillment of love from the creation’s love of God.

The reign of death

Since the creation and man’s rebellion, death has reigned in the earth. Only two men have been known to have not tasted of death, Enoch and Elijah. It is not God’s will that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. But, since God desires your love, he gave you “free will”, a choice. Now, because you are a descendant of Adam, by inheritance you are born in a state of rebellion. It is in your DNA, so to speak. How do we know? Jesus put it this way in John 3:18, “He that believes on the Son is not condemned. But he that believes not is condemned already.” The final phrase says it. You do not have to do anything and you will spend eternity in hell. In other words, the choice is still yours. God does not want to force you to love Him. Love involves a choice on your part. You must actively desire to obey and serve your Creator. That is how you experience eternal life, beginning now and going on for eternity.

Real sincerity

Now, that brings me back to “Real Sincerity”. Can one really be sincere in concern for the lives of people if he is only concerned with this life existence? Is it real concern when you only provide for a short time(this earthly existence compared to eternity), but have no concern for an eternity of agony and unimaginable suffering? I think not.

Those who say they are concerned but do not address the spiritual condition of the people are only “politicians”. They are concerned for them so long as they can usurp power over them. A true leader would be concerned not only for the physical but for the spiritual condition of his people. He or she would take the time to search out and discover what true life is about. Life is not just physical but it is more spiritual. The world leaders have been duped into thinking that only the physical matters.

Source of good

Even the western world has fallen prey to the idea that their own hard work and ingenuity have brought about all the good they experience. That is pride. All the blessings enjoyed by western civilization has come because of Biblical truths put into practice.

Manufacturer’s Handbook

The United States is the prime example. The founding principals were based on Biblical foundations. They honored the God of creation. Sure, humanists would like to argue the point, but their own philosophy denounces them. Only Judeo-Christian principals can account for the enormous blessings that have accompanied the United States.

But, for the past century, we have seen a degradation of Christian principals in our government and daily living. Just as the God of the Bible promises to honor His word when it is incorporated into government or business or daily living, so He will remove His blessing when His Word is diminished.

True science is good

Thank God for “Good science” and truly learned people who utilize it for the good of all. But, be wary of those who feign sincerity without concern for the spiritual well being of people.

A greater concern

When you hear the politicians feign sincerity about “coronavirus” but never mention spiritual condition. Know that they are only looking for a way to gain power over you. True leadership is concerned for your eternal situation. If you die without a relationship with your Creator, you will spend eternity in hell. That is a place of torture and agony and grief beyond your imagination. Your Creator made that place for rebellious angels.

A place for fallen angels.

Angels are not on the same plane as humans. God called mankind His highest creation. After this existence, there are only two places to exist. Only those who choose to live with God will go to heaven. How do you choose to live with God? The scripture says, “Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved(go to heaven).” “If you confess that ‘Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved(go to heaven).” There are many more verses that tell you how to spend eternity with the God Who created you.

You may ignore all of God’s reaching out to you, and die and face judgment. The Bible says, “It is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment. God will allow you to choose. Then He will present His case against you and you will not be able to refute Him at any point. In the end, you will agree with Him that you deserve eternity in hell.


In love, I implore you, if you are sincere in your concern for those who may suffer due to the coronavirus, share with them their need of spiritual healing. Share with everyone the good news that Jesus has already paid the price for their physical healing as well as their spiritual healing. He loved them so much that He accepted the sentence of eternity in hell for them so that they could spend eternity with their loving Creator in heaven.

If you cannot share this, you probably don’t have it. Do your own spiritual check-up. Then, go and share the “Good News”.


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