Reasons Why Evolution Is False

The effects of materialistic humanism on science

If you grew up in the late 20th or early 21st century you probably believe in evolution. What if I could give you scientific reasons why evolution is false?  Would you continue to believe in it?

Let me share just a few scientific facts that prove that evolution is not true.  Then you can decide for yourself.



Using logic

One of the main premises of science is that it is logical.  Logic is based on a law. If the law states that “A” always leads to “B”.  When you find “A”, you know “B” will follow. 

Suppose the law states that “A” never leads to “C”. Then to say “A” leads to “C” would be illogical.  

When a scientist tells you something that contradicts a scientific law, he is being illogical.  Illogical “proofs” are not scientific.


Here are a few reasons why evolution is false

If evolution were true it would be logical and line up with laws of science.  There are several scientific laws which evolution clearly does not conform to. 



Pasteur’s experiment

Since evolution deals with living things there must have been a first living thing.  Evolutionists will dance around this topic. The will use what one writer called “Jabberwocky” to impress you with their knowledge.  But, when you have cut through all the “Jabberwocky”, you will find they have no idea how life began.  

However, they will continue to insist that life began by pure chance a couple of billion years ago.

The “LAW” of abiogenesis states that “Life only comes from life.”  Louis Pasteur proved this law almost 200 years ago. It has never been broken.  For the past 70 years, evolutionary scientists have been trying to get life from nothing.  They have literally spent billions of dollars on experiments with no success whatsoever. Of course, you will never hear them admit it.

They publish their experiments and use complicated scientific jargon(jabberwocky), but never produce life.  They always assure us that they will find how life began. It will take a little more money and a few more experiments.  Seventy years and billions of dollars and they are no closer to creating life. They are fighting against a law which cannot be broken.

Science which is illogical is not science.  Evolution science is contrary to the law of abiogenesis. It is therefore illogical


Second law of thermodynamics

The second law of thermodynamics states that any system always tends to increase in entropy.  Simply state, things always become disordered if left alone. There has never been found a system that is contrary to this law.

Of course, evolutionists believe in the “Big Bang”.  How they justify that, no logical person can tell. Suffice it to say, it all began with a big explosion.  They try to get around the “explosion” by saying that it just expanded real fast. That is a very good description of “an explosion”. 

No matter, whether an explosion or expansion it denotes disorder.  Now, they must answer the question of how all the galaxies came together so orderly.  Explosions do not bring order. They increase entropy, become more disordered.

The simplest life forms are so intricately ordered that it defies even scientific imagination.  All reputable scientists agree that DNA in all living things is an information storage system. Information does not accidentally come together.  It must be coded by an information specialist. The second law of thermodynamics would mandate that information would decrease, not increase.

But evolutionists insist that the information has increased over the past couple of billion years.  By believing that, they show that they are not true scientists. They also show that they are not logical.  The second law of thermodynamics is a scientific law. Evolutionists are illogical.


Laws of probability

What are the chances?

One area of the laws of science that evolutionists will never delve very deeply into is probability.  If they ever do, it is a shallow excursion and superficially addressed.

Probability law is based on mathematics.  An example of probability would be such as follows.

Suppose you have 10 marbles numbered from 1 to 10 in a hat.  What is the probability of reaching in, without looking, and pulling out the marbles 1 to 10 one at a time?

First of all, your chance of getting 1 the first draw is one in ten.  So, you get number 1 on the first draw. What are the chances of getting 2 after drawing 1?  You must allow for the possibility of ten draws to get number 1. Then for each of those, you must allow for a possible ten draws to get the number 2.  In other words, you square the number of marbles, which is 10>2, or 100.  

As you progress to three you must cube the numbers.  Trying to get 1 through 4 is the number 10 to the 4th power.  Are you getting the picture? To get all ten marble numbers in a row would be one chance in 10 to the tenth power.  That number would be 10 followed by ten zeros.

This is a simple experiment compared to building the simplest form of life.


Simple life

Even simple life is complex

The simplest form of self-sustaining life has over four hundred proteins.  Proteins are made up of amino acids. Living things only use 20 of the hundreds of amino acids in nature.  Of those 20, they only use the left-handed amino acids.

To build proteins amino acids would have to accidentally come together at the right time.  There would have to be the right environment and a cell membrane in place. So, what does the law of probability say of this possibility?

To form one protein the probability is one in 10>108.  That number is 10 followed by 108 zeros. Let us note that this is one protein.  That is not a living thing. To get to the threshold of life it will take over 400 proteins.  The probability of that happening is in the neighborhood of one in 10>4000. Though probability scientists will not say that it is impossible, they will say that it will not happen in this universe.


Conclusion to reasons why evolution is false


Evolutionists are not logical in their science.  If they are not logical, can we then trust their science?  To be scientific their reasoning should be logical. I have shown you just a few examples of how they operate outside the laws of science and logic.  

Evolutionists should be held in question in everything they seek to promote.  Do not believe everything that scientists say simply because they are scientists.  You should not believe something just because that is the consensus. The consensus has been wrong too many times to trust in it.

Use your brain and your God-given intellect.  Read broadly. Even read things you disagree with.  Weigh them on the scales of logic and reason. Be critical in your thinking.

If you exercise your reasoning and logic you will begin to understand why evolution is false.  You will finally come to the conclusion that evolution is not scientific.

Consider the evidence for creation as presented in the Bible.  I shall be publishing a blog on evidence for creation soon.


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