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The numbers are swelling. What numbers you ask? The number of retired people is growing bigger every day. So, “What?”, you ask. Many of the folks are not satisfied to sit around doing nothing. They have been used to being productive and active producers. They do not wish to give up their retirement, but they do not want to be leeches on society. Hence, they look for retiree work at home jobs through which they may be a contributor to society.

Retiree online business jobs
Retiree Online Business

Here’s the Answer!

It is not that these retirees wish to get back into the grind of everyday get up and go to work routine. Many have been exposed to the internet and computers during their careers and are quite at home surfing the internet. Many, therefore are looking for a job that gives them work for retirees at home.


Depending on background many can step right into building an online business with very little training. But, it is best to get some training as to how the internet and related businesses work.

This is where one must take a little time and find just the right tools and platform with which to build your retirement business. It must give you all the tools you need but not overload you with time involvement. The program should be flexible and adapt to your situation.

Which program, where to start?

Retiree work at home jobs
What kind of business?

There are many programs out there that promise you the sky. But very few can deliver on their promises. Many promise you quick success, but few if any can produce such results. So, where do you begin to search?

You have begun in a good place by searching the internet to see what is available. I would like to share with you my experience in finding the right business for work at home.

How I Started

I began just as you have by searching on one of the search engines, google or bing or duckduckgo. But, I was not wise. I was looking to make money fast. Let me say at the outset, if you have come with that mindset, you are treading on dangerous ground. There is no such thing as getting rich quick. Such programs are usually “quick rich” for the promoters and “quick broke” for the user.

After losing several thousand dollars I stopped and did an assessment. I read accounts of several people who had experienced the same thing I had. Almost all of them had approached it with the same “get rich quick” attitude. So, I decided to take a different approach.

My new approach to online work at home

retiree online jobs
Be consistent. Be diligent. Be patient.

My new approach would be to take a methodical consistent and patient approach to developing a work at home job. I would take my time and lay a foundation of knowledge and experience in building my internet business.

Another consideration was the finances involved. Since I had used up most of the money that I had to develop my online business, I had to be frugal. Rather than a program that wanted money up front, I looked for one with a monthly or regular pay. Even in this it had to be reasonable. Even with these criteria I had several, if not many, to choose from.

Beginning again

Retiree online jobs

So I began to search the internet again. I checked into several that seemed to fit the bill for what I was looking.

The first thing I considered was the monthly cost. This ranged from $29 to $199. I automatically disqualified anything over a $100 a month. Not that the program was not good, I just did not have the money. So, I began to research those within the range I had chosen.

Lowest price

First I looked at the lowest programs. Much to my surprise, most of these were just introductory prices. The more I learned about the programs the more I realized that they cost more than advertised. Most of them did not have good knowledge based learning programs. The knowledge needed to build a good retiree work at home business would cost too much money for my budget. Not all inexpensive programs are bad but just lack the knowledge and support you will need.

Upper range

The $70 to $100 range had some good candidates. But as I looked a little more closely I found most of them to be lacking in some areas. Don’t get me wrong, there were some that looked promising.

Mid range price

Then I looked at the mid range candidates. To my surprise, this is where I found the most promising offerings. Of course these were the most promising because it fit my financial situation.

So I began to study in earnest. Most had some type of knowledge bank and teaching format. All had some type of support mechanism to help when you had questions. Some had more of one thing than another as related to their competitors. But, most were probably worth the money they were asking.

Time to choose

retiree online jobs
It’s your choice

I decided to look further into two or three of these mid range priced programs. After several days and a free trial of several of them, I made my choice. The way I made my choice was by looking at all the available products each had to offer. I then considered what extra products I might need as I progressed in my work at home job.

Some of the considerations were: domain purchases, hosting services, SEO, and related internet facilitation. It was during this phase that I began to weed out the programs. In the final analysis, one program stood out above all the rest.

My choice for online jobs

I am not going to keep you hanging like some infomercials do. The program I settled on is Wealthy Affiliates. Let me share with you my reasons for choosing this program.

First of all, it fit my financial situation. The cost is $49 a month. You can save 15% off that by purchasing a year’s membership. By the way, did I mention that they let me test drive it for free? Yes, they will let anybody have a free membership. You do not even need to register a credit card, just an email address. Most other programs have you register a credit card for a 30 or 60 day free trial. You must cancel the membership before the time is up if you do not wish to continue. Otherwise, they begin charging you a monthly membership fee.

Wealthy Affiliates for retiree work at home jobs

Wealthy Affiliates is free for as long as you wish. Of course, you are limited in the tools and support you may access. But with the free you get access to 10 online tutorials and videos on how to build your own website for your work at home job. Along with that you get two free websites and free website hosting.

If you are impressed by the free membership, as I was, you will want to join as a Premium member. As a Premium member you will have access to all the tools, knowledge and support available at Wealthy Affiliates. I personally do not know how they are able to provide all the resources they do for that price per month. I have checked the prices for some of the tools if purchased separately. It would cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a month if purchased individually. You heard me right. Check for yourself.

Guarantees ?

retiree online jobs
No guarantees!




retiree online jobs


No one at Wealthy Affiliate will guarantee you success just because you join their program. But they will provide everything that you will need to succeed in a retiree work at home job. You will need to provide the time and consistent perseverance to attain the success that you desire. It may take 3 months or 6 months or a year before you begin to see your dream being realized. But with patience it will come.

With Wealthy Affiliates you will find not only knowledge but also support. In my experience I have usually gotten answers to my questions within 30 minutes, average. Some even quicker. Support is available 24 hours a day.

Let me add this, not that I think you will ever need it. If you decide that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for you, just quit your payment and that will end your membership. Even if you quit your membership, you can always come back. All you do is begin making your membership payments.

The choice is yours

retiree online jobs
It’s your future
retiree online jobs
It’s time to make your choice.

I have shared my experience of searching for a retiree work at home job. Now, you are in the driver’s seat to make your choice. I know that I am enjoying my adventure of building an online business in my retirement. It is truly a creative enterprise. I hope you join me.






May God bless you and prosper you.



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