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The number of people desiring to improve their health is growing every day. Among that number are many who wish to improve by adding strength and muscle to their body. To accomplish this they are engaging in a workout regimen along with a good intake of a balance of good food and supplements. Before launching into just any supplement it would be wise to know what the supplements and/or vitamins will help you accomplish. So, I shall set forth in this supplement review some high grade supplements which come from A1 Supplements and how they can help you in achieving your goal of better health and lifestyle.


Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

Gold Standard Whey
The Gold Standard

They call it the Gold Standard, and rightly so. Their whey is packed with protein isolates which yield more protein per volume of product. The Gold Standard includes digestive enzymes which aid in the absorption of proteins in the body and makes it more user-friendly to those who may have lactose intolerance.

Each servicing contains 24 grams of easily digested whey protein and contains low levels of cholesterol, fat, and lactose which your body does not need. Each serving provides a full 5% more protein than previous varieties. The Gold Standard is most popular with active adults because of its rapid digestion providing quicker muscle recovery.

Choose from many flavors, from Chocolate Mint to Vanilla Ice Cream. You are sure to find your favorite flavor. Plus you can change flavors from time to time, to keep it interesting.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein is just what it says. It is the “Gold Standard”.



Animal Pak

Container of Animal Pak
Animal Pak Bodybuilder

If you are serious about strength and bodybuilding, then you need to consider Animal Pak. For three decades it has been the choice for body builders and power lifters. Animal Pak comes in container sizes of 15, 30, and 44 packs. Normal training you take one pack a day at breakfast. Preparing for competition you take two packs per day at appropriate times.

Here is what you get in each pack. You get cutting-edge mega-cycle vitamin & mineral complexes, performance enhancers, high potency energizers, and digestive enzymes. It consists of a perfectly balanced, time-released formula that is easily assimilated by your body for perfect bio availability and optimum performance. It has been the number one training pack for seventeen years straight.

In every pack you get over 55 key ingredients which are delivered in the right amounts at the right time, every time.

If you are serious about bodybuilding and power lifting and need more info on Animal Pak, click HERE to get much more information.



Jarrow Formulas 7-Keto DHEA 100 mg

Container 7-Keto

The main effect that Jarrow Formulas 7-Keto DHEA brings is the increase of the metabolic rate. For middle age and older persons this is good news. As we age our metabolic rate slows and with that we tend to gain weight. Jarrow Formulas 7-Keto DHEA helps to raise the metabolic rate so that the body burns more calories and aids in losing weight. Studies have shown that those who took the 7-Keto DHEA lost three times more weight than those who did not take it.

If you are struggling to lose some weight or to maintain a good body weight, this product is for you.


BPI Sports Garcinia + Carnitine

BPIO Sports
Garcina Carnitine

Instead Of Using Caffeine, Garcinia + Carnitine Is An Amino Acid That Helps Convert Fatty Acids Into Energy! It is a simple weight loss supporting combination of garcinia cambogia and l-carnitine tartrate, promoting effects such as burning fat for energy and possible help with appetite support. Garcinia and Carnitine are a caffeine free weight loss combination.

Each single tablet serving of BPI Garcinia + Carnitine features 750mg of garcinia cambogia and a gram of l-carnitine tartrate, with 5,000 IU of vitamin D also in the mix. Instead of using caffeine, Garcinia + Carnitine helps you burn fat for energy. The extract from Garcinia may help suppress appetite and hunger cravings, as well as reduce body fat production. Carnitine is an amino acid that helps convert fatty acids into energy, which may improve athletic performance.

A great way to raise your energy level and lose unwanted pounds.



SNS Focus XT

Energy Formula
SNS Focus XT

Focus XT is a state-of-the-art formula that combines precise ratios of active ingredients that deliver a wide variety of benefits in terms of mental clarity, focus, concentration, improved performance, and cognitive function. Ways Focus XT can be used include: individuals trying to improve their workout and athletic performance; or students wanting to enhance their focus, concentration, and productivity while at school or studying; also, individuals whose jobs require optimal mental performance; people who lose focus easily and/or are easily distracted; people that work long shifts and need to stay focused and alert (examples: fire fighters, EMT’s, nurses, and others); Gamers/eSports enthusiasts looking to improve their focus, concentration, reaction time, and alertness; and by others who feel that they may benefit from the variety of benefits that Focus XT is used for.

If you need:

– Maximized Energy Levels

– Improved Focus, Mental Clarity, Concentration, and Alertness

– Mental Performance inhanced, Memory, and Cognitive Function

– Improved Stress Levels

– Athletic Endurance raised, Drive, and Motivation

– Improved Ability to Train More Intensely for Longer Durations of Time

– A heightened Sense of Well-Being

– Pre-Workout and Pre-Athletic Energy and Focus

– Improved Mind-Muscle Connection

– Combating Overtraining Syndrome

– Increased Fat Burning During Exercise

Then you need FOCUS XT.

SNS Focus XT gives you mental clarity, focus, concentration, improved performance, & energy! And it is sugar free and great tasting!



Nature’s Plus Quick Body Cleanse

Natures way
Quick Body Cleanse

Take control of your health with the revitalizing power of Nature’s Plus Cleansing Programs! What do you want to accomplish: more energy, better digestion, improved cardiovascular function, greater strength, healthy weight loss or simply the best overall health possible. You can do it with Natures Plus Quick Body Cleanse.

Quick Body Cleanse features an alkalizing colon cleanse fiber powder mix with a delightful pineapple flavor, plus two easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsule formulas to detoxify and cleanse throughout the body. Part 1 (morning) supplies herbs and antioxidant nutrients. Part 2, featuring acacia, is a morning and evening colon cleanse formula, while Part 3 (evening) provides magnesium, rhubarb and soothing herbs.

To accomplish body cleansing it is important to cleanse not only the colon but also the organs that filter poisons from the body, such as the liver and kidneys. There are 9 vital factors of healthy elimination. They are:

  1. Stomach
  2. Small Intestine
  3. Large Intestine
  4. Neuromuscular Control: Movement (peristalsis) & Containment (cardiac sphincter and pyloric sphincter control)
  5. Liver
  6. Lymphatic System
  7. Kidneys
  8. Blood
  9. Lungs

Nature’s Plus Quick Body Cleanse addresses all of these. Isn’t it time for you to try this great product?




Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Metabolizer

Bottle of Green Tea Fat Metabolizer
Fat Metabolizer

This formula of green tea extract combined with a powerful blend of herbal boosters and nutrients and used with a reduced caloric intake and exercise plan can help in:Increase Calorie Burning, Promote Energy, Support Weight Management.

Green tea contains caffeine which stimulates the metabolism and increases energy and burning of calories.




Primeval Labs EAA Sleep

EAA Sleep
Sweet Dreams

One of the most important factors in good health is sleep. Without proper rest non of the other programs of health improvement will be able to perform at their best level. If you are not getting the rest and sleep that you need consider this product.

For body building you need a solid night of sleep each and every night. It’s when true muscle recovery and growth occurs. If you’re serious about losing fat and building muscle, then deep sleep every night is an absolute must. The ingredients in EAA Sleep not only help you get to sleep faster, but also make your sleep more “productive” so that even if you only get 6-7 hours of sleep, you wake up feeling as if you’d gotten 10 hours of sleep.

EAA Sleep induces relaxation and encourages a deep, restful sleep without the groggy, hangover feeling of other sleep aids. Plus, you’ll also get the full range of essential amino acids (EAAs) required by your body to support muscle growth and repair while you sleep, all while avoiding muscle breakdown (catabolism). And, unlike other sleep aid powders, EAA Sleep Aid tastes phenomenal! EAA Sleep will become part of your nighttime ritual that helps set the stage for an incredibly successful night’s sleep each and every night.



Redcon1 MOAB

Best Bodybuilder Supplement

If you are into bodybuilding, this is a must supplement for you. It contains ingredients that are not only anabolic but are also anti-catabolic. Muscle breakdown is limited and it supports muscle growth the natural way. It is a supplement that allows you to train hard and recover faster and thereby be able to train more often.

Ingredients include HMB, HICA, and Epicatechin which are all proven to build mass and strength and reduce catabolic processes.



NuVital Health Super Spinach

Super Spinach
Super Spinach-Better than Beets

Red spinach extract contains 4 times the amount of nitric Oxide as Beet Root extract.

More Nitric Oxide = More Benefits! Promotes Healthy Circulation & Blood Pressure! Supports Cardiovascular Health While Boosting Natural Energy & Stamina With Super Spinach!

Super Spinach’s Red Spinach Extract contains 4x the Nitrate content in comparison to Beet Root Extract, in turn providing a more potent increase in Nitric Oxide production all without the unwanted sugar found in Beet Root. It is the best supplement of all the spinach based products.

Compare Super Spinach to Super Beets.

Spinach beats beets
Spinach vs Beets

These are some added benefits found in Red spinach Extract:

Promotes Healthy Circulation & Blood Pressure

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Boosts Natural Energy & Stamina

Phytonutrient Loaded

Nature’s #1 Nitric Oxide Activator

Two Delicious Flavors!

Manufactured in a GMP & NSF Certified Facility

Super Spinach does not contain oxalates. These cause interference with the absorption of some necessary nutrients magnesium, calcium and iron. No oxalates, no problems. Beet Root extracts contain between 10% and 15% oxalates.

Super Spinach contains a NON-GMO Red Spinach Extract that contains up to 4 times the amount of natural nitrate as compared to beet root and has been shown to enhance Nitric Oxide levels in the body, in turn promoting cardiovascular health and supporting the function of the body’s vital organs.

If you have been searching for just the right product to increase your health and energy level, then you must try NuVital Health Super Spinach.

NuVital Health Super Spinach

I hope this supplement review has been of benefit to you.

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