Science Fact vs Science Fiction-Why Do Scientists Lie

Among the most influential people in today’s society are those who call themselves scientists. It does not matter what field you are in you can gain prestige just by adding “scientist” or a “PhD” in the description of what you do. But because so many have taken advantage of this there has been introduced a voluminous amount of material into the knowledge base in the area of science. Because so many have entered the field with an agenda to push rather than a search for truth we have the problem of science fact vs science fiction.

Science fact vs science fiction

As agendas have been introduced more and more into science research it is becoming harder and harder to distinguish science fact vs science fiction. Over the past 60 years many science fiction genre have been produced which have really increased the interest of the general public in science. We have seen this in science fiction novels, movies, television series, super and mutated characters and gaming devices.

Much of the science used in these productions is well-founded. But just as prevalent is science which has no grounding in empirical evidence what so ever. Someone once pointed out that in the 1960s series of Star Trek how all the doors opened automatically when someone approached. That was founded on radio and infrared studies that pointed to such possibilities. We are very accustomed today for doors in many commercial establishments to automatically open when we approach.

But in that same series they introduced warp drive. This was supposedly accomplished by “warping” space so that the distance between objects were decreased by bending space and time. According to the theory of relativity gravity warps space. But the degree of warp is not great enough to facilitate a noticeable decrease in the overall distance between two objects. To develop that amount of gravity would ,according to “black hole” theory, suck everything into the black hole that is created and nothing could ever escape.

So we see sound science and fictional science portrayed as equal. After a half century of such things as this, it is hard for the “layman” to tell what is science fact and what is science fiction.

Why do scientists lie

The question may be better stated as “Do scientists lie?” We have had almost two full generations of students who have been force-fed whatever science told them to believe. Those in charge of the education system in America had a predisposed agenda. That agenda was one based on humanistic materialism. That particular world view does not allow for anything other than naturalistic causes in nature.

By setting this standard, they did not outright lie, they just pointed the direction which science had to move. If any view espoused anything other than a naturalistic process for the beginning of the universe or the beginning of life on earth, it was automatically dismissed as unscientific.

Where the lie comes in is that fail to tell you that this particular stance is unscientific. For generations we have believed what the scientists have told us. And the very premises that they promote is not scientific.

Many of today’s scientists have grown up being told the lie of only naturalistic causes can be scientific. To these students, that is the truth, because that is all that they know. They have not been told the real truth. They have been told the “truth” that fit the agenda of the humanist. They teach a lie as truth because that is all that they know.

Science searching for truth

True science is the search for truth. In the search for truth in any area, real science will consider and weigh the facts from every view point. Experiments will be performed and hypothesis will be confirmed or falsified. Hypothesis will not be denied simply because they do not fit the given agenda. Questions will be gladly entertained and put to the test to see if the hypothesis is viable or not. Proposals are not thrown out just because they contradict the agenda. Search for real truth entertains questions.

The science agenda that we have been fed the past half century does not allow for questions. It discounts scientific experiments which contradict their premises that all things must be naturally caused or explained. True science searches for real truths. If it does not allow for questions, then it is not real science.

Science fact science fiction

Real science is based in fact. Science fiction is based in imagination. The two are not necessarily opposed to one another. However, one must not confuse one for the other.

Let’s consider a few examples.

  • Naturalistic science says that this universe came from nothing.(Of course they had to amend that by saying it came from a singularity). Real science abides by first law of thermodynamics which says that matter/energy can not be created, increased or decreased by natural causes. That the universe came from nothing is fiction. The law is science.
  • Law of cause and effect says that the cause is always greater than the effect. How can nothing be greater than something? That nothing is more powerful than all the power in the universe is fiction. The law is science.
  • Naturalistic science speaks of “dark matter”, “dark energy” and “black holes”. These are constructs made up to fill in the holes which the “Big Bang” science can not explain. There is no proof of “dark matter”, “dark energy”, or even “black holes”. Real science is empirical and testable. It does not need to make up imagined constructs to make it viable.
  • Naturalistic science claims that life originated from lifeless molecules and evolved to humans. Real science abides by the proven law of abiogenesis, life comes from life.
  • Naturalistic science says that mutations cause life forms to grow in complexity. Real science abides by the scientific findings which prove that mutations cause a decrease in complexity and information in the species, thereby trending toward extinction.
  • Naturalistic science allows for results which back their agenda. Real science follows the facts and the results that they prove.


Let me state here, that I am not against science fiction. But I am against fiction that is promoted as science. We have too many so-called scientists today who are not scientists, though they have attained degrees in what are called scientific fields, but they have sold out to fame and money and prestige instead of searching for the truth in what ever field they are in.

It is time for the common man to begin to ask questions about everything. We must inform ourselves and be skeptical, even of our own beliefs. If a belief we have cannot stand up to logic and reason, then we might need to reconsider our stance. Real truth does not mind questions. If it is truth, it will stand any test put to it.

Science fact-science fiction
Celebrity Scientist

Many of the “scientific truths” that have been hoisted upon the populace are not truths at all. They are imaginations and illusions which people with a hidden agenda have forced upon us proclaiming them to be truths when in reality they are fictions. Listen to your news and documentaries critically. When they make statements about evolution or dark matter or dark energy or even climate change, just say out loud, (if only to yourself), “Give me some facts to back up your proofs. Is there any proofs that contradict your proofs?”

Not all science is fiction. But there is so much that is fiction that as you learn the truth you will be amazed at how much you have been lied to by people who have called themselves scientists.

My hope

Science fact
Truth will win

My hope is that this will not turn you off of real science, but will rather turn you on to real science and alert you to the science fiction that has been promoted as real science.

I encourage you to read on both sides of the question when presented by scientific findings. When you hear about the “Big Bang” from celebrated scientists, go and search for opposing views. You can find plenty on the internet.

When you hear National Geographic Channel speak of evolution, go and find a site that espouses creation rather than evolution. Compare and see which best fits.

When you hear your professor blithely state that so-and-so evolved, with respect kindly ask if he could delineate how it evolved and from what it evolved.

Remember, real science invites questions. Any science that can not be questioned is probably not real science.


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