Science Proves Evolution Wrong-Human Evolution Is False

Theory of human evolution

One of the most controlling influences of modern time has been the philosophy of the evolution of all life. It permeates every nook and crany of our lives today. Just about any area of study tries to find its connection to and its place in the picture of evolution. Charles Darwin

Though all that is observed in the universe is supposedly connected to evolution, the one that is promoted the most is that of biological evolution. The story goes that somehow some molecules of some elements accidentally came together at just the right time, at just the right balance, in just the right conditions, with just the right input of energy to bring about something that was living and was able to reproduce itself before it disappeared. This supposedly continued to happen for millions of generations of continued perfectly balanced conditions in that the “now living thing” began to “evolve” and become more complex. How it was able to do this is beyond the realm of scientific explanation of today’s scientists.

“Scientists” are continually concocting new and more elaborate scenarios by which these complicated living things “could have evolved”. It seems today that logic in science is not a viable tool. Occam’s razor used to be a good and logical explanation to the resolution of any given problem. (Occam’s Razor says that in a case where there are two explanations for a given occurrence that the one that requires the least explanation is usually the better).

Instead, today, to spread the falsehood of evolution, elaborate fairy tales of how something came to be is the preferred approach. It one “fairy tale” is proved wrong, then another is created. These “fairy tales” are not based on observable science or on scientific laws. They are made up because there is no sound scientific evidence to support their belief of how a thing came into being.

Reasons why evolution false

You may wonder that evolution is false why is it so prevalent in our society. It was Hitler(Do you know who Hitler was?) who made the phrase, “If you repeat a lie enough, people will begin to believe it is the truth.” Well, he was not the one that first employed that technique. When Darwin published his “On the Origin of Species” in 1859 there began a campaign to convince the common folks that evolution was a fact. There were a few things that had to be “fine-tuned” if the “lie” was to be accepted.

The first thing they had to do was to begin with something simple that the average person could easily grasp and that could be easily manipulated by the ruling class. This simple tool was to change the definition of what was meant by evolution.

Instead of emphasizing the enormous complexity of changing a living thing from one type to another type, they defined evolution as “merely” change. By emphasizing small changes that could easily be quantified, they then extrapolated those small changes to species evolving changes. Unless one were somewhat knowledgeable of biology it would be easy to be fooled by such a ploy.

Evolution began on a false foundation and continues to be built on unprovable “fairy tales” of what may have happened. When one “fairy tale” is proved wrong it is merely replaced by another until it is proved wrong.

Facts that prove evolution wrong

Let’s look at few scientific facts that prove evolution wrong. Almost all evolutionists believe(yes, it is a belief system) that what we observe as our universe began as nothing. Of course, they refute this by saying that it was actually a “singularity” about the size of a period on this page. In so stating they merely move the situation back one step. They must still account for all the matter that is observed in the universe.

Because of the Theory of Relativity we know that matter and energy and time are interrelated. Matter and energy are different expressions of the same thing. Matter can be changed to energy and energy can be changed to matter but neither can be created or destroyed. The First Law of Thermodynamics clearly states this fact. Evolutionists with their “Big Bang” scenario can not logically explain the existence of our universe.

The second law of thermodynamics states that in a given system entropy increases continually. Entropy is the condition of continual increase of disorder. Stated simply, any system will wind down until it is no longer functional of lacks usable energy. Evolutionists offer many “explanations” but can not in the end prove their point and overcome the second law of thermodynamics. To bad for the evolutionists, every system we know is constantly increasing in disorder which is contradictory of Darwinian evolution.thermodynamics

The law of cause and effect say that the cause is always greater than the effect. Even if the “Big Bang” were viable, the agent of cause would be much greater. Apart from the “Big Bang”, the amount of energy contained within the universe would have to be less than the cause which imparted the energy. Evolution claims that a lesser entity brings about a greater entity which is opposite of the law of cause and effect.

The laws of probability have determined that the possibility of one protein essential to life, of which over 400 are necessary for the “simplest” living form, would occur one time in 10>104. The law of probability says that anything which occurs in one in 10>40 or greater is never going to happen. It is therefore logic to know that life happening by chance, or evolution, or spontaneous generation, will never happen.

Science proves evolution wrong

Yes, the science that evolutionists say they promote actually disproves what they say it proves. So, if they are not teaching real science when they teach evolution, what are they teaching.

The answer to the above question is that they are teaching a belief, in essence a religion. Evolutionists are basically atheists. More correctly stated, they are anti-theists. They are against the fact of creation by an omnipotent being who is in control of His creation. For them to acknowledge such a being would necessitate their subjection to that being. That they do not wish to do.

Religion or science

Because evolutionists do not wish to honor a creator being they have chosen the field of science to be their avenue of evangelizing. Since the sixteenth century the field of science has grown continually in its imminence. Because godly scientists followed the Bible and its precepts they developed things such as the scientific method. By studying the Bible and then proposing hypothesis they could test their hypothesis to see if their reasoning was right. This proved to be enlightening and the science became a trusted field of study.

Evolutionists realized the influence that science had and began to make inroads in the field. This began well before Darwin but reached a tipping point in Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”. With the help of some atheist promoters it gained traction and grew in influence in the field of science. It has continued to do so and has now even entered into the government control whereby government supported school systems can only teach evolutionary biology.


If only one of the facts we have presented proves evolution false, then it is false. The laws of thermodynamics have shown that evolution is impossible. The laws of logic say that evolution is false. That should settle it. But look for more articles in the future which I shall show that DNA proves evolution false.


Let me encourage you to use an inquiring mind when approaching anything that scientists or anyone says. Yes, even what I may say. Please do your own research and know for certain what you know and what you can believe.

Just because someone may claim authority does not mean that they are authority. There is only one final authority and that is found in the One Who is the Creator of all that we comprehend. It is well worth your while to get acquainted with your Creator and what His thoughts are. One of the amazing things about our Creator is that He loves us so very much.

I would like to link you to some other articles that can explain how much He loves you and cares for you. No matter what your situation is He desires to bless you and have you dwell in His presence.

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