Seeds to Make Money

Today we have so many promoters who try to get you to join their program and get rich fast. “Well”, I ask, “Is that possible?” I would like to address that point.

What is money?

Time Knowledge

Most of us grew up just thinking that money was money. You had to have it to buy food or clothes or housing or pay for things that you wanted to buy. It was just a necessary part of our lives. But did you ever consider what it really represented? I know I did not until I was grown and working and had a family to care for. But there came a time when I sat down and began to consider money and what it represented.

In the past, not too distant, when there was not currencies like we have today, people would exchange goods that they had with others who had goods that they needed. That practice was called bartering. If I had something of value which I did not necessarily need I might “barter” with you to exchange that article, which you might need or could put to good use, for the article which you had that I needed or wanted.

As civilizations developed and nations were set up the governing bodies or rulers need a more efficient way to do their bartering. There were certain precious metals that were common to most governments and these became the standard by which articles were valued. The most notable of these was gold. It is still the main standard by which currencies are valued.

But is a precious metal what gives value to any money? Not really. The value of that metal fluctuates just as the value of the currency it backs. Then what is money, really?

Simply put, money, or anything used as currency is valued by the amount of time and knowledge put into the product for which the money is used to purchase.

What are the seeds to make money?

As stated above, money is directly related to our time and our knowledge. Bill Gates of Microsoft put in the time to gain great amounts of knowledge when the computer was being developed and came up with a product that made it feasible for the average person to use. In exchange for the knowledge and time he expended the world gladly gave of the value of their time in the form of money to buy his product. Because he had the knowledge which very few had, the world came to him and from the currency of their time they made him one of the richest men in the world, monetarily.

Time and knowledge

Sow seeds

Just because someone spends a lot of time doing something does not mean that his time increases his monitization. Just because I hammer a nail inefficiently and it takes me a long time to hammer one hundred nails does not mean that my time is of great value. If someone comes along and can nail the one hundred nails in half the time that I can, that means that his time is valued twice that of mine. If another comes along and has a pneumatic nail gun and can nail the same one hundred nails one hundred times faster than I can, then his time is worth one hundred times that of mine.

This is where the knowledge enters. It is not that I am not worth being paid, but that the value of my time and work is limited by my level of knowledge. If through time spent practicing I can increase the number of nails I can drive in a given time, then my time becomes more valuable. If by learning how to use a pneumatic nail driver (nail gun) I am able to increase the number nails I can drive even more, then my time has become more valuable.

Knowledge greatly affects the currency of one’s time. If you are willing to take time and grow in knowledge and find an area of need for many people and then through knowledge develop a product that will meet that need, then the currency of your time will grow exponentially.

Time and knowledge applied will greatly increase the amount that money will grow. But I would like to propose one more seed to be planted along with these.


Never Give Up

Diligence is that trait which is exhibited when things do not seem to be going well. Or, they seem to be not going at all. It is that trait that keeps its’ eyes on the goal and perseveres even when it seems hopeless. Diligence is consistent. It works just as steadily when things are going bad as when they are going great. Diligence is always optimistic. It sees the end from the beginning. Diligence does not give up.

Diligence is the fertilizer for time and knowledge expended. It provides the necessary nourishment for time and knowledge to come to fruition and bear their fruit.

The crop

The greatest book ever compiled has this to say: “Whatsoever a man sows, that he shall also reap”. For those who are willing to put in the time to develop in any area and grow in knowledge in that area, they are planting seeds of success, no matter what the area. Then if they are willing to add diligence to that formula they will without a doubt have success.

One of the benefits of that success is the money that exemplifies the time and knowledge expended. When diligence is added we see the seeds to make money bear fruit.

I encourage you, though, that as the crop of money comes in, do not focus only on the money. Money is a representation of your time and knowledge. The same book that said, “Whatsoever a man sows is what he reaps,” also said,”It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (That term “blessed” means “empowered to prosper”) So, if you want to prosper even more, be a great giver.

The best place to grow

I have been blessed in that I have found a place where I can plant the seeds to make money and it provides good ground for them to bear much fruit. It is not a make money fast scheme, but it will take time and I will grow in knowledge and I will be diligent. It is the perfect place to grow financially so that I can be a big giver.

If you desire these goals for your life I encourage you to click the link below and see if this is what you have been looking for. May God bless you and prosper you in your time and knowledge and diligence.


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