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Are you serious about online business?

A lot of folks who say they are serious about starting an online business are not really serious. They want to make a lot of money fast. Many of them are like I was when I first considered starting an online business. The headlines caught my eye and I fell for almost every trick in the book. “Make a thousand dollars by this time next week.” “Just one hour a day and you will be making thousands in just a few weeks.” “You don’t need to know anything, we do all the work.” Those are just a few that I fell for. You see, I was serious about wanting to make money, but I was not serious about what it would take to get to a point where I could make good money.

If that is what you are serious about, then you may not wish to continue reading this blog. But, if like me, you are serious about building, and I mean “building”, an online business, you may wish to continue reading.  Click this sentence if you are really serious.

The Best online business opportunities

There are a lot of viable ways to build a business online. You can go to some popular online sales sites and set an account, usually free, and begin to sell products. Examples are Ebay, Bonanza, Etsy and other such online entities. You can buy upgrades if the free platform is not enough for what you wish to accomplish. If you wish to grow in that framework you will probably need to set yourself up with some drop shipping companies. With drop shippers, you advertise and sell their products but only pay for them when you sell them. When you make a sale, you purchase the product from the drop shipper and have him ship it to the customer. Of course, you sell it at a marked up price from what it would cost you. Simply by “googling” “drop shippers” you can find plenty of products to be able to sell on your account. Be ready to put in plenty of time and keep abreast of your products and their availability. You will have to pay around a 13% fee for each sale, assuming you use PayPal for your payment system. You can make good money but it will take a good amount of time.

Another way is to have your own online store. You might check with Shopify, Volusion, Onetify and other such providers. For a fee these people will set you up a shop and help you line up suppliers or drop shippers to supply your store. It will work similar to the Ebay or Bonanza but will be specifically your store and you will not have to pay any of the fees that you would on Ebay and others. The profit is all yours less any fees for Paypal(3%) or credit card fees. Depending on which platform you use, you will have some support but it will be limited unless you want to pay for it. If you have a good background in computer online use this may take a while to get it going and get exposure.

Probably the most advertised and promoted type of online business these days is affiliate marketing. This is an excellent way to build a business online. However, there have been many scams that have arisen around affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when someone has a site, whether it is a blog or review or general interest site and they direct people through their site to products or companies with which they have an affiliation. When a customer comes through their site and makes a purchase from the company, that company will pay the site owner a percentage of the sale. If you know how to work this system you can make a lot of money and make it consistently. Unfortunately, if you do not know how to build the system, you probably will not make a penny. It will cost you, but never pay you back. Most “peddlers” of affiliate marketing products make a good sales pitch, but never really deliver the goods. Look out for “upfront” payments of large amounts; hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Check to see what kind of support they have. Are their guarantees outrages? It would be better not to try to build a business online than to try to use someone who can not support you.

Learn about online business

Take some time to learn as much as you can about online business. You are doing that here. So continue to learn. When you find a system you are interested in, see if they have a trial version, and how long does it last. There are several out there that offer free trials, but they last for a limited time and usually does not give enough exposure to the system for you to make an informed decision. Taking some time to weigh your choices will be time well spent. It is easier to spend a little time than to spend a lot of money that you probably can not get back.

The best online business that I know of

You may wonder how I might know which is the best online business type. Well, one reason is that I have tried all the types that I have mentioned above. All but one of them lost me money, big money. All of them can be good if you are given the knowledge and support necessary. All of them do have some programs that give that, but the cost is almost prohibitive. You will need a large bank account to weather the process of getting the business to a point of paying for itself.

There is one, though, that sets itself apart. It allows you to have a free, yes, free, membership with access to some of its training libraries. You will be trained how to set up a website step by step. To do that they will give you two free websites for you to develop and host them for you. So far, this is all free. They will give you ten free lessons from their vast library of lessons on building a business online. You can receive limited support to help in building your websites. You will be amazed at how fast you are able to build and launch your site. If after the ten free lessons and support you like what you see you will have the choice of becoming a premium member for $49 a month or you can remain a free member and continue to use your own two websites. The free membership is yours for life as well as the two websites. But, if your appetite is whetted so that you are ready to go on to bigger and better things, then take the Premium Membership. You then have access to over 700 tutorials and lessons on affiliate marketing and how to succeed. There literally thousands of members who are glad to help and support you in any way they can. You can get help from the experts and fellow members 24 hours a day. In the first three months I was there I learned more about online marketing than I had learned in the previous three years through other avenues.

In closing

The program I am talking about is known as Wealthy Affiliates. If you are serious about online business you need to at least check them out. I will leave you a link below by which you can try out their free membership. If I can be of help just leave me a comment below and I shall respond.

I wish you the best as you continue to learn about online business. May you have great success.

God bless you!





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