Solo Build It Review-Is Solo Build It a Scam

I occasionally like to read what other folks say about the Wealthy Affiliates program that I am associated with. I ran across a review that was done by a group called Solo Build It. Though they were not complimentary of Wealthy Affiliates they did not openly demean them. So I thought I would do a review of them. This then is a Solo Build It Review.

Background for review

Just to give you a little background for my review research, I purchased a membership for Solo Build It on the monthly plan. Because the review that I had read spoke very highly of the program I was eager to look into its’ plan of developing an online business and the tools that it would make available for that purpose. I spent several hours studying their program and seeking to find the tools that they would make available for building the online business I wanted to build.

What I found

After spending some time plowing through the program, which they divide into days instead of topics, I had several questions that wanted to get answered. The paramount question I had was, “Can I get a domain through SBI? I searched and searched and could not get an answer. I finally sent an email to customer support which will take probably a day or two to get and answer.

The information in general is good but is lacking in specificity in most areas. It reminded me of some programs I had tried which up front sounded good but when put into practice were lacking in production. SBI prides itself in producing more money making entrepreneurs than Wealthy Affiliate. That may or may not be true.

I found it somewhat hard to find a continuity of thought and plan. I do not necessarily blame this on the promoters of this program, but for me it lacked a cohesive plan.

What is available for the user

Build your own business
Solo Build It

The first thing that I found available for the user, or member of SBI, was their lesson plan. As I stated above, it was laid out in a day format. Though stated as days, it was really sections that were to be completed before moving on to the next section whether it took a day or a week. That is fine. The progression they laid out was feasible, though for me, it was not always clear. I am not a guru with the computer but I do know more than the average person.

Addressing the problem I mentioned about a domain or website, I could not find anything about if or where I might obtain a domain and whether it would be free or cost me something. Most people I have encountered that are looking into an online business want to find answers to these questions early on. I could not find any mention of whether I had to have my own domain or whether I could purchase a domain through SBI. In their advertising they say they will host any domains that you have for the normal SBI fees of maintaining a domain through their hosting. I guess you have to buy your own domain and name through another host and then transfer it to them.

General view of SBI

Though I have spent only a few hours studying SBI I find it an unfriendly platform for someone who is not very well versed in developing a website. For those who are more learned in the field it is probably a good platform. The price of $29.99 a month seems reasonable(or $299.00 per year). I am sure that if you know what you are doing you can get your money’s worth. However, for someone like me, I am not sure that I could go so well.

But the question of, “Is Solo Build It a scam?”, I would say “No!”

For me, SBI would not be the correct choice, though.

My view

I mentioned above that the SBI review of Wealthy Affiliate was not flattering. In fact, they called what had been written of SBI in the articles  “fake” reviews. They may have been correct or they may not have been correct. The reviewers they cited may not have done a true comparison of the two programs. But, I have taken some time, though not a great amount of time, to look into the SBI program and have found it to be quite viable for someone seasoned in online business development. However, from what I have learned about who is getting into online business building these days, it is over most of our heads.

In contrast to SBI, when I look at Wealthy Affiliate I find a very user-friendly platform for, first of all, learning about the business of online marketing, and how to build an online business from the ground up. All that is included in SBI is in Wealthy Affiliate and much more. It is broken down into easy to understand segments and your individual progress is recorded and maintained. It is easy to know what you have learned and then where your next step will take you.

One advantage that stands out is the fact that Wealthy Affiliate provides access to get 25 free websites through their server. These are covered in the standard premium fee. In addition they will host up to 25 domains which you own. Included is keyword research programs and many more benefits for developing great online presence.


I mentioned above that SBI would cost you $29 a month or $299 a year. Wealthy Affiliate will cost you $49 a month or $499 a year. That is $200 a year difference. Consider this though. SBI has a 10 day lesson plan. Wealthy Affiliate has over 70 lessons in their teaching archives and these are being added to and updated regularly. There are actually hundreds of training videos and lessons in the data base of Wealthy Affiliate university.

Both SBI and Wealthy Affiliate do not promise a get rich quick scheme but emphasise the need to work and persist to bring about success. In this, both programs are in agreement.

One definite advantage with Wealthy Affiliate is their introduction program. SBI offers a 90 day money back guarantee if you are not pleased with the product. That is very fair, and you should know by then if you will like the program. However, Wealthy Affiliate offers you a free(really free) trial. You do not even have to register a credit card.

You sign up with an email address. Then you get the first ten lessons of the training. In these you set up your first website through their host. To be able to do that they give you two free websites. By the time you finish the first ten lessons you will have your site up and ready to run. So far, you have spent no money and have at least one website up and have another available. If after having accomplished this, if you decide you want to get the Premium version, you can then purchase it. If you do not wish to purchase the Premium version, that is OK. You still get to keep your free version and your two free websites, forever.

Check my comparison chart below to see what you get with the Free version and the Premium version.

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