Start My Own Internet Business-How to Start a Small Online Business From Home

How do I start my own internet business? That was the question that I asked myself almost two years ago. I had no idea where to look except on the internet. So I began to google “start my own internet business”. Boy, were there lots of choices. So I narrowed it a bit and typed in “how to start a small online business from home”. This made it a little easier, but I still had a lot to choose from.

Needless to say, I made some mistakes. Some avenues I went down cost me money and I never made any. Some more than others.

Some promised the sky, but never got me off the ground. Once again I was left with nothing but a bad experience and a little less money.

I persisted until I finally found the right program for me. Let me share with you some wisdom I gained in my search so that you may not have to experience some let-downs that I did. Then I shall share the program that I am part of now and am building my online business from home.

Programs to be wary of

Watch Out!

One of the hardest programs to not try is the one that promises that you will make money, and lots of it, almost instantly. These will come in all shapes and forms.

Some are sales. Some are recruitment. Some funnel people to other promoters. It does not matter. If they promise quick money, avoid them.

If they want a lot of money up front, be wary. Most legitimate online business promoters are glad to offer a time of free use or will gladly offer a money back guarantee within a reasonable amount of time. Unless you have an unlimited amount of money, it would be wise to avoid these programs.

There are many programs that seem legit and only ask for a reasonable amount to join their program. But, after entering the program you find out that that reasonable amount must be added to if you are going to get the full benefit of the program. And it will continue as you get more into the program. If you see this beginning to happen, it might be good to ask for your money back and look elsewhere.

If you find a program that you think you might be interested in, ask if they will offer you a free trial. If they will not offer a free trial or at least a money back guarantee, then go elsewhere. There are plenty that are glad to give a free trial or a money back guarantee.

If the program tells you that you can begin to make money right away, stop and ask a few questions. Then read some reviews about the program. Ask them for some references.

Beware of fast talkers. They will try to talk you into “buying the house”, (invest your life savings and so forth). The fast talkers are the ones who make the money while everybody else pays. Avoid the fast and smooth talkers.

Have a general budget and amount of money that you think you can reasonably put into developing your business over at least a year. If the program or promoter does not fit your budget it is probably best not to go with them. Some will try to get you to go in debt by offering you the opportunity of getting a credit card with a high limit and low interest. Do not do that. You know the finances better than they do.

How much money

How much money
What is the cost?

I mentioned above that you should have some idea of how much money you should budget. If you find a good program, and there are some, at some point you will still need to invest in your business. I would recommend that you budget to spend around $500 in the first year. You will not need to have it all at one time, but will need to have some available for business needs.

If you can find $50 extra dollars a month, or you have that much extra each month, or you may have saved up enough to spend that much a month on building your business. If you are serious about building your own internet business you have already made some provision for that.

There are several programs that will be glad to let you start for free and learn the fundamentals, but when you really get serious about growing your business online you will need to begin small investments into your business. Remember, it is investing in YOUR business. You will be the one to reap the benefits.

The Best Program I Found

Wealthy Affiliate Logo
Best Online Building Program

The best program I found comes with all the right things for a beginning entrepreneur. It starts you at the very beginning. It begins by treating you as if you know nothing, or very little about how to start an online business from home. To make it easy on you, they offer you a free membership to “get your feet wet” so to speak. When they say “Free”, they mean “Free”. You do not have to register a credit card as at other so-called “free” trial programs.

With the “Free” program you will receive 10 free tutorial lessons, comprised of videos and tutorials that will help you learn how to launch a website for your online business. Along with these lessons you will receive 2 “Free” websites, hosted for “Free” through their hosting service. It is all free. You will be able to set up and launch your free website within this “Free” membership. If you are very smart, which I was not, you can stay in the “Free” membership and continue to build your business. However, If you are like me, and need to grow in knowledge on how to build a lasting online business, then you may consider joining the Premium membership. That is the highest membership that there is.

Premium membership Wealthy Affiliate

The program that I am part of and am building my business with is Wealthy Affiliate. This program has benefited hundreds of thousands of small business entrepreneurs who have built and grown thousands of online internet businesses. They have been doing this for over 14 years, now.

I mentioned above that their only paying membership is the Premium membership. The cost for the Premium membership is $49 dollars a month. You can save on that by buying a yearly membership, but most of us may not be able to do that at first but can put out the $49 a month.

I don’t know about you, but when I started I was strapped to get $49 a month, but I was serious about building my business so I made a way to get the $49 a month. I finally got to the point that I could get the yearly membership. You know what you can do and you judge what is best for you. But if you are serious, like so many of us, you can work it out.


Wealthy Affiliate Promise

Wealthy Affiliate does not promise that you will make money quick or that you will make a lot of money. What they do promise you is that you will receive the best teachings and the best lessons that are available to help you build an online business. Their archives have thousands of teaching videos and tutorials that can help you build an online business no matter what structure you chose.

They do promise you that you will have 24-hour support that you can access at any time and receive response and help within minutes instead of hours and days. This is a worldwide network of members, many who are advanced and successful entrepreneurs who are glad to share their expertise with those who are building their own online business.

Wealthy Affiliate founders are still actively involved in their own online businesses and in the continuing growth of Wealthy Affiliate programs.


If you fill that Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that you think that you can use to start your online business, go ahead and click the banner and begin your Free membership and test it out. I look forward to your success as you build your online business from home.

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