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About a year ago I decided I wanted to start my own internet business. I had all kinds of questions. Can I start my own internet business? What types of internet businesses are there? What is the cost of starting an online business? If you are reading this article, you probably have some of the same questions I had. I don’t say that I have all the answers, but maybe I can answer some of the questions that may have crossed your mind

Starting a business
Start your own internet business

Can I start my own internet business?

The simple and straight forward answer is “Yes, you can.” The determining factor will be whether you have the desire and drive, perseverance and patience necessary to actually lay the foundation and build the content necessary for an online business.

Some online internet businesses are not much more than a store front to sell products. There are many successful entrepreneurs who have built their internet store front and have become very successful. These are the types of online businesses that take almost as much of your time to run as if you had a brick and mortar store. There comes a point when it consumes all your time and you have to bring in more help. If this is what you want, great, go for it. Amazon did it and is still doing it.

But, if you wish to start an online business that does not consume all your waking hours you might look to the area of building a website which is based on blogging. Blogging in its’ simplest definition is writing about things that you are passionate about and have good knowledge of or you are growing in knowledge of. You develop a website focused on your subject and write and post articles to your site on a regular bases. By following a structured program you grow your blog content until you gain a following of like-minded people who begin to spread the knowledge of your site.

As you grow in popularity and content you gain ranking on the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckgo, etc. As you rank higher and higher with these search engines you get more and more traffic. Now, you ally yourself with products that are associated with your passion. If you are a sports fanatic, you ally with sporting goods sellers. If you are a health nut, you find the best vitamin producers or weight loss groups. If you are a musician you find the best instrument providers. Whatever your interest you can find a product and a company who will be glad to let you advertise their product on your blog.


When you ally yourself with a product and the company of that product, you serve as what is called an affiliate. It does not cost you anything to join as an affiliate. What you do is, sign up with the company as an affiliate and they give you advertisements and links for the products they sell. You post these links or banners on your site or in your blog. When one of your readers clicks on the link it will take them to the website and product of the company with whom you are affiliated. From there, the product company will handle the rest. For providing the customer through your website, the product company will pay you a percentage of all sales made to that person.

As traffic to your site increases, so will the people who will click on the products that you advertise. You will make a percentage of all sales that come through your site to go to the product’s company.

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The time necessary to build an affiliate marketing business usually takes from 6 months to a year to begin to realize steady income. But from then on it grows exponentially. Patience will bring success.

What do you need?

If you have a computer(which you must have, or you would not be reading this), and have access to the internet, you have what you need to begin your very own business.

What about building my website?

Very few of us have enough knowledge to build a website to launch an online business from scratch. But, fortunately for us there is a source of knowledge and tools available for us that will enable us to be able to build and maintain a working website. And it will not consume every waking hour of our day.

If you have a fairly good grasp of the English language(for those of us who speak English), it will be a matter of learning while on the job. We used to call it “on the job training”. As in “on the job training” there are some qualifying abilities, but we have already stated those.

Any business that anyone begins will take time and consistent work to bring the success desired. But with this business you can succeed to whatever level you desire.

There will be an investment of your time. If you have an hour or so a day, or maybe four or five hours a week, you can build an online business that will sustain you for years to come with minimal time involvement. Of course, the more time you invest, the greater the return. You get to make the choice and you are your own boss.

Are you ready?

Walking and the heart
Are you ready?

Are you ready to start your own internet business? Even better! What if you could start your own online business for free? Would you do it? Well, you can. Here’s how.

Wealthy Affiliates

There is a program called Wealthy Affiliates. Its main focus is helping people begin building an online business by building websites that the owner affiliates with different kinds of companies and products. They provide all the tools and instructions and all the support that one could ever need. To begin this program they will let you begin as a “Free Member”. When I say “Free”, I mean “Free”. No need to give a credit card number. They will ask for an email address. In return they will give you 10 free lessons on how to begin and build a website by which you can build a blog on whatever passion drives you. They will provide two “free” websites which they will host, free of charge.

If after doing the ten lessons and building your website and beginning your blog, you decide this is for you, you can join by becoming a Premium Member. As a Premium Member, all the learning tools and support available through Wealthy Affiliate become yours. I shall not try to list all of these available tools, but suffice it to say that there are more than you will ever be able to utilize.

But, what if this program is not for you? If that is the case, do nothing. But you get to keep a Free Membership and the two “free” websites which are provided for you. You may decide to join later.

Check this chart out

Click the “Create Your Account Today” button and begin your free membership today.

I look forward to seeing you succeed as you start your own internet business. The sky is the limit.

Enjoy the adventure!





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