Take Care – Be Careful

Be careful
Be careful – full of care

There are two phrases which we often hear which are intended for good in our thoughts toward others, but may really be a curse instead of a blessing. The two phrases are similar: they are, “Take care,” and “Be careful”. They may sound harmless or even encouraging, but let us look a little closer to what we are actually saying.

The importance of words

In past blogs I have pointed out the kind of gravity that spoken words carry. I have pointed out that the Bible tells us that all of the creation was produced by spoken words of the Creator. When the Creator became a man, Jesus, He pointed out that “by your words(spoken words) you will be justified or you will be condemned.” In Proverbs He says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” So, you see, words and how they are used is very important.

What does “care” mean?

In the past I used the phrases that we are discussing and took no thought as to what the meaning of the word really meant. I thought that I was showing concern for the person to whom I spoke them. Then one day someone told me to look up the root meaning of the word “care”.

There are many add on meanings to the word, but the root comes from the word which means “to carry”. In other words, you shoulder the weight or load on the weight of the thing you are carrying. To clarify further, you “load yourself down”.

Loaded with care
Take care

So, when you tell someone, “Take care”, you are in essence saying, “Let me add a little more weight to your load.” That does not sound much like a blessing, does it?

How about, Be Careful!

Remembering that “care” means to “carry a load”, if you tell someone to “be careful”, you are telling them to be “full of care”, or be totally loaded down. Does that sound like a blessing? I think not. If one is totally loaded down you can not be free to accomplish the things that you really need to do. To be able to do the things you really need to do you need to be freed from the load of care that is on you. It sounds odd, but the phrase “be care-less” would be more fitting than “be careful”. To have less care (care-less) would mean you would be more capable of accomplishing things because you would have less of a load(weight) to contend with.

Care less
Cast all your care on the Lord

I know this sounds odd to us, but for many years our education system in America has been deceived and has taught us things that are untrue. That is why we must re-insert wisdom into our curriculum. The only source of true wisdom is found in the words of the Creator of all things. Those words are found in the Bible.

True wisdom

Did you know that the man known as the “Father of American Education”, Noah Webster, said that The Bible should be the primary text book and the foundation of the American education system. We have long since strayed from that ideal and this is a prime example of that. Seldom do we logically or critically address the things of our time. We assume that those who are over us and in charge will give us the right answers. Wise education never assumes any authority but puts it to the test of logic and wisdom. Then, and only then, will it accept its findings. Too much of what is called education has become indoctrination. Indoctrination is based on consensus, not truth.

Back to our subject

So we see that because we have not taken the time to study or critically analyze our words, we have been tricked into inadvertently “cursing” one another instead of “blessing” one another. Notice the difference. “To bless” is to empower someone to prosper in a given area. “To curse” is to bring destruction and poverty on someone.

Because we have been deceived by our leaders, both political and educational, we have gone about cursing one another under the guise of supposedly blessing one another.

How do we correct this

There is only one way to correct the situation that we are in. That way is, to follow the same path that Jesus did. Five times in the book of John in the New Testament Jesus emphasized that the words that He spoke were not His but the Father’s words. That is the way to correct our speaking. Find out what the Word of God has to say on any given subject and then speak what It says about that subject.

You may say that it will take too long to learn what The Bible says about everything. You would be correct in that statement. So, the sooner you start, the sooner you will find your answers. That is why Noah Webster emphasized that The Bible should be the primary text book of American education.

We make our children to go through 12 grades of schooling in hopes of giving them a foundation for living in our American society. If we included Bible in the curriculum, what a foundation they would have for speaking blessing into our society instead of the curses we see around us every day. Until we correct our education system, we will not see a correction in the things that we speak into existence in our society.

What can you do?

You do not have to be controlled by the curses of those that are around you, no matter which society you are in. The Word of God is strong and powerful. It shall rule in whatever situation to which it is inserted. It is the power which created the universe.  There is no greater power.  Period!  If you wish to change your situation in life, begin by speaking words that describe what you desire them to be.  Find out what your Creator has to say about you and what His plans are for you.  Then begin to speak the words from His Word that will bring about the desired results.

In Isaiah chapter 55 He describes how His Word works.  He says it this way: “As the rains come down from heaven and the snow to give food to the eater and seed for the sower, so shall My Word be that goes forth out of my mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please.”  What does He please?  Exactly what He says.  No more.  No less.  He means what He says.

You decide

The decision is yours.  You will get what you say.  Proverbs 18:21 says it all: “The power of life and death is in the tongue.”  With your own words you will determine how your life will be.  You will produce either life, by speaking God’s Word concerning you, or you will speak death by not speaking God’s Word.

I pray that you will exercise wisdom and declare the blessing of God on yourself and all that you come in contact with.

Rather than take care or be careful I encourage you to cast all your cares on the Lord because He cares for you and be careful for nothing but through prayer and supplication let your request be known unto God so that His peace will keep your heart and mind by Christ Jesus.

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