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You have waited for years to get to just the right point where you could start your own business and be your own boss. But things and situations have not worked out so that you would be in a place to do that. You may have had to go to work right out of high school, or you went to college and then had to get a job immediately to begin to pay back your student loans. Or, you may have met just the right person and got married and began your family.

No matter what the story, you just have not come to a point where you could launch out on your own.

But the dream is still alive

The dream of starting your own business and being your own boss is still alive. But the means of beginning such a business is not there, or you think it is not there. If you really want to pursue that dream but do not have lots of money or cannot qualify for a loan to set up your business, I would like to offer you an alternative to the standard approach to building a business.

Most businesses do not start out as a multi-thousand dollar or a multi-million dollar business. Some of the largest businesses of our time began with very little. The WalMart business began when an Arkansas farmer started a little hardware store to help his neighbors by offering them economically priced tools and goods. Today that business is one of the biggest in the world.

There are many others in different fields which have begun the same way and have flourished.

If your dream is still alive and you do not mind beginning small and can invest five to ten hours a week and $49 dollars a month, then I would like to introduce you to what I consider the best way to be your own boss and start your own internet business.

Why the internet?

You may wonder why I speak of an internet business? In today’s business world, every business is associated with the internet. They may be “brick and mortar” but they promote their business and connect with their customers through the internet. They may advertise on TV but they can communicate 24 hours a day through the internet.

This avenue works for conglomerates as well as for corner stores. It also works well for single object merchandisers just as well. The users of the internet is growing almost exponentially each year. People want information when they are ready to purchase something and guess where they go to find that information? You guessed it, the internet.

What kind of business will you build?

The kind of internet business you will build will depend on you and what your interests are. It would not do for you to try to build an internet business around a product or something that you have little or no interest in. The business you should build should focus on a product that you use and like or something that you are passionate about.

If you have a product that you use regularly the chances are that you are knowledgeable about it. It would be something that you could enjoy learning more about and sharing that knowledge with others. If you are passionate about a subject it is likely that you are already knowledgeable about it and can easily share information about it with others.

So, in deciding on your internet business, take a little time to consider what you really are interested in and what you will enjoy promoting on a regular basis.


How much money

Previously, I noted that if you had as little as $49 a month you could begin building your own internet business. The program that I recommend will cost $49 a month if you join as a regular member. But, just perchance, you do not have $49 a month, what then. Well, the founders of this program want so much to help people like you and me to get started that they will offer a free membership to anyone and all who wish to try their program for free.

A lot of business starter programs of free trials. They may be in the form of 60 day free trial with credit card filed. At any point in that 60 days, you may cancel and receive a credit on your credit card. Some offer their “free” trial which is a money back guarantee. If you decide not to join you have to request a refund for your payment for the first month. These ways are legitimate ways of offering free trials.

But, the program that I am speaking of offers a totally FREE membership trial. It really is free. You do not register a credit card. All you need to register is an email address. You will then be given access to foundational tools for beginning an internet business website. Those tools include 10 free lessons and tutorials on how to set up a business website and two free websites hosted by their domain hosting service.

Suppose you decided not to try the paid for program at $49 a month. Maybe you feel this is not the program for you. That’s OK. You get to keep your FREE membership and the two free websites to work as you see fit. If you never do anything with them, that’s OK, too.

What if you decide to join?

If you decide to join, you will receive access to hundreds of available lessons and tutorials on everything that you will ever need to know about building an internet business. Along with that you will receive 25 free websites and hosting for as many businesses you wish to build. You can also receive free hosting for up to 25 other domains that you may own.

In addition, you will have access to 24-hour support. You will receive answers to your questions and help in your business within minutes to hours rather than hours to days. You will have a network of like-minded entrepreneurs who are doing as you are doing, building their own business.

OK, what is this program? This program is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealth Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Logo
Best Online Building Program

Wealthy Affiliate is a program that has been providing insight and direction for internet business builders for over 14 years. They do not promise that you will get-rich-quick. But they do give you the tools that have helped thousands of their members to make a good and steady income as they work as their own boss. Many have become millionaires. That may not be your goal.

But, if you are willing to invest your time and intellect into developing your internet business, you will succeed. How far you take your success will be up to you, no one else.

The monetary investment is meager compared to other business ventures. But, the return on your investment is limitless. Wealthy Affiliate is the best program available for beginning an internet business, no matter which model you choose. There are many to choose from and Wealthy Affiliate will equip you with the tools to go any direction you choose.

I recommend you try the FREE version to see if this program is for you. Take your time and consider all possibilities. Then if you like what you see and what you try, then join the Premium membership. That is the only level of membership, other than the Free membership. You can achieve higher levels of learning, but never a higher level of membership. We are family.

I am placing a chart below for you to compare what you get in the Free membership compared to the Premium membership.

I wish you well and God bless you.

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