The Contradiction of Evolution and Death

One of the most influential concepts in modern history has been that of evolution. It was proposed as an option to creation by an omnipotent god. But if you understand the reasoning involved you will see some contradictions. The contradiction of evolution and death is one of those incongruities.

Death is the machine of evolutionThe contradiction of evolution and death

The proponents of evolution have promoted the idea that death is the machine of evolution. But stop, and apply a little logic. (Evolution, by the way, is totally lacking in logic. We shall see further down).

If something that is non-living can somehow bridge the enormous gap from inanimate to animate, nothing should be impossible. Yet, they allow that this “miraculous” thing can be overcome by circumstance and time and die. Their logic is flawed from the beginning.

But, evolutionists reason that death must be or the evolved offspring could not replace the progenitor. But how could this “super thing” called life, be overcome by anything and return to being inanimate?

Consider the beginning of life from an evolutionist viewdeath and evolution

Somewhere, somehow in a primordial soup some essential elements to life came together. These essential elements were those that are necessary to combine and bring life. The things they form are proteins. Life as we understand it is made up of proteins. Without them there is no life.

Somehow, this occurred and life began. It is easy to write that and tell the story to an unknowing audience. When you were a child, did you believe that Pinocchio could actually come to life. Did you believe that his nose would grow longer if he lied. If you were like me, you probably did believe it. You believed it because someone you trusted told you the story. You did not know any better, because you trusted them. Hopefully, as you grew in knowledge you found that that was not true.

Let me make it clear right now, evolutionists have no idea how life began. In their logic they cannot explain why death occurs. But, they will not tell you that. Their goal is to put up a smoke screen of pseudo-scientific “jabberwocky” hoping you lack the knowledge to refute them.

What constitutes life?

As we stated above, living things are made of proteins. Proteins are actually complex machines which take nutrients from their environment and use them to accomplish tasks. The smallest number of proteins necessary for a self-sustaining living cell is just over 400. Now, viruses can only contain around 250 and live, but they must be in a living host. Viruses cannot survive alone.

Proteins are constructed from amino acids. There are hundreds of amino acids, but living things only use 20. The amino acids that living things use are left-handed as opposed to right-handed. The reason for this is that sugars which must bind with amino acids to form proteins are right-handed. Amino acids and sugars are equally represented, left and right-handed in nature. The chances of left-handed amino acid joining with right-handed sugar in the amounts needed to form a protein is astronomical.

The laws of probability

death and evolution
Laws of Probability

The scientists that study the laws of probability have looked at the logic of this happening by chance. The probability of one protein being formed by chance is 1 in 10>108 chances. That number is 10, followed by 108 zeros. That is a number you and I cannot comprehend. That is for only one protein. For those who study this field, that falls in the area of “will never happen”. (That is an allowance for evolutionists who will not give up their belief.)

Let’s compare that number to how many atoms there are in the whole universe. It is estimated that there are 10>80 atoms in the whole universe. That number is 10 followed by 80 zeros. The chances of one protein forming is a factor of a number with 20 more zeros.

The least amount of proteins that a living organism can have is just over 400.(We are not counting viruses because they must have a living host.) The probability of 400 proteins forming by chance is 1 in 10>1008. It would probably take two type written pages of zeros to numerate such a number.

Back to the contradiction of evolution and death

If evolution could overcome such odds as to bring about a living thing, couldn’t it overcome death? After all, consider, when a thing dies, aren’t all the ingredients for life still there?(That is according to evolutionary science.)

If a process could bring about life against those odds, it should be able to sustain it against lesser odds. Maybe, just maybe, life is more than just chemical processes.

Another contradictionlies are true

Evolution says that living things evolved from simple to complex. Thus they describe smaller living things, like bacteria, etc. as simple. But yet, nothing could be further from the truth. Our example of the proteins necessary for life. Proteins are very complex. Each is made up of amino acids that are fitted together in a very precise and complex configuration. Some are hundreds of amino acids long. If just one fold or configuration is flawed, the protein will not function and will be discarded.

It is believed by evolutionists that living things grew more complex by passing on beneficial mutations through their DNA. To do that there would need to be an increase in the amount of information in the DNA. Everything that has been discovered about DNA and mutations refutes that idea.

Types of mutations

Most mutations are what are called neutral. In other words, there is no effect for good or bad. Some seem to bring about a good effect. An example is sickle cell anemia. Many mutations are harmful. Whether good, bad, or neutral it is an established fact that mutations always subtract information from the system. In other words, the living organism is growing less complex because the information is diminishing.

Whether evolutionists like it or not living things are not growing more complex. All living things are growing less complex. Every species of every living thing is “evolving” toward extinction.

Evolution and death

If we were to state what is occurring more factually, we would not say life is evolving, but rather, death. For over 150 years academia has fed us a lie about life. They promoted a death promoting equation as the means to life. If we take an honest look at history we can see this played out in real life.

Karl Marx, the father of modern communism was an avowed atheist and believer in evolution. He promoted the idea of one group of people were superior to another. Some of the people who believed this evolutionary theme were Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Col Pot, and Hitler. These four people together brought about the deaths of over 100 million people in the twentieth century.

It is an odd thing, that the evolutionists always consider themselves to be the most evolved.


Wisdom would dictate that when dealing with leaders it would be wise to know where they stand on evolution. If they are so “dumb” as to believe in evolution, it would be wise never to give them any power in the public arena.

Sure, just because they believe in evolution does not make them bad. But, if they insist on remaining ignorant of truth and logic, they cannot rule wisely. If they will not learn the truth they will be easily duped by those who wish to dominate instead of serve.

Source of life

The giver of life
The Source of Life

It is evident that evolution has nothing to do with life. It only tends toward death. Then , where does life come from?

As I pointed out above, even with all the ingredients of life, you can still have a dead animal. So, what is the source of life?

The source of life is the very thing that evolutionists are trying to avoid. There is only one coherent and logical record of the beginning of living things. That record is The Holy Bible in the first three chapters of Genesis. The Source of life on earth is the Creator of all things.

The Creator revealed Himself to His creation in the form of His only-begotten Son, Jesus. In the book of John it describes Him this way.

“In Him(Jesus) was life and the life was the light of men.” According to the law of abiogenesis, life only comes from life.


The chances of life coming about by chance show that it would be a miraculous event. The God of the Bible is a miracle working God.

When you begin with the God of the Bible things begin to become logical.

Things like:

  • Life comes from life
  • Cause and effect. Cause is always greater than effect
  • Because of sin, creation is degrading(2nd law of thermodynamics)


For someone to continue to believe in evolution after learning the facts is an act of rebellion. It is rebellion, not only against the Creator, but against logic and reason.

As I stated before, believing in evolution does not make one evil. But, if after hearing the truth and the facts, and you still believe evolution, then you promote evil.

There is too much death in the world today. We should be promoting life, and especially everlasting life. That life can only be found in the One Who conquered death. He is Jesus. We celebrate His resurrection on Easter. He arose from the dead and is alive today. He will give you the everlasting life if you will trust in Him.

Repent of your sins and declare Him the Lord of your life. You can know the power of “real” life filling your body, mind and spirit.

The contradiction of evolution and death will be defeated in your life, once and for all.

Happy Resurrection Day!

He is risen, indeed!
He is risen!


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