The Difference Between Mind and Brain


For many years as I was growing up I always thought of the mind and the brain as the same thing. Now if you are of the materialist humanistic doctrine you must think of them as the same. Their belief says that all things that we see are come about because of naturalistic forces. Because of that philosophy everything must have a natural source.

The concept of mind

For the humanist the thoughts that you may have are merely the connecting of neurons and circuits in your brain. There can not be a source that gives inspiration from outside of the brain. Though they believe this they have yet to set forth any empirical proof of such. What is beauty? Where did such a concept come from? What is logic? Can circuits in the brain connect so as to prove logic?

Is the mind limited by the physical constraints of the brain? Do people who have brain damage still have a mind and the thoughts and concepts that are associated with mind? Do circuits in the brain determine such concepts as love, compassion, sympathy, empathy, hate, sorrow, etc.

Learned or inborn

Is the concept of mind a learned thing or is it inborn? Many studies have shown that babies are born with certain understandings which are not attained by a learning process. How can that be? The naturalist will counter that it is an inborn thing which has come about because of millions of years of evolution. But it is evident on the face of the argument that it is vacuous and there is not one scientific fact to back up such a claim. Because of their prior commitment to naturalistic processes only in science they must believe it without questioning whether it is logical or scientific.

True science tells us that there is more to the mind than just circuits firing in the brain.

What are the plains of human existence

When we look at a human being, we can see three different presentations. The first being the physical. This is the part which we comprehend with our senses. We see a body which has form and shape which we can touch and feel and hear and smell. If you were to “lick” them with your tongue, you could even taste them, though I do not recommend such.

The second presentation is the mental. This is the part which deals with the brain. Though the brain is in charge of almost all the functions of the body, one of its most important roles is to think. Without doubt, most thought is related to words which we learn as we grow and are exposed to our environment. Through education, we develop the mental process and expand its possibilities. There are many processes which the brain carries on which we are not always cognizant of nor is it necessary that we should be. It appears that the brain has been preprogrammed for these functions and does its best work without conscious interference. The brain and its mental possibilities has been described as the single most complex and marvelous instrument in the universe.

The third presentation of our existence is the mind, or some would say, the spirit. Though the humanist will reluctantly acknowledge some phenomenon which they can not explain, they will never aquiess to admitting that humans have a spirit. This goes along with the old adage of “not allowing a Divine foot in the door”. To admit that there is a spiritual level would necessarily allow for a higher spiritual plane. This would by all means allow for the God of the Bible which humanists know that they can not allow. To do so would collapse their already tottering scaffold of materialistic naturalism.

The spirit of man

Since humanists can not allow for humans having a spirit, they must address everything from a materialistic view point. Now those who view humans from a Biblical base, believing that human beings are threefold beings, have a more comprehensive approach to the problems facing human civilization.

The naturalist humanist can only deal with the physical body and the natural brain and its chemical imbalances. Because of their “beliefs” that is all that they can address. Because of this they can only address 2/3s of any given problem. It is good to check the physical status of the human body and it is good to check the status of the mental human brain. But to stop at these two is to leave a third of the person without any understanding or direction of recovery or even hope.

To address only two of the three parts of a person is as if one in preparing his car for a trip buys a new set of tires and has the engine checked out but then puts no gas in the tank. How far would that person get on a cross-country trip? Or you might change it around and say that he checked the engine and filled the tank but has no wheels on the car. The trip will not succeed.

So, to deny the mind, or spirit, is to deny the wholeness of what a human being is meant to be. The treatments of a humanistic approach to healing will never bring about a whole person.


So it is a wise approach in the mind vs brain difference, or spirit vs brain, that we address the spiritual part from a spiritual plane rather than trying to make everything fit a naturalistic resolution. If we are to be truly compassionate and understanding to those we seek to help, then we must not just allow but address the spiritual aspect of any situation or problem.

As I mention above, if we address or solve only 2/3s of the problem, we still have a problem. It would be far better to begin with the foundational problem and work toward the physical. By addressing all three aspects of the problem we can remedy the whole problem and not just some of it and cover the remaining symptoms with drugs and therapies.

Where to find healing

It is good to check with your doctor on a regular basis, whether yearly or bi-yearly or a regular schedule suited to your situation. But it is best if that doctor uses a complete approach of not only the physical body but also of the mental and spiritual condition of you as a whole person. But, even more important than seeing your physical doctor you need to have a spiritual check up on a regular basis. The best way to do this is by reading the handbook which was given to us by our Creator. It is called The Bible.

The Bible contains everything that is necessary for life and health in every area of our lives. It addresses the physical, the mental and the mind(spiritual). By studying and applying the principles set forth in it you can be whole in every area of your being; body, mental, and spirit.

So, here is to your good health. I shall give you some links below where you can download a copy of the Bible or you can order a hard copy if you prefer.

May God bless you and prosper you as you continue this adventure called living.





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