The Effects of Materialistic Humanism on Science

Do you believe in evolution?  If you do, the effects of materialistic humanism on science have brought you to that belief.  I do mean to use the word “believe”. 

Is evolution true?

But, weren’t we taught that science was based on facts, not on beliefs?  You are right. Even material humanists will begin their teaching of science with that axiom.  True science should be supported by observable experiments that produce consistent results. Real science is supported by observable and repeatable experiments.


Materialistic Humanism

What is materialistic humanism?  This philosophy is a belief that everything came about by a materialistic means.  In other words, “All that is observed is matter and that is all that there is.” There is no “mind”, or “spirit”.  Everything we see is brought about by the interactions of matter and the laws of physics.

A natural offspring of this is evolution.  Evolution and materialistic humanism are often considered the same things. 

Where did these philosophies come from?  We shall cut right to the start. They began when human beings revolted against their Creator.  Uh oh! Now, you are getting religious, you say.


Materialistic Humanism vs Creationism

Why would you consider it religious if I present creationism as science?  “Because it is a religion,” you say. To be precise, you would be correct.  That should end the discussion about creation, then. Right?  

Then, if we are deleting creationism from scientific discussion, what about evolution?  Is it science? We have dismissed creationism because it is based on belief and therefore is religion.  What about evolution? If we were to take any major study written on evolution we might come up with the same conclusion.  Let me give you a few links to some studies done on evolution and you see for yourself.


The terminology of evolutionary research and conclusions

If we are to be good students, we must be discerning in our reading and study.  Just because a person calls himself a scientist or professor does not mean everything he says is true.  All good adjudicators rely on more than one witness to bear out the truth. Scientists should do the same if they are desiring to be truthful.  Too often evolutionary findings are based on “could have happened” or some such jargon. Next time you read something about evolution look for “catch” words.  Such words as, may, might, believe happened, what if, we believe, likely, etc. These are not scientific terms. See if you can find some to add to these.

Evolution “science” is rife with such terms.  Most of evolution is imagination, not observation.  It is a belief that is not based on sound or logical reasoning.  If they are to maintain their beliefs they must rely on impossible science.


Logic and evolution

Another term that will almost never be linked with evolution is logic.  Those scientists who believe in evolution are constantly relying on theories that defy logic.  A system that defies logic is usually determined wrong 100% of the time. Yet, evolutionists time and again propose illogical scenarios to prop up their theory.

Check this article from the Smithsonian site:

This site promotes evolution and on the surface is very convincing in its presentation.  But take notice of where it speaks of mutations and how they help evolution.

One very important point they do not point out is this.  Mutations always subtract from the volume of information in the genome.  It never adds even if an advantageous trait arises. For this to continue for thousands or millions of years, it would spell extinction for the species.  How can a logical scientist miss this? He, or she, cannot acknowledge this fact because it destroys their argument.


Understanding and logic destroy evolution

If you are willing to look at both sides, logic will tell you that evolution is false.  Most people grow up thinking logically. Some call it common sense and other things. We learn that “what goes up must come down”.  Some “scientists” will argue with you that that is not true. They are merely playing a word game with you. Gravity works even on something you throw up in the air.  It is even working on your arm as you throw it up in the air. 

You may not know all the scientific jargon, but you know it works.  Scientific jargon is made up for scientists to impress one another and the “unwashed masses”.  Next time a “scientist” tries to impress you, ask him to state it in words that are understandable.  He may not wish to do so, because he may not know what he is saying either.

So, when a scientist says that mutations cause macroevolution, ask a simple question.  “How can you add volume to a container by subtracting from its volume?” The answer is logical and obvious.


The Effects of Materialistic Humanism on Science

Materialistic humanism, or evolution, affects science in a negative way.  It causes those who might be seeking truth to deny logic and understanding.  Why is that so?

In the Bible, in Romans 1:28 we find the reason.

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

You may wonder what the word “reprobate” means.  In this particular passage, it refers to the “mind of satan”.  

Jesus called satan the father of all liars. So, it is natural that those who do not acknowledge the Creator would promote a lie about creation.


The Creator

The Creator

The Creator is logical in all that He does.  Even in His miracles He shows the law of cause and effect.  (The cause is always greater than the effect.) Compare that with the humanist who says the effect is greater than the cause(big bang).  

The Creator gave us a handbook that tells how He made all of creation.  Yes, there are many things we still must learn about His creation. But, everything that we have learned by observation and testing lines up with what He has written.


The question

So, the question to you today is, “Whose word are you going to believe?”  

Will you believe “the scientist” whose word changes every four or five years.  Or it changes every time a new fossil is found.  

Wouldn’t it be wiser to believe the One Who said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but not My words”.  Such has been the case throughout the history of the Bible. It has never been proven wrong or incorrect in what it says.

The Bible has been the biggest inspiration for men of true science.  Those who seek to think God’s thoughts after Him are the true scientists.


In Conclusion

In the final analysis, the effects of materialistic humanism on science have been detrimental.  Since the United States has promoted and emphasized evolution, they have steadily declined in its ranking in science education.  Don’t you think that it is time to correct that decline by teaching true science?  

I do!  I’d like to hear your opinion.



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