The Evolution Fairytale-A Tale of Lies

The evolution fairytale
Proof of Evolution


On my morning walk today I really had a time of clearing my throat and sinus passages. It took me about five minutes to get them cleared enough to continue my walk. As I continued I began to consider the process by which my body was seeking to take care of itself. I began to consider my mouth, my nose, my esophagus and my trachea. As I mused on these the thought of how this system could have possibly evolved by “Darwinian” evolution. Now, you understand that “Darwinian” evolution says that life began (but they give no explanation how that may have been) and step by step, little by little it became more and more complex until, voila, human beings. Let us look at just the mucous membranes which line our mouth, nose, pharynx, trachea and esophagus and see if they could possibly have evolved.

The Cells

The cells which make up the mucous membranes are unique. The cells of mucous membranes are not like the cells which make up other organs of the body. They are specifically, if I may use the term, designed to perform the things that they do. They have sensors which detect toxins in the air being taken into the body and when alerted secrete chemicals(which they assemble) which attach to the toxin and stop it from progressing farther into the body.

When sufficient amounts of toxins have been collected the body will then be notified that it needs to be expelled. The cells then produce liquids which will begin to drain the toxins out of the nasal cavity out of the body. Though the oral cavity has the same processes going on it is not as efficient as the nasal cavity. (Hint: It is better to breathe through your nose than through your mouth.) As the toxins gathered build up the body will attempt to rid itself of them through built in programs. Two of the more notable are sneezing and coughing.

Neither of these processes in themselves are bad, but sometimes when the toxin build up is so much that they become a continuing activity one may need to take something to help them along. There are times that a cough expectorant is used and there are times that an expectorant is prescribed. Your doctor will know best.

The Nervous System

A Fairytale
A Cable with Ten Thousand Wires

As intricate and marvelous as the cells are which make up the mucous membrane, they could not do their work by themselves. The cells receive information from their environment and then must transmit it to the brain. It is true that it is not very far to the brain from the nasal and oral cavities, but the information must be sent.

This is transmitted through the nervous system. I am not going into an in depth description of the nervous system here, but suffice it to say that is far more complex than our most sophisticated internet or computer system developed by mankind.

So, when evolutionist seek to explain the evolution of mucous membranes they must also explain the development of the nervous system and how the mucous membrane system connected to it and how it developed a language by which they could communicate the information between them. That information not only has to go from the mucous membrane through the nervous system, and after the brain understands the information, it must then develop a response to the situation and then communicate that information back to the mucous membrane cell so that the cell can give the appropriate response in defense of the body.

Source of mucous membrane cells

The source of the mucous membrane’s information is found from the very beginning of the body in which the mucous membrane resides. The beginning of the unique body began when a sperm joined with an egg to form a zygote. At that very moment, all the information needed to form that body came into being. It was contained in what is named, DNA, (dioxyribonucleic acid).

The information for the mucous membrane, the nervous system and the brain were included in that package of DNA. In fact, all the information needed to construct and maintain that body is in that DNA. When it is all said and done, the human body has over 150 trillion Gbytes of information. This has proved to be an insurmountable fact for evolutionists to figure out.

DNA is made up of protein. But proteins can not be assembled except through the information contained in protein. The question to the evolutionist is, “How did proteins and DNA appear at the same time?” If proteins can not be built without the information contained in DNA and DNA can not be constructed without proteins, can evolution be feasible? To the normal person who has a high school level education and nominal ability to reason, that to approach the appearance of life from an evolutionary view point is totally illogical.

The question then arises, “Why do some people believe in evolution?”

World View

An evolutionist does not like to consider this subject. They think that they are looking at life through a scientific lens. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Science starts out with a “belief” which has some facts to back it up. It is called an “hypothesis”. An “hypothesis” must contain some aspects through which if proven could “falsify” the “hypothesis”, or prove it to be false. If there is no way to “falsify” the hypothesis, then the premises is not scientific but is a “belief” which one holds, but is not “science”.

Fairytale Evolution
Humanist World View

So, one’s approach to science begins from one of only two world views. One is the “humanist” world view and the other is the “Biblical” world view.

The Evolution Fairytale
Biblical World View

There are no other. The “humanist” approaches every thing from a materialist mentality. Everything evolved through natural processes, and that is all there is.

The “Biblical” worldview begins with the premises that the Biblical account of creation is the correct view and proceed to study the creation from there.

Which view is right?

How do you determine which view is right? Well, the scientific way is to make hypothesis and the conduct experiments and studies to see which hypothesis is correct and which is falsified.

Let us look at just one particular area which is very true of almost all areas. The area of DNA, which we looked at above, has had many predictions made by the humanist world view and the Biblical world view.

The humanist(materialist-evolution) view point says that DNA somehow began and over millions and billions of years it has grown in information by mutations and natural selection.

The Evolution Fairytale
Disorder increases

The Biblical world view says that sometime between five and ten thousand years ago the earth and mankind were created and because mankind “sinned” against his Creator he has been slowly dying because of that sin.

Which is correct? What do the scientific facts say?

As to how long the earth has been here, over 112 methods of dating the earth say that it is no older than 6000 to 10,000 years old. Only about 6 methods say it is older. Understand that all these methods are tempered by world view.

As to life becoming more complex through mutations and natural selection. Scientific studies have shown that of all the millions of mutations found in living DNA there has yet to be found one that adds information to the DNA of any living thing. In fact 99.9% of all mutations are deleterious or neutral and subtract information from the system. Those which seem to bring some benefit actually subtract information from the DNA. (An example: cycle cell anemia- those affected by it can not catch malaria; because the blood cells affected by malaria are deformed).

According to the second law of thermodynamics a system will always increase in entropy(chaos will grow).

Evolution says that somehow elements and molecules managed to overcome this law and assembled in such a way as to produce a living cell that could overcome the second law and reproduce itself. The 2nd law of thermodynamics is a law, not a hypothesis, and has never been proven wrong.

The Biblical view says that a Supernatural Being (Someone who is outside of the natural creation, who is above and greater than the creation) established the natural things that we say and sustains them. He spoke(added information) into the system and that information applied redirects the 2nd law of thermodynamics but does not deny it.

The Evolution Fairytale
Entropy always increases

In conclusion

If one is to be logical and scientific one will have to say that evolution “is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” I don’t know if Shakespeare had evolution in mind when he penned those words, but I think they fit very well.

So, when I call it “The Evolution Fairytale”, you can see why it is a tale of lies.

Tell me what you think.

I would love to get your feed back and what you think of the subject discussed above. I look forward to your response.

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5 thoughts on “The Evolution Fairytale-A Tale of Lies

  1. Brian Reply

    What an excellent article! I’m a Christian and of course I tend to go with the Biblical view, but I have often though of the things that you’ve mentioned here in the article. How does DNA and certain cells get their information? It doesn’t seem logical to me that they just randomly popped into existence and given enough time they can evolve into what they are now and know exactly what to do. If you go be Evolution standards, then you have to ask yourself why only humans have evolved to the way they are and no other life on this planet has done so.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks for your comment, Brian.  It is unfortunate that so many people today have been educated but they have not become learned in the truth.  There is only one source of truth that has not changed “truth” since it was brought into being, and that is The Word of God, which we call The Holy Bible.  It has gone through many translations and versions but the truth is still there and it will not change.  I have just posted another article on morals which you might like also.

      I encourage you to continue to grow in the Lord Jesus and let Him fill your life with His joy and peace.  God bless you, brother.

      • Brian Reply

        Thank you for letting me know about your new article regarding morals. I’ll be sure to read it. Jesus is my savior and I will continue to grow in him and let him fill my life with joy and his peace. God bless you too, brother.

  2. Preston Reply

    I am taking a class called “Finding Life in the Universe” at the University of Colorado Boulder. And some of the things you discussed I remember hearing in class. I appreciate your commitment to maintaining a scientific view on what is falsifiable and what is not.

    And the part about only 6 sources saying the earth dated back only a few million years, lol. I touched a rock in class today that is dated back 3.4 Billion years! Sure is the oldest rock I have ever touched.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks for the comment.  I have a question.  Did the rock you touched have a date stamped on it? Was there a witness affidavit attached to it?  All dating methods have some assumptions built in.  Depending on the assumptions one may find the rock very old(millions or billions of years) or not so old(thousands of years).  One’s world view has more with determining dates that scientific facts do.

      It is an interesting subject.  Thanks again.

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