The Good and Bad of the Internet

For a little over a week, we have been without the internet. I did not so much miss the internet itself, but the opportunities it provided.  But being without it allowed me to weigh the good and the bad of the internet and its effects.

I have grown used to reading and writing blogs for my websites.  One site I write articles such as this. On another, I write and record music.  I am now working my way back into the creative mode.


Many sources of good and bad news on the internet

The internet may have its shortcomings, but it has many good qualities too.  One of those good qualities is in the area of sharing good news. Today’s society is flooded with anger and sedition.  Too many non-truths are out the, also. We should not settle for one source of our knowledge when there is so much pseudo-knowledge proliferated. 


The false American dream

It is unfortunate that our school system has turned out generations of illiterate citizens.  Much of the reason for that was parents seeking the “good life” for themselves and their families. We took our eyes off of what was really important.  We believed the lies that getting an education and making money was the “American Dream”.  

To fulfill that “dream” we worked and played hours without end.  Make the money, get the house, drive two or three cars, impress the neighbors.  These became the important things.

The American dream?

Instead of spending time with our spouse, we watched our favorite sports or soap opera.  Then when the children came, we put them in daycare and started school as soon as possible.  All this while we were chasing the dream and making money.  

While we indulged our own selfish desires, there was an enemy that was stealing our children. That enemy was a government that wanted to rob us of our God-given image.  The avenue by which it would accomplish that goal was through an education system.


Education is good

Education is good

(Let us say at the outset, education is good.  Education informs about the good and the bad. It has well-balanced scales.  It teaches to scrutinize all information and weigh it in the balance of truth.  The truth can take criticism without having to rebuff the critic. Unfortunately, so much of what children are learning today is propaganda.  If your child is in a public school, you should attend some classes. You should listen critically to what they are taught and if it lines up with the truth.  This applies to any subject, math, science, music, history[esecially]. You may be surprised that what they are learning has nothing to do with truth.)


Government promotes propaganda

By allowing the government to take over the education of our children, we have abdicated our parenthood.  We are now two or three generations into governmental manipulation of what education is. Governments will promote themselves.  That is normal. Socialistic governments do not promote capitalism or democracy. Their schools teach and promote socialistic mores.  

One might think that a democratic nation would promote democracy and capitalistic ideals.  Before the Federal Government got into education, those were the principals taught in American schools.  When did the change begin?

When the United States entered the 20th century they began to build a political aristocracy.  For the average person, this was not very obvious. But, there began to be groups of people who ran for office who were of similar persuasion.  Unfortunately, it was not of the same persuasion as the founding fathers. Rather, it was a globalist approach to the governing of nations.


Education originally local

This approach was contrasted to what the United States was originally founded on.  In the beginning, education was controlled at the local level. More often than not, it was initiated by the local church. Later it grew to be supported by the individual states.  The states set the curriculum with the emphasis being placed on the three “r”s and national history.


Modern education is Federal

In the 20th century, the progressive movement began to push for national control of education.  The goal was finally attained after World War II when the Federal Government began to give aid to state education systems.  With the aid came attached strings. The Federal Government set the rules for those who received the aid. Since the love of money had become the controlling factor in education, everyone fell for the trap.  

Money was promoted as the answer for all the problems of education.  With the money came the demand for control of the curriculum. It was not long before the Bible and the history of the nation was deleted or changed.  We now have a generation of students who have no real understanding of what our nation was founded for.


Is it too late?

Is it too late to correct our downfall?  It may be. But, there is hope. It will take a radical stand for what is right and just if we are to return to the great nation we once were.  I am not talking of insurrection or military overthrow. I am talking about day by day standing for what is right and standing against what is wrong.

We must be willing to speak out against politicians and teachers who revise history.  Those who know what is right must stand in opposition to those seeking to tear down what is right.  


Beginning of true knowledge

The most important thing that we can do today is grow in the knowledge of God’s word.  The Bible has been shown to be correct in everything it addresses. Progressive politicians have sought to remove God from public discourse.  It would be far more profitable if they would remove themselves. The direction they would take us would be the destruction of our nation.

There was a revolution in 1776 because some godly men sought the freedom to be what people should be.  It is time for another revolution when people who know real freedom should stand against the enemy. The enemy wants to take your freedom away.  Your Creator wants to give you the freedom He envisioned for you when He created you.

Money will not give you freedom.  Rather, it will enslave you. Power will not give you freedom.  No, it will be a shackle around your ankle. Education will not set you free.  The beginning of knowledge is the fear(respect) of the Lord.

Get your priorities straight.  Then you can know how to solve the other problems.


The good and the bad of the internet

I began by talking about the internet.  Why not use the internet as a tool to fight those who would subvert history and propagandize us.  Use the internet to tell the truth. Tell the truth of God’s word. Then apply that word to your everyday circumstances.  Then we can see a real change for good in our towns, our states, in our nation and the world.


May God bless you as you begin to use the internet again.

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